Your Guardian Angel

Bella is a lost girl, with no family. She's a foster child, and has been shipped everywhere her whole life. Her parents abandoned her at twelve, and she's used to being kicked out after the first week. She feels alone and betrayed. She tries multiple times to kill herself, but never succeeds. After her third attempt she almost succeeds. What happens when she wakes up in the hospital, and a beautiful Dr. decides to adopt her, and she finds out she's not the only one that has a horrible past and can't sleep at night? AU. OOC. All Human. Rated M. Bella & Edward.

I held the pink shaving razor, inspecting it. I was trying to figure out how to actually break it, and get the razor out. I was still trying to end my life. I was tired of living, being sent to every damned place known to man. Not being loved, or cared of.

I'd tried to kill myself multiple times. This was my last resort. I've tried almost everything, hanging myself, shooting myself, nothing worked. The gun malfunctioned and I couldn't find a place to hang the rope. I didn't consider stabbing myself. I wanted it too be quick.

I sat on the porcelain tub, as I tried with all my strength to break the damn razor. It snapped, and was in two. I turned my head in different directions until I spotted a shampoo bottle. I placed the razor on the floor, and smashed it with all my might.

It broke and the razor was free. I took a deep breath and reached for it. I leaned against the tub, and sighed. This was it. My life is over, but I didn't care. I had no life. I was useless.

I drug the razor across my ivory skin. The red liquid oozed from the deep cut, and I felt myself becoming dizzy. The awful smell hit my nose and I fell into unconsciousness.

Bright lights hit my eyes, and they fluttered open quickly. I squeezed them shut again, trying to get focus. I looked around, to see I was in a poorly decorated room, with two chairs and a lot of beeping noises. My eyes trailed down to the bed I was in. A small needle was sticking out of my wrist, and a small tube was connected to it.

I was in a hospital. I forgot to lock the fucking door! My foster parent's must have found me. "Shit." I grumbled. Now they won't want me, or take me back. I didn't think about the defect of the problem. I now had no one, and I was alive.

An extremely gorgeous doctor strolled into the room. He had platinum blond hair, and sky blue eyes. I blinked furiously, checking to see if I was really dead, and he was an angel.

"Hello Isabella. I'm Dr. Cullen." He smiled. I laid there, bewildered. I wasn't dead? there is no way someone that gorgeous could exist.

"Bella," I squeaked. He nodded and pulled up a chair next to me. "Bella, would you like to tell me how this happened?" He asked, concern flooding threw his blue eyes. Why would he care? I'm just a foster child.

He gestured to my right wrist, and it was covered in a think white bandage. I bit my lip, what was I to say? I was tired of living? Well, It didn't matter anyway…

"They're gone…aren't they?" I muttered shaking my head. My voice sounded thick with sleep.

"Who Bella?" He asked, gently placing his hand on my arm. "My foster parents." I looked up to him. His utter beauty shocking me once more.

He sighed, "I heard that you were a foster child. I've talked to them, but…" He trailed off, and changed the disturbing subject. "Bella, did you try to kill yourself?" He asked in disbelief. I bit my lip once more. I could almost taste the blood.

I nodded quickly. "Why?" I looked at him in utter confusion. Was he serious? I hated my life. I hated who I was.

"I was tired of living." I answered simply. "Your only but seventeen." He said amused, "Why would you be tired of living? What silly thing corrupted you to do such a horrible task?"

"Dr. Cullen. Honestly, have you ever been a foster child?" I smiled without humor. He looked down, "No, but I have adopted my own." He looked up too me, like he was considering something.

I looked at him confused. "I'll just be sent somewhere else anyway." I looked toward the bandage on my arm, wishing I'd locked that door.

Dr. Cullen, smiled and excused himself, saying he'd be back.

My thoughts flooded with imagination. Would he try and make the perfect match for me with some random family? It didn't matter how much he tried. I'd be gone before the week was over anyway. I sighed. Why was I so unlovable? Why did everyone have to use me? Hate me?

The door squeaked open, and Dr. Cullen walked threw smiling at me. He sat back down in the same chair.

"Bella, I have a proposition for you." He smiled brightly. Oh no, here it comes. I sat up, and sighed. "You don't have to say yes, it's just an option. How would you like to come live with my family and I?" He asked his eyes filled with hope.

I gawked at him. Was he serious?

"Uhm…" I was at a loss for words. "I'd like that…"

He smiled. "I'm glad you excepted. You'll love it there."

He stood and paused at the door. "I'll be right back, I just need to do some paperwork." He smiled and walked out.

It all happened so fast, I didn't know what came out of my mouth. He said kids. Great. Another place where I'm not accepted. I'm just Bella. I have plain brown hair, and dull brown eyes. I was nothing. At. All.

Half an hour later, after arguing with myself Dr. Cullen walked into the room. He told me that I could get out of the wires and the hospital bed. I quickly took that opportunity to get dressed, and brush my teeth. My hair was surprisingly OK. I brushed threw it, and made it look decent. As decent as plain brown hair could get.

My last set of parents dropped off all my stuff, and it was sitting in a duffle bag on a chair in my hospital room. I sighed and slung it over my shoulder. Dr. Cullen walked into the room, in normal clothes. "Ready to go?" He asked, holding the door open for me.

I smiled, "Yep." Ready as I'll ever be… I wonder if he was going to kick me out after a week…I'd give him two tops.

We walked out into a chilly parking lot. Good thing I was wearing my sweatshirt. We walked up to a sleek black Mercedes and he unlocked it, stepping in. I paused for a moment. Was this really his? I hopped in, placing my bag on my lap.

He began telling me about his family and how much I'd love them. That might be, but would they love me?

His wife Esme was very motherly and caring. She rarely yells, and loves people. She's also very beautiful.

His daughter Rosalie and her twin Jasper. His son Emmett, and daughter Alice, along with Edward.

Strange names. I thought bluntly.

"Oh, and, if you see Rosalie and Emmett or Jasper and Alice together. Don't mind it, they're just close." He laughed. Close?

"Like romantically?" I asked, utterly confused. "Yes, Edward, has no girlfriend." He shrugged. I nodded.

I found out they were in my age group. Rosalie and Jasper, were eighteen, along with Emmett. Alice and Edward were seventeen. They were juniors in school along with me, and Rosalie, Jasper, and Emmett were seniors.

Alice was very peppy, and loved to shop. She was sweet, kind and loveable. Jasper was sweet, but mostly kept to himself. Emmett was a big teddy bear, and loved to laugh. Rosalie was, from my perspective of how he described her, a bitch. He said she kept to herself, and had a bad side.

Edward caught my attention. He was musical, and played the piano. He loved to read, and listen to music. He was sweet, considerate, and a gentleman.

I just hoped they all liked me, with the exception of Rosalie.

We pulled up to a long slick black road looking driveway, with tree's surrounding it. It felt like we drove for hours on end, but until we pulled up to a giant, and beautiful house.

I gawked. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It somehow, matched the whole, in the middle of the woods theme, and had glass window's everywhere. He led me up the stairs, and into the beautiful house. Saying it was beautiful was an understatement. It was beyond amazing.

A woman with a heart shaped face, and caramel colored hair smiled, and stepped up to us. "You must be Bella." She said, outstretching her hand. I took it, and smiled. "I am."

"Welcome to your new home Bella." She smiled. "Thank you. It's beautiful." I said, being as nice as I possibly could.

"Thank you dear."

"Could you tell the kids were home?" Dr. Cullen asked, hanging up his coat. She smiled and went up the stairs. My stomach filled with nervous butterflies. What if they don't like me? Why was I so nervous? I've never been this nervous about meeting a family before.

A small pixie looking girl ran down the stairs. She had inky black hair that was cropped short, and spiked. She had dark, and beautiful blue eyes. I was instantly jealous. She stopped next to us, and smiled at me.

"Alice, meet your new sister, Bella." He smiled and Alice's small arms flew around me in an instant. "Oh! Bella! Were going to have so much fun! We can go shopping, and-" Wow. Now I know what he meant about enthusiastic.

A boy, about 6'2 walked down the stairs. His hair was a bronze color, like a penny, and in a casual disarray, his emerald green eyes dazed me. He was utterly, insanely gorgeous. His facial features were beyond perfect, and had a toned body, to which I could tell from his light grey T-shirt. He looked to me, and his mouth dropped slightly. Our eyes connected, and it felt like we were the only ones here.

Dr. Cullen pulled me out of my daydream. "Edward this, is Bella, your new sister." He closed his mouth, and I swear he blushed. Edward…

He reached his hand out to me, and I eagerly took it. A small spark ran threw our touch, and his green eyes met mine once more. "Bella." He smiled crookedly, and left me breathless. His voice like velvet

"Rosalie and Emmett left for the night." He turned to Esme. "Aren't they always gone?" She laughed lightly and turned to me, smiling. "What's goin on?" I heard a slight southern accent. I turned to see Alice holding hands with a boy about 6'0, and messy blond hair. His chocolate brown eyes looking at me curiously. Edward still stared at me, from the corner of his eye.

"Bella, this is Jasper, Jasper this is Bella, your new sister." Dr. Cullen said, and Jasper smiled. "Hello, Bella." I smiled to him.

Alice gave me a tour of the house, and showed me my new room. It was painted a light purple, and had a double bed, with dark purple comforter with black flowers on it. A closet filled with new clothes, and a desk with lap top.

"I heard about you coming, so Esme and I went shopping. I hope you like everything." She smiled sweetly. I nodded, "Thank you Alice, but this is all unnecessary."

"Oh, nonsense! You deserve it." She smiled. No, I really don't. "See you at dinner." She smiled and left.

I sighed and unpacked the small amount of clothes I already had, and saw the clothes in the closet were very nice, and my exact size.

Alice knocked on my door, telling me it was time for dinner. I sat across from Edward at the huge table. He looked at me nervously every now and than. I blushed every time he did. He deserves someone better than me. I'm useless.

Carlisle, told me about school, and asked how I was in it. I was a decent A and B student. Alice said she'd set my alarm clock for seven, and that we'd drive to school together in the morning. I don't need an alarm clock. I don't sleep, much.

Before we left the hospital, Carlisle said I could take my bandage off. A long dark red scar sat there in it's place. I sat crossed legged on my new bed staring at it. It was about four in the morning. I couldn't sleep, like usual.

I have frequent nightmares, of my parents. How they abandon me. The things my past foster parents did to me. Hell, I'd been drugged, raped, drunked, and anything you could possibly imagine.

"How'd that happen?" I heard a velvety voice ask. I jumped slightly and looked to the chair in the corner of my room. Edward sat their looking at me interested. How'd he get in here?

"Shouldn't you be sleeping?" I asked quietly. "Shouldn't you?" He countered, slightly amused.

"No." I hung my head, and stared at the scar. "You deserve to sleep." He said and I shook my head, "No I don't. I can't sleep."

He cocked his head, and stood up, walking over too me. "Why can't you?" He asked sitting on the bed, a foot away from me.

"The past." I answered simply. "Why aren't you asleep?"

"The past." He said. I scrunched my eyebrows, trying to figure out what he was saying. "You can't sleep either?"

"Not since I was ten. You?" He asked crossing his legs like mine. "Twelve."

"Is their an explanation for that?" He asked, totally concerned now. "My parents abandoned me." I looked down. "My parent's died in a fire," I looked up to him. His green eyes avoiding my glance. "I'm sorry." I felt bad for him. He didn't deserve this.

He shook his head, "I'm fine now. Esme and Carlisle are great parents." He smiled, watching me now. "Than why can't you sleep?"

He sighed, "The nightmare of knowing I killed them." His eyes didn't meet mine. "You started the fire?" I guessed. He smiled at me, "You catch on fast. Yes, I did. It was my mother's birthday, and I wanted to surprise her with a cupcake." He smiled, but then it disappeared. "Fuck myself for not knowing how to work a fucking lighter." His eyes started to tear up. I placed a hand on his leg, and the spark ran threw us yet again.

"Don't blame yourself, you were just a kid." He sighed but nodded, "I know that. But the nightmares still haunt me."

I didn't know someone could have it worse than me. But, I felt an odd comfort toward him, but I ignored it.

"How long were you a foster child until you found them? Carlisle and Esme," I asked, curious now.

"I've been passed around like an unwanted puppy my whole life. I hadn't found them until I was fifteen. So about two years ago."

"When's your birthday?" I asked, trying to avoid the question of how much that's happened too me. "June 20th, yours?" He asked. "September 13th. But I hadn't celebrated it since that year." Him being only three months older than me, gave me a shock. I thought I'd be older.

"Just wait till Alice finds that out." He smiled wryly. I groaned, even though I hadn't celebrated it, I still hated it.

We began talking about our past lives. He never asked what happened in between my life, I think I'd save that for another day. He'd steel glances from me, now and than, and smile that damn smile that took my breath away every time. I felt oddly close to him, that it was unreal, but than again, I hadn't been this close to someone since I was twelve.

"You might want to get ready for school, it's almost seven." He said, getting off the bed. I glanced at the clock too see it was 6:53am. We've been talking for almost four hours. "Oh, okay." I said getting up. "Hey," I looked to him, and he smiled again. "Same time tomorrow night?" He asked hopefully. I smiled, and blushed.


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