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"Lyllie!" I caught the small gurgling baby in my arms and my heart stopped. She stopped gurgling and stared up at me, confused. With perfectly green eyes. She started crying hysterically. "Shit! Lyllie!" I heard my angels voice. Edward? I placed the baby on the bed, and sat up. I started rubbing her stomach, trying to console her. Her crying started to turn to whimpers. "Thank god," I smiled. The door flung open, scaring her again, and she started to cry even louder. I picked her up and held her to my chest. "Shhhh," I tried to calm her once again.

Aside from the loud toddler shrieks, it was silent. I forgot to look who came in the door. Slowly, turning my head, I looked toward the door.

"Bella," He said astounded, staring as tears fell silently down his face. He darted toward me on the bed, and threw his arms around me so tight, I thought I was getting crushed. "Edward!" I didn't care, he was all I needed right now. He was sobbing now, as was I.

"Fuck, Bells." He sniffed, wiping away my tears. His glorious green eyes stared into mine, and he...smiled. "I'm soo happy you're awake love," He kissed me gently, and it felt like our first ever kiss. His hands cradled my face, as his lips softly caressed mine.

"Daaa" Lyllie pronounced pointing her cubby little fingers at her father. Her brown curly hair cascaded down her small shoulders, as she smiled. "Oh, Lyllie." Edward smiled. "Daaaaabaaaa!" She shrieked in her perfect little baby voice. "Oh, Edward she IS perfect." I smiled, and he stared at me, than smiled out of the corner of my eye, looking back at our little angel. "You heard me," He chuckled. I laughed as well, "When's the wedding?" I winked.

"You're soo amazing Bella." He kissed my forehead. "I missed you. My right hand has been my best friend for weeks." I started laughing, and he blushed! "Wow Edward," I smiled, as we stared down at Lyllie, as she talked her baby talk.

A knock at the door made me jump. Edward put a reassuring hand on my shoulder. I sighed, and looked to the doorway. Esme and Carlisle stood there. "Hi," I smiled lamely. What else was I supposed too say? "Bella! Thank god!" Esme said, full of relief. She ran toward the hospital bed, and gentler than Edward, threw her arms around me, and squeezed me lightly. "So relieved Bella." She smiled warmly, her brown eyes shinning. I missed her.

"Bella, I'm soo happy to see you're awake." Carlisle smiled, "But I do need to check you," I nodded in understanding and smiled. Esme kissed my forehead once, and left the room, giving a small wave. Edward picked up Lyllie, and sat next to me. "She's fine Dad." He said strictly.

I stared at him, taken aback. "Edward." I scolded. He turned to me, and his expression was softer. "Bells, you've been through so much." I could sense the worry in his tone. "Edward, I need to check for blood clots. It could damage the brain even worse, and it's very risky. The sooner I check, the better results we get." He said in a calm tone.

Edward sighed, and nodded, not saying a word. Carlisle went to the speaker on the wall, and pressed the button. "Sal, could we get a wheelchair in room 325, and clear the cat-scan for me?"

"Yes sir, Dr. Cullen."

Carlisle smiled to me, and looked to Edward, as did I. He was cuddling Lyllie staring up at the ceiling. Lyllie on the other hand was sleeping her little heart away.

"Edward, will you go with me?" I asked him, placing a hand on his arm.

He nodded, and looked over at me. "In a heartbeat love," I smiled weakly. And started to feel a little dizzy. I blinked furiously. Edward's eyes widened. "Bells,?" He asked, giving Lyllie to Carlisle. He wrapped his arms around me, and brushed the hair away from my face. "I'm dizz-dizzy." I gasped. "That's all," I smiled...I think. Edward propped me up, and set me in his lap.

I closed my eyes, and something was being shoved in my mouth. My eyes popped open and I saw it was gram crackers. "Mmm," I moaned. Food. Actual food! I grabbed it and my dizziness faded. "Thank you." I said with a mouth full. Edward chuckled his adorable chuckle. "Feeling better love?" He asked, and I nodded in contentment.

"She hasn't eaten?" Edward scolded now," Carlisle looked a little shocked, "Edward, she couldn't. We fed her through a stomach tube,"

Edward scowled. "Why doesn't she have one now?" He shouted. Lyllie didn't budge.

I ignored it and continued snacking.
"Because we-" Carlisle stopped short. "What?" I asked. Edward stiffened. "Nothing Bells," Edward said, kissing my forehead,and setting me in the wheel chair that rolled into the room. I just ignored it, as Sal rolled me down the hallway. Carlisle followed, and Edward with Lyllie in his arms.

"Call if you need anything Bella." Carlisle smiled, turning off the light. "Thank you," I said kissing his cheek. "For everything." He smiled again, bigger this time, and kissed my angel in Edwards arms. Giving Edward, a one armed hug. "I'll see you guys, for Christmas." He smiled.

Wait, what?

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