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Water everywhere..

Where am I...?

It feels so light.. So comfortable..

But also.. So cold..

'Wake up, idiot! Do you want both of us to die?'


As Naruto opened his eyes, he soon realized that he was in the middle of little cascade.

"Oh, shit."

Choking with water he swimmed across the water and reached to a flat rock. As he climbed onto the rock, he felt strange himself, so frowning he looked down over at his uncomfortable chest.

Soon grabbing two little moons in his chest he widened his eyes. "..What the hell is this..?"

'Can't you see the situation, baka?' Kyuubi growled.

'What do you mean?-! What's wrong with my body?' Screaming inwardly at Kyuubi Naruto glared down at her breast with horrified look. Then she slipped her hand through her thighs, and..

'GOD! What the hell! Where's my..'

'Little brat.' Sighing Kyuubi growled again. 'Can't you remember anything?'

Naruto didn't answer, unconsciously blocking the fox out entirely as she tried to wrap her mind around what was going on. The Kyuubi hadn't been a separate entity from her in...a very long time.

'Well.. Wait.. I was.. I was..'

'You were dying.' The demon fox snorted. 'Your bullshit friends had trapped you and killed you. Don't you remember?'


'I won't say sorry for you. Anyway, we were sent back to exactly 3 years before, brat.'

'Wait...urrgh.' Grabbing her head Naruto squeezed her eyes shut, trying to figure out what had happened.

'Sakura had... Confessed.. She said that she liked me..'

'Which was a bullshit lie.'

'And after that we met Sasuke.. And failed to retrieve him again.. Madara took him away and.. We came back to Konoha..'

'The bitch had deliberately poisoned you.' Kyuubi's voice grew into more and more groaning sound.

Naruto opened her eyes. 'Yes.. Sakura said that she doesn't want me to kill Sasuke, that I and Sasuke both dying on the battlefield should never happen, that they think if only I didn't exist then things might have been different..'

'Don't cry here.' The demon grumbled.

'I'm not crying!' Naruto snarled.

Gods above. That had been a bad one. Naruto shook her head and laid it back against the cool rock, trying to regulate her breathing. Sakura's betrayal had all but shattered Naruto's world.

'Ok, so what are you going to do? You are damn 12year-old brat now. Almighty Shinigami had done this, so don't blame me.'

Kami-sama is playing with me.

This was what Naruto concluded as she stared, wide eyed, at her reflection on the water. She raised a shaking hand. Her reflection did the same. They touched.

Holy shit.

What stared back at her was an innocent young girl of twelve, with long golden hair, large blue eyes and rosy oval face.

'..But why turning me into a girl?'

'I think this one looks much better than the past one.'

'Shut up, Kyuubi.' Naruto growled. For minutes she lost in thought, her blue eyes shimmering with cold, dark gleaming.

Then abrutly she smirked.

'Hmme, I'm not lost yet..'

'What are you planning to do, Naruto-chan?'

If Kyuubi had been standing in front of her, she'd have surely gave him a dead glare. However since the reality was different she just calmly explained for her lifetime companion.

'Well, since I'm back to the past, I can change thing, many things, If I try. This can be a chance offered by Kami-sama.'

'Well that's natural_'

'And this time, I won't be a blinded fool.' The girl's eyes flared.

Kyuubi became silent. Naruto continued. 'I want to make them feel bitterness, I will make those traitors feel every bitterness that they can taste in life. I will never offer them any of my heart, for even if I did once they'd betrayed me. Well, and now I am a girl, which is even better.'

'..Became vindictive, huh? Well I'm not resenting on it. But what about the other ones?'

'What do you mean?'

'The ones who truly cared for you, the ones who hadn't betrayed you.'

Naruto remained silence for a moment, thinking about..





'..Damn, I don't know whether it was hypocrisy or not. I don't really care about it now.'

'Really' Almost amused voice. 'Oh, now I feel so sorry...'


"Naruto! Are you there?"

Naruto perked up, then soon recognized her Academy teacher and two ANBUs.

"Naruto, are you ok?" Iruka asked as he jumped down to the slippery rocks and approached to the kid. "You haven't come to genin test, and I was worr..." Slurring the end of his sentence the chuunin froze in his place, staring at the girl in front of him. Slowly, his jaw began to be dropped, his eyes almost popping out from its sockets...

"Who.. Who are you?-!"


Sandaime massaged his temples as he stared blankly at the girl in front of him.

What the hell happened to this kid?

"You.. Found him.. I mean, her like this, Iruka?"

Iruka nodded, his eyes wearily watching Naruto. Contradict to the shocked and worried atmosphere of the other two, Naruto was calmly sitting on the chair, her head tilted little to the backward.

"Naruto." Clearing his throat Sandaime called. "Can you remember what had happened?"

Old man.. I'd never thought I will be able to see you ever again. Sighing inwardly Naruto looked up and blinked innocently. "No, Hokage-sama. I was kinda drowned, and when I woke up I found myself like this."

"I see.." Nodding Sarutobi lit his pipe.

Holy shit, What could have happened?

How could possibly a boy turn into a girl?

..If Minato were here, then he'd have beat the shit out of the old man..

Shuddering Sandaime moved his eyes onto the Academy teacher. "..I think the best solution for current situation is, that if someone asks where's Naruto we should tell the person that Naruto was actually a girl, that she was just disguising. Then we'll keep on finding out what had happened."

Iruka nodded, he had not much things to say, for he neither had any idea on the matter nor was able to catch what was going on.

"Naruto.. Are you ok?"

Naruto tilted her head little, then smiled. "Yes, Iruka-sensei. I'm not really frightened, or shocked."

Iruka blushed at the rather charming smile of a rather pretty girl, momentarily forgetting the fact that Naruto was once a boy.

Sandaime sighed in relief. At least Naruto himself..no, herself seemed okay on this.

Iruka turned to Sarutobi. "Hokage-sama, do you think Naruto can take genin exam today? I mean.."

"I can, sensei." Naruto interrupted in a firm tone.

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