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Well, Sakura had watched Naruto fight, unable to comprehend what she was seeing. The dobe, the dead -last of the class, took on highly trained assassins and won.

She quickly looked towards Sasuke. She was already aware that Sasuke had his mind on Naruto up to whole this time, making a reaction at Naruto's every movements. He'd even scolded the dobe for being so dashing.

Sakura bristled at the treatment, jealousy raising it's ugly head. Sasuke and Naruto had hated each other since they'd both been six years old. Everyone had been ignoring Naru-baka, but now just because he is she, everyone changed, too.

The pink-haired kunoichi's green eyes flared maliciously.

Tazuna's house was a nice sized cottage at the edge of the village. It wasn't much to look at really, but it had a certain homely aura to it that more than made up for it.

"Here is my home. Let me tell my daughter we are here." He said as they come to a home and knocked on the door. The door opened a crack and they heard a woman's voice gasp and she opened it and a white haired woman appeared and hugged him tears going down her face.

"Otousan, I was so scared. I thought you was dead." She said as she hugged him and he stroked her hair.

"It's alright now Tsunami," He said as he comforted her.

"Come inside, you must be tired." She said and team7 entered the room.

Tazuna turned to Kakashi. "The two bedrooms on the east side over there," he said pointing, "are for you and your team. Feel free to make yourself at home." He then disappeared into his own room.

Kakashi nodded to his kids. "Get settled guys. Naruto, when you're done, please step outside. Sakura, help Tsunami with the dinner."

Sasuke seemed to glare at the jounin but did not speak otherwise.

Three 'okay's sounded from inside the room and, ten minutes later when all was done, Kakashi started walking. Naruto followed.


"..So," Kakashi started when they were a good distance away from the house. "I'm going to make it straight. Naruto, where did you learn your Rasengan?"

Shit.Suppressing a wince Naruto fumbled her fingers over her golden bangs. But then she quickly settled herself down and made a sooo innoccent look on her face. "Is that.. Bad, sensei?"

Kakashi rubbed a hand over his face. Naruto blinked.

"Ahem, of course not. But You know_" Slurring the end of his sentence Kakashi hesitated for a moment before continuing. "..You must give me something. You suddenly turned into a girl_ well it's not your fault though_, and suddenly befriended with Sasuke, and are using jutsus which you couldn't have learned yet. First tell me who'd taught you the jutsu."

Sighing inwardly Naruto looked away. Crossing her arms she dropped her head as she muttered. "My.. Companion."

The jounin raised his silver eyebrow. "Companion? What do you mean? You live alone, Naruto."

"Really?" Suddenly looking up the blonde asked, sarcasm obviously in her voice.

Kakashi's eyes widened dramatically.

A minute of silence passed, then Kakashi finally managed to speak again. "How..."

Naruto giggled. "The kyuubi no blah blah, I managed to talk with him when I was six. Then he'd been teaching me jutsus including.. My father's."

The jounin felt like someone was suffocating him. So the fox told Naruto about her real father.

Silence again.

Kakashi sucked in a sharp breath. "Does your tenant have any relation with your... Genger-change?"

Holy shit.Suppressing an urge to chuckle Naruto shook her head vividly. "No way. And he's just good to be my tenant. He doesn't try to possess me or something. Though sometimes he tries to irritate me.. Well, things about Sasuke, I'm currently helping his training. "

'You're being unfair. When have I ever_' Kyuubi began to growl, but Naruto quickly blocked him off ignoring his complains.

Kakashi massaged his temples as he contemplated the blonde. Naruto's blue eye were full of..

Hidden wounds.

"..Mah, Naruto. Are you ok?" The question was containing more than hundreds inquiration.

"So-so." Feeling more and more hard to keep on lying Naruto took a deep breath. "It's good that I knew it earlier.. The reasons of villager's actions." Then she became silent with her head dropped down.

Watching the girl's slender shoulders vibrating little Kakashi gulped. Slowly and almost nervously, he lifted his gloved hand up and brought it onto the girl's head...

Before his fingers touched the golden strands, Naruto abruptly looked up again with a grinning face. "So! You're not worried anymore?"

Kakashi quickly withdrew his hand.

"Umme.. As long as you're okay." The jounin could not find out more right words to speak out. "Come on," He turned. "Dinner is waiting and if we take any longer Sasuke will think I've ran away kidnapping you."

Chuckling Naruto headed back to the house with her teacher.

The dinner was pleasant enough, for they were all hungry as wolves from previous adventure.

Kakashi was the only one who didn't touch his dinner. The copy-ninja probably didn't want to show his unmasked face.

However, as Naruto had expected, Inari blew up at them for going up against Gato and trying to be heroes because of course they were all just going to die anyway so why bother. Naruto tried to calm the boy down but the kid was incorrigible. Soon later Naruto had to hold Sasuke as he manfully tried to throttle the kid and beat some sense into him.

Well. So after having filled-up themselves, team7 went back to the rooms. Kakashi and Sasuke occupied one room, and the other room was occupied by Naruto and Sakura.

And Sakura took this chance to interrogate the blondie.

When they were left alone in the room, the pink-haired kunoichi slowly turned to face Naruto who'd just finished her shower.

"What's up?" Naruto asked casually as she noticed the other girl's full glare.

"..How does an idiot who'd been hated until now by the entire class suddenly befriends my Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked suddenly, her eyes flashing dangerously.

Naruto's cold blue eyes twitched. 'Oh yeah, I was expecting this kind of thing.'

"You're nothing more than a dobe, an idiot, a deadlast of a class." The pinkette was snarling. "And Sasuke-kun suddenly notices your existence because you're actually a girl?"

Naruto turned back.

Sakura paused for a moment to gauge the blonde's reaction. The girl's shoulders were trembling; probably trying to fight the urge to sob, or something.

Smirking the pinkette continued. "No matter what lies you told him, you're nothing more than a dobe and no one will ever truly like you.."

Suddenly Naruto whipped her head around. Sakura subconsciously took a small step back after seeing the vivid look on her face.

"Shut the fuck up, you flat-chested, low-classed bitch."

Sakura's jaw felt like it was touching the floor. Her body frozen in a place as she noticed a cruel and malicious gleaming in Naruto's blue orbs. The blonde's expression was calm and mocking itself.

"So this.. This is real you, you hypocrite!" Sakura screamed, putting a scowl on her own.

A smirk rose upon Naruto's face. It was cold and dark, cruel and sadistic. "Listen, bitch. I don't care about how you think of me, because to me you're nothing more than a pathetic slut, groveling like a whore to get a glance from the boy whom you know you'll never have!" Then she let out a scornful chuckle. "And you know that Sasuke cares for me, when he does not care a botton of your shirt!"

The pink-haired kunoichi fought back furious tears. "Sa.. Sasuke-kun will never truly like you!"

"Tst. Pathetic." Chuckling Naruto made a foxy smirk. "He's already wrapped in my fingers, And it is I who doesn't really care about how he feels."

Sakura narrowed her eyes dangerously, only to cause further amusement to the golden-haired kunoichi.

"I'll.. I'll tell everyone about your true identity!"

Naruto smirked and leaned toward the pinkette with a condescending air about her. Fuck, she was loving this. "Oh yeah?" She whispered to the shaking pinkette. "But do you think they'll believe you over me, you wide-foreheaded ugly whore?"

"You.. You're a monster!" Tears began to be streamed down from the green orbs.

"Yeah, go on, cry. But would you please face the wall when you cry? It's very disgusting to see your ugly face getting even more grotesque with those tears." Snarling the blonde smirked, Throwing her long, silky golden hair over her shoulder.

Suppressing a sob and trembling with a rage, Sakura slowly lifted her head until she was staring the blonde square in the face. Her eyes were filled with murderous intent as she sprung up on her feet to attack.

"I'll kill you, you demon!" Shrieking Sakura grabbed the golden-haired kunoichi's throat and strangled her viciously.

Too bad that she didn't get suspicious about why Naruto wasn't blowing her off to the opposite wall when she was capable enough.

All of sudden the door of the room slammed opened and Sasuke appeared, hearing their commotion. And upon seeing the scene, he froze for a moment before rushing toward the girls. "Sakura, what the hell are you doing?-!" He yelled furiously.

Nearly jumping up and letting go of Naruto Sakura fell onto her knees, not quite knowing what to do.

"Naruto!" Sasuke quickly held Naruto who was caughing helplessly, beads of tears falling from her beautiful, shaking blue eys.

Sakura flinched when Sasuke turn to glare at her fiercely. The Uchiha's onyx eyes were blazing.

"She.. Started it!" Was all Sakura could say.

Just then Kakashi made his way inside the room. "What the hell is going on here?" His tone became low.

"How dare you attack her?" Sasuke growled at Sakura. "What wrong has she done to you?"

"What do you mean?" Kakashi raised an eyebrow, his voice unusually serious.

"She'd started it!" Sakura yelled pathetically, pointing at Naruto. "She'd called me a bitch first!"

The Uchiha's eyes were becoming more and more icy. "Stop it, Sakura. I heard you calling Naruto moster and demon."

"No, don't." Still caughing and sobbing Naruto grabbed Sasuke's arms. "I started it."

Biting his lips Sasuke nervously patted on the blonde's quaking shoulder.

Sakura looked up to glare at the blonde. The blonde silently smugged at her behind Sasuke's shoulder. The pinkette began to shake with a rage.

"Sakura. Stay here." Kakashi spoke up, his voice stern and also cold.

Tears began to spring free from their confines as Sakura watched Kakashi picking up the blonde and going outside, with Sasuke following them behind. How could Sasuke glare at her so coldly, just for the dobe? How could she lose trust of both her Sasuke-kun and her sensei, just because of the dobe's filthy trick? How could Sasuke says how dare she attacks the dobe?

Sobbing openly now, she got to her feet and slammed the door of the room. She had a lot to think about.


Perched on the floorboard Naruto rubbed her eyes, sniffling. Sasuke was nervously squirming at right of her, more than ready to comfort her but not knowing the means.

"Here, you'll feel better." Handing a cup of tea to the blonde Kakashi sat down at left of her.

"Thank you, sensei." Naruto murmured with a hoarse voice.

A clumsy silence flew for few moments. Then Kakashi broke it away by clearing his throat. "Well, want to talk about it?"

Naruto took a sip of tea, and then held the cup tightly between her hands as if she was.. scared. "Sakura.. suddenly approached me and told me to stay away from Sasuke. So I asked her why, then she said she can't let a dobe like me to befriend with Sasuke. So I also got angry and we began to shout at each other.. I did call her bitch first, then she called me a demon.. I'm sorry for having called our teammate a bitch, sensei, but I was angry.. And Sakura called me a demon and also said that I must die.." Her slender shoulder vibrated pitifully.

Sighing Kakashi rubbed his chin. 'Fangirls. You can't either kill them or appreciate them.'

Sasuke was looking seriously pissed off. His eyebrows furrowed and a hiss escaped from his clenched teeth. Frankly, to Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura was nothing more than a disturbing fangirl. Condradict to Naruto, the pinkette was annoying and useless, a girl who drools over him only seeing his looks.

And to imagine Sakura nags Naruto down for befriending him made him seriously pissed.

"I hope you won't take Sakura's words seriously. " Kakashi opened his mouth mildly to the blondie. "I mean, the demon thing."

"Yeah," Sasuke assisted rather nervously. "I.. I mean We do not think of you in that way."

Naruto smiled faintly. "It's ok. I've been called with that name up to whole time by villagers."

"If I hear anyone calling you like that one more time..." Gritting his teeth Sasuke snarled, his onyx eyes flaring with murderous intent. "I'll slay the moron."

"Language." Kakashi chided softly. Sasuke cleared his throat.

With a heavy sigh Naruto looked up at the dark sky. "..I feel better now. Thank you, both of you." Her breathtakingly deep blue eyes shone at the two males.

They both cleared their throats with a serious nervousness.

'Some kind of actress you are.' Kyuubi's thoroughly amused voice rang up in Naruto's head.

Naruto smiled meaningfully.



"Oy, Naruto."

"..Just five more minutes, sensei. Five more minutes..."

"I'm not Kakashi." The last Uchiha's rather irritated voice was finally recognized.

Rubbing her eyes Naruto sat up, then yawning cutely she glanced at the raven. The Uchiha slightly blushed at the girl's rather unarranged pose.

"It's.. 9 already." He muttered.

The blonde's large blue eyes widened with a shock. "What? Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" Then she quickly jumped down from the bed and rushed to the bathroom.

After finishing her grooming, Naruto headed to the downstairs. Sakura wasn't there, she was out in the yard. She could not really stay with Kakashi or Sasuke, for both of them were clearly still angry with her_ though Kakashi was trying to not to show it.

Well Kakashi was having a bottle of sake with Tazuna. The jounin waved the blonde a peace sign. Sasuke smirked at her.

Naruto pouted. "Why didn't you wake me up earlier?"

"Maybe they thought you need to have some more beauty sleep." Tazuna interrupted juicily.

Kakashi spouted his sake. Sasuke looked away.

Naruto suppressed an urge to glare at the old man.

"Ok, just forget about the beauty part." Tazuna coughed out with a disgusted voice.

Sighing inwardly Naruto sat beside Sasuke.

After the breakfast, Kakashi left with Tazuna to examine the bridge. Naruto took Sasuke to the forest for the training.

Though Naruto did not really need Sasuke's help to beat Zabuza and Haku, the missing-nins were yet to come and she needed to kill her time.

Well she'd even beat Pein in her former life. Zabuza will be her victim this time.

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