Summary: She wasn't unhappy, but content was not the same as happy.

He tried to convince himself that she loved him, and maybe she did in her own way. But Bobby Drake was not blind and he wasn't stupid, although he wished that he could be. She had to be careful because of what she was, and that took a toll on them both. Everytime they kissed, there was no romance or passion, merely a countdown in their minds of how long was safe. A kiss for the sake of kissing. But he loved her and so he held on.

Just when they get to a comfortable contentment Logan comes back, heralding a new disaster in the making, something else for the X-Men to fix and the tenuous balance is toppled just enough to strain their facsimile of love. But he loved her and so he gritted his teeth and waited it out.

With Logan's return came a new Rogue, a happier one, a girl with less of a burden and more room for smiles. She had someone to talk to, share her pain and her worries. Some bonds cannot be broken, and theirs were built on fear and danger and cemented with their unwavering trust in each other. He would see them together, sometimes talking, sometimes just sitting. He would hear Logan call her Marie, a name that only he was allowed to voice. A name that no one but him had the priveledge to utter, not even her boyfriend. He would hear the caress in Logan's voice and see an answering warmth in her laughter. But he loved her and so he let her go...