Chapter 1 - Same Old Feeling

It always started the same way. She would come over and see him and somehow they ended up like this. They considered each other as friends, nothing more, nothing less. Of course if her brother could see them in this compromising position, he would have a conniption fit. A BIG one at that. She couldn't even continue to think about her brother as this beautiful man's hot lips made its way across her lips to her throat, nipping the flesh in his path.

His lips trailed down her neck as he held her against his scorching flesh. Feeling his hands trail down her body to her perfect perky rear end as he cupped her bottom and then suddenly his hot hands slid down to the back of her thighs and he lifted her with ease as she wrapped her long legs around his waist and her back was pushed into the nearest wall. His hot hands slid up the back of her t-shirt feeling her soft flesh as he gently pulled her t-shirt off and let it flutter to the floor as his lips went back to work on her neck.

Her fingers slid through his soft black hair it wasn't too short, but it wasn't shaggy either. Their chests were smashed together as they were both panting and couldn't control their breathing. His arms went around her again holding onto her as he pulled away from the wall and made his way back to his bedroom. Her back came in contact with the soft sheets from his bed and she inhaled his scent. It was all over his room and bed. She felt him dip the bed down as he slowly lowered himself over her body as she felt his tongue started at her navel and slowly slide up her flat stomach to her chest as it slid under the front clasp of her bra and his teeth pulled the clasp back until he heard it click and knew it was undone as he slid the offending thing from her body tossing it onto the floor with the growing pile of clothes.

Soon her jeans and panties along with his jean shorts were on the floor as he slipped back between her thighs, he couldn't but feel familiar feelings again. They'd been doing this since she was 16 and he was 17. Now five years later, they were still at it and no one in the pack knew. Of course she didn't have a clue about the pack and what they did...Even though her own brother was a part of the pack no one had told her about it. It was still the best kept secret in La Push. Sam's rule was if the girl wasn't your imprint she was to know nothing about it.

An hour later, Jenna laid there sleeping on her stomach with the sheet wrapped around her waist her bare back was staring at Paul as he could already feel himself starting to desire her again. He didn't know why he couldn't just admit he was in love with her. He'd been in love with her since he imprinted on her when she was 16. He didn't even tell anyone in the pack he'd imprinted. He kept it to himself, he was terrified that he'd phase and hurt her. Not to mention what her brother would say. Her brother had been his best friend since kindergarten.

Paul was nearly crushed when she left for college and now that she was back she spent most of her time at the zoo in Port Angeles, she was the full time Veterinarian there, she loved animals. Paul reached out as his warm hand came in contact with her bare back and his lips placed feather kisses all over her shoulders and even down her spine as his desire spread a forest fire through his entire body. No woman in La Push could make his desire so strong to want to be buried in them like Jenna could.

Jenna started to slowly wake up as she felt the warm lips and tongue kissing and nipping along the flesh of her back. Jenna turned over and was met by Paul's lips as he slipped between her thighs again and into her body. He watched as the passion and desire crossed her face as he rocked in and out of her body slowly as he captured her lips with his, her fingertips trailing patterns up and down his back as she groaned at the feeling of him being buried in her yet again.

It always felt like this with Paul. She always wanted him inside of her. She tried dating a few guys in college, but it just didn't work. Just like she knew he tried dating girls here while she was gone and nothing stuck. She knew he worked his ass off with Sam and the others at the garage. She wished she could tell Paul how much she loved him. How much she just wanted it to be him in her life until they both took their last breath of life. She wanted to have babies with him and grow old with him. It was all just him. Just Paul. It always had been since she was 16 and it always would be him. No one would ever change it. No one.

As their panting and passion increased as they both hit their climax at the same time and trying not to kill each other, Paul's lips kissed her tenderly again as he gathered her into his arms and whisper, "Get some sleep. You've got work in the morning." She nodded softly as she relaxed into his embrace and they both allowed sleep to intervene.