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Paring: Sephiroth/Genesis

Warnings: Language, Violence

Summery: After being defeated twice, Sephiroth finally understands what he really wants, however the only way to get it is to go back to a time before he made his mistakes. Time travel fic. Rated for yaoi, and violence in later chaps. Sephiroth/Genesis

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&%$ CBV $%&

Booming thunder rippled through the heavens, ricocheting off the gray, offensive storm clouds that littered the evening sky over the steel city of Junon, making the highest points of the military complex indistinguishable from stratosphere. The sound, God's heartbeat, rocked the city to its foundation, causing the towering metropolis to sway slightly, though her citizens probably didn't notice the shift. The support structures were built to withstand gale winds, and hurricane conditions, so a brief but powerful thunderstorm was but a grain of sand in a hot desert, yet Sephiroth found he enjoyed the atmosphere.

The sudden raise in humidity didn't phase the silver haired SOLDIER, and from where he stood – on the landing atop the city – he had a clear view of the ocean sprawled below. Pink-white lightening fork into three prongs and kissed the blue-gray, churning sea; the sky once again bellowed out in anger, and the city tipped to and fro.

Up here, where ozone smelled the strongest, where obese raindrops flattened his hair when the water came, Sephiroth could feel the direct connection he had with Gaia, could feel her as she threw a temper-tantrum against the ugly human settlement that marred her perfect features. Up here, in the rain and solitude, with bright light flashing before his eyes, he felt raw power. A power which tempted him to challenge God's might, daring to incur His wrath.

However, it was not the power he came here seeking, but isolation. His thoughts were weighty, clouding his mind, driving him to act on impulse instead of carefully formulating his next move. Sephiroth needed to clear his thoughts, least they lead him to enact a plot he hadn't fully hatched yet.

But gaining clarity was difficult when every bolt of lightning brought about another unwanted detail.

Genesis' lips, pink, soft, perfect, created for his enjoyment alone, moving passionately against the mouth of another. Genesis' eyes, glowing sapphires, fully lidded so the dusty lashes fanned against his pale cheeks in surrender. Genesis' hips, slender, shapely, delicate, meant solely for his hands to wander over, gripped and held by the other SOLIDER, pressing the redhead's body against him. Genesis' blush, strawberry against cream, the one he was supposed to bring to his lover's face, given freely to another man.

Every single second of the scene was on repeat, and regardless of the effort expended, he could not shut off the images. Genesis was his, and no one had the right to touch him, yet this other SOLDIER dared, had the audacity to try and lay claim to what was his. He decided then and there that he was going to eviscerate the blond who had kissed his lover.

'Oh, yes, now there is a plan that is conductive to our long term goals,' his younger self interrupted his thoughts in sarcasm.

'I do not believe I was seeking your opinion,' he retorted.

'Regardless, your plan of eviscerating a SOLDIER, here in Junon, because he kissed another SOLDIER, is foolish at best.'

'Genesis is, always was, and always will be MINE.'

'And I will not disagree with that. I, long ago, came to accept the fact that we are obsessed with Genesis Rhapsodos. Our obsessive nature is one of our few flaws, however, killing this other boy will paint us as a failure in President Shin-Ra's eyes. He will deem us rampant, feral, uncontrollable, and he will order Hojo to destroy us. You may have the power to bring the whole world to its knees when we are older, but so far, you can not even maintain control over this body we are in much less channel your power through it. So, it is in my humble opinion, that this course of action you are planning, is disastrous.'

Sephiroth took a deep breath and turned his face to the sky. Cool rain, washing away the humidity, worked its way over him, serving to relax him. He was right of course, it was a terrible idea to outright kill the blond boy, at least in the present. Later though, when the teen had raised in rank and could accompany him on a mission...

'Why do I allow my emotions to come to the forefront and fog my judgment when it comes to Genesis?'

'Because we are in love, and we are obsessed.'

The vibration in his left coat pocket jarred his from his musings. Pulling out his tiny, sleek black cell, his glare became hard as he read the incoming text:

'Seph, something just happened and I need to talk to you. When are you coming?'

Of course it was from Genesis, the one person he did not wish to have any communications with at the moment. His replay was a simple, single word:


A few seconds later, a new message was received:


Obsession or no, the very thought of the redhead at the present caused a new wave of anger to rise and this time, visions of a hawked nose blond boy hijacked the workings of his inner mind. Lighting – blue-white without the tinge of pink – split the sea, painting Sephiroth's features in a ghastly, electric light, making him appear to be a night terror that stepped into the waking world, causing him to stand out viciously against the seamless ocean of his gray surroundings. Vividly, the incident that took place just a few floors below, viewed from a different angle, resurfaced.

Strong hands and muscular arms tensed and restrained hips that belong to another. A broad chest heaved and connected with a smaller one, inferring dominance by sheer size. An angular jaw moved and worked lip to cover soft, plump flesh – flesh that only his lips should be covering.

'I am on the landing pad. Meet me.'

Glittering emeralds of pure malice stay locked on the horizon. He put his phone away.

Lightning struck and thunder rolled.

&%$ CBV $%&

Cool, crisp, tingling with a slight burn, the peppermint mouthwash was effectively cleansing Genesis of the lingering sensation that T.J.'s kiss had left him with. Spiting the first mouthful down his bathroom sink, the redhead took another swig and started swishing it around while he pulled out his phone and nervously typed in a message to his boyfriend. Still not coming to a decision about he was going to explain what just happened to his silver haired lover, he hastily punched in a text saying something happened and they needed to talk.

Tipping his head back, Genesis gargled the liquid, allowing the antiseptic to burn against the back of his throat, as he awaited Sephiroth's reply.

'Oh dear Gaia, I kissed T.J. Collins. What is wrong with me? I hate that guy.' The thought left him feeling disgusted and ill, and worse, the word 'traitor,' buzzed through his head like a carpenter bee ready to sting and burrow. 'How could I have allowed myself to kiss him back? T.J. Collins of all people? For planet's sake, I am dating SEPHIROTH! He's gonna kill me when I tell him. He is going to draw that big, fricken sword – where did he get that think anyway? – and stab me right through the stomach." He spit out the second round of mouth cleaner. 'Goddess, Genesis Rhapsodos, you're such a dope sometimes.'

The Shin-Ra issued phone lit up, the word 'busy,' displayed in neat, electronic letters.

Busy? Genesis checked the time. What could the Second Class be doing so late in the evening? Genesis decided to ask.

With no response forthcoming, figuring his lover really was too busy to reply – a good and a bad thing – the redhead jumped in the shower. The good part was that he had time to think about how he wanted to explain the situation to Sephiroth, the bad part; his nerves were eating him alive.

Washing away the sweat and grim of the day, not to mention the residual feeling of T.J.'s hands on his hips, Genesis was glad he made his shower brief. When he stepped out and began drying off, he noticed the glow of his cell. Peering over at the device lying on the edge of the sink, he was mildly surprised to find that had indeed answered, and asked that they meet up on the landing pad.

Quickly dressing in civilian clothes, keeping his anxiety in check, and praying like hell that Sephiroth was still up there, Genesis took the nearest elevator out of the military facility and caught another one that lead the to very top of the city. Great gusts of wind and pounding, blinding rain greeted him as he stepped off the elevator.

With fast strides he crossed the top level to the lift that would take him up to the landing pad, but his journey ended there, seeing as his silver haired lover was coming down. Squinting through the downpour, the redhead made a quick apology when Sephiroth reached the bottom, "Sorry if I'm late, I was in the shower when your last message came in."

"Pft," Sephiroth snorted and turned to glare daggers of green ice, pinning Genesis to the spot. "Were you alone?" He spat, eyes narrowing with something very close to hate.

Genesis' heart plummeted. 'He knows. 'Oh Minerva, how am I going to explain this now when he's already made the worst of assumptions?' He shivered; whether it was from the rain or actual fear, he wasn't sure. "Seph, I can explain..."

"I am sure you can," the Second Class stepped off the lift, wrapped an arm around Genesis' waist and began walking him backwards. "Tell me, Genesis, my love," his tone was cruel and sarcastic, "how did it feel to have another man's lips on your? Did you enjoy having your tongue in his mouth?"

"Sephiroth, it wasn't like that," Genesis shook his head, his wet locked becoming plastered to his forehead. He kept moving back because the silver warrior was forcing him. "T.J. just came up and kissed me. I wasn't expecting it."

"And you kissed him in return," Sephiroth growled. Superior self control was the only thing that saved his lover from a thrashing. He wanted to hurt the teen, beat him black and blue, make him understand that he was his and only his. Maybe Genesis didn't comprehend it yet, maybe he was still too young to fully grasp the meaning, but he was owned, and it was the god of war who owned him. Being loved and beloved by such a being carried a very heavy price.

Genesis was trembling by the time they stopped at the edge. "Sephiroth," his breath was coming in shallow pants, "when it happened, I was caught off guard," he met his lover's glare and kept his face steady, though his heart was beating so hard he thought it would burst through his chest, "I couldn't think, so I...I just reacted. I'm so sorry. It didn't mean anything. In fact, I pushed him away once I realized what I was doing. I sent you the text message right after it happened, because I wanted to tell you so I could explain it."

Not daring to look behind him; he already knew what was there: a jagged mountain face off to his left, and nothing but a straight plunge into an icy-cold depths behind. If he did look, the last ounce of courage he had would flee.

"...I see." Sephiroth's smirk deepened. He knew exactly which Genesis he was speaking with; this was pretty little liar Genesis, the Genesis that tried to cover his transgressions with honeyed words and a look of innocence. This was the Genesis that had a way of defeating Sephiroth with his silver tongue and charcoal brushed eyelashes. This Genesis could make all of Sephiroth's feelings invalid. Not this time around. Sephiroth, having danced to this turn one too many times in the past, was immune to this Genesis.

A bolt of lighting struck, illuminating the area in a hellish glow, and when the thunder detonated in the sky above, Sephiroth gave his lover – whom he was chest to chest with – a shove, knocking Genesis off balance.

Genesis hadn't meant to scream, but he did. He felt his body falling backwards, and reaching out with both hands, he grabbed the thing closest to him; Sephiroth's hair. He heart lurched into his throat, and his stomach plummeted. He'd heard that a fall from this height would kill someone from a heart attack before they ever reached the ground (in this case, the ocean, with would be like hitting hard ground anyway) but he wasn't sure if that held true of a SOLDIER. Waiting for the rush of wind to assault his frame, he squeezed his eyes shut.

The fall never came.

A split second after his steady footing was stolen from him, a strong arm wrapped around his waist, holding him over the crashing tides below. "Don't drop me," he pleaded, fingers tightening in Sephiroth's hair. There had been many times when he had been frightened before and usually he could call upon his vast array of courage within, but this time was different, this time it was his lover – the one person he had placed insurmountable faith in – that held the power of life or death over him.

"Seph, I'm sorry," he panted, trying to keep his breathing even. The wind whipped and slashed at his face as there was nothing up here to hold the strong currents at bay, and the sensation of being strangled was impressed deeply upon him. He chanced a glimpse downward, and gasped again, "Dear Minerva, Sephiroth, please don't let me go."

The silver-haired SOLDIER bent forward until his forehead was resting on Genesis' and his cruel smirk was laid on the redhead's quivering lips, "I do not care how it happened or why, but you are never to forget Genesis Rhapsodos, you belong to me. Do not ever forget that your place is by my side, and you are to always conduct yourself in such a manner."

The bright flashes of white interrupting the seamless gray setting were reflected in icy-emerald eyes and suddenly Genesis recognized Sephiroth as the man from his dream that morning. The Sephiroth who was holding him over his demise was the Sephiroth who was angry at him for committing acts that had not yet come to pass. This Sephiroth wanted to hurt him for crimes far worse than kissing another boy. The person who had his lips against his was a person who knew of atrocities in which he had no way of fathoming. Having no other choice, and not wishing to upset Sephiroth any further at this time, Genesis inclined his head, "Nothing like that shall happen again, I promise."

"See that it doesn't," Sephiroth snarled, then pressed a real kiss on Genesis' lips.

Being pulled away from the ledge, the SOLDIER Third Class was able to right himself, but Sephiroth still had him encased in an embrace, tracing his fingertips up and down Genesis' spine, seeking to comfort him after his terrible ordeal. "Hush, my love," he cooed in response to the redhead's unsteady breathing, "I did not enjoy having to teach you such a lesson. Please, I beg, do not force my hand in such a way again."

Adrenaline still pumped through Genesis' form, even as his heartbeat was slowing down. Sephiroth was cradling him, trying to ease the stress of the situation, and it might have worked if Genesis were...insane, and wanted to be with a controlling d-bag for a boyfriend. However, he wasn't insane and he didn't want a controlling d-bag for a boyfriend.

He broke out of Sephiroth's arms and pushed the taller teen away from him. "What the hell is wrong with you? Have you lost your mind?" He was screaming at Sephiroth now. "I came here to tell you what happened and you, you psycho, threatened to throw me off JUNON! Oh, it wasn't just some really tall skyscraper, no, you just threatened to push me off a CITY. Are you completely bat shit?"

"I was not going to drop you. I would never harm you, much less kill you," Sephiroth said evenly, as if his intentions not injure his lover justified his actions. As normal as Genesis' behavior was after such an ordeal, to the SOLDIER Second, his lover was being melodramatic and overreacting.

"So, just because you wasn't really going to drop me, that makes it okay? I don't think so." He pushed Sephiroth again, his rage blinding him to his surrounding, causing him to forget how close to the edge they had gotten once again, "I never, ever, ever want to see you again!"

Palms flat on Sephiroth's chest, muscles tensing, Genesis heaved one more time. Metal, slippery from rain, held no traction for the usually dexterous and nimble silver-haired teen. With his balance lost, he flailed his arms, and out of natural reaction he sought to right himself by latching on to that which was in front of him: Genesis.

Time elongated, animation became suspended; the waters below ceased to churn, the few birds overhead that dared brave the weather, ceased to fly, a streak of pronged lighting hung motionless in the clouds, refusing to strike, sapphire and emerald clashed in bewilderment.

Genesis' scream pushed time back into place, "SEPHIROTH!"

The air around them, which had only be yelling moments ago, became a shriek, now ripping and tearing at tender flesh. The redhead's stomach rose into his chest and he lost the ability to scream. His vision became blurred as the violent wind assaulted his optical organs, causing him to see only flickers of silver against a rapidly descending expanse of gray. And his heart, it began pounding so quickly, shooting adrenaline into every nerve he had, that he understood why it was said that most people who fall from great heights died of a heart-attack before ever hitting bottom.

They, he and Sephiroth, were going to hit the ocean and the impact would shatter every bone in both their bodies, killing them instantly. Genesis never once imagined he would die like this – he didn't want to die like this, but he took some solace in the fact he and his one true love were going to die together, holding tightly to each other.

As tragic as it was, even at the hour of his death, Genesis was a poet at core and the part of his mind that wasn't terrified found the situation...romantic.

In the last few seconds of his life, the redhead resolved he was not going to die mad at his lover. Finding within himself enough breath and will to speak, he cried his final words, "I love you."

Sephiroth was also experiencing the same gut-wrenching feeling as Genesis, as they plummeted fast and fast towards the crashing, murky sea below; however, his thoughts were not the same as his lover's. Even when he heard Genesis proclaim he loved him, he merely acknowledged his lover's words by tightening his grip. He did not come back to occupy a younger version of himself, only to die by being pushed off the top of Junon by the only person he truly loved.

In a final act of desperation, he let his rational thoughts go and when he did, his mind went to different place, a place where neither old nor young Sephiroth had control. He went to the place where he thought as Mother thought, and did as Mother did. Without urging his cells began to react, instinctively knowing that the root of their existence was about to be terminated.

It could not, would not, be allowed to happen.

The old, familiar, sharp pain in the right side of his back brought him back to reality. With inhuman strength he pulled Genesis against his body and cradle the teen's head to his chest. There was a sundering of skin and cloth, a red-black spray came from beneath him and as the pair continued their fall, they passed the crimson droplets and to Sephiroth's sight, it looked like they were falling upwards.

He willed the onyx, feathered appendage to unfurl and stretched it maximum length. He flapped it once and the lover's descent slowed. He worked it again and he was in complete control of their direction.

Carrying Genesis, who now had his face upturned in utter shock, he flew them to the shore and landed.

"H-how?" The question muttered by the smaller teen was strictly rhetorical.

Sephiroth chose to answer regardless, "Because I truly am the perfect monster."