Dark Corruption

Setting: After Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, Before Wind Waker

This is YAOI, you have been warned

IMPORTANT: Warning! This is based on the time line that was created by the games and suspicions, and is not exactly set in stone. Windwaker speaks of the Hero of Time, and says nothing of the events in Twilight Princess, but Twilight Princess had ties with the fisherman from Ocarina leading me to believe that this was the time line.

There will be no OCs in this story, but because it shouldn't be possible for people to live so long and I won't be changing up their names, it might be confusing. But even so, I think changing up their names would be even more confusing.

Sorry, but I really wanted to make up an explanation as to why there was no Link to save Hyrule causing the goddesses to flood it.

One last note, Dark Link will be called Kurai from now on. I don't think anyone would name their son Dark.

-WAIT! I lied, this is the last note, I'M SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR ANY AND ALL SPELLING/GRAMMAR MISTAKES! I have not beta, and I'm not the most skilled in spelling and grammar. I'd also like to point out that I did check this page five times, and I'm sure to have missed something somewhere.

A Birth That Shouldn't Have Been

Hyrule was in a peaceful lull created by the Hero of Time, and secretly, the Hero of Light and Dark. On the winds swept the legends, but slowly they were losing touch with them. Many in Hyrule new of the Hero of Time, but in that lull, that dune of peace, the legends had begun to fade. It was only when in time of dire need did the Hyrulians think back to those days of darkness, when the bright light of a hero conquered it.

Save for this night, with the wind carrying a foreboding chill, did people look to the skies in remembrance. Darkness, it seemed to be on the horizon, a warning storm swirling in the air. The unsuspecting continued with their lives, and in two households where heavy breathing and screaming in the air. The sounds of the wonders of life being given to two small bodies. The first of the two, a small boy with bright blonde hair was blessed by coming into the world before the heavy storm hit. His face was flushed a healthy pink, and his scream showed that he could breathe properly; his mother gave a silent prayer to the goddess Farore for such a healthy babe. The second, a boy born only minutes after, with dark black hair and an unnatural pale skin, a baby who did not cry. The mother, weakened by the birth, gave one look to the child before the last of her life left her. The small newborn opened his eyes for the first time, far too early for any the simple farmers new, and in his eyes where a color so close to crimson blood it was haunting.

But the era of peace in Hyrule had dulled their senses, and the child of evil was left to live.

Just as the darkness had intended.

Well that was really short, but it's more or less a prologue (that's why I'm putting up the first chapter too)

For the fun of it, I'd like to have a little rant for all those kind enough to read.

I've notice for far to long that people seem to be hating on Zelda and other people even though they themselves have never played the game. o.O This is rather confusing to me, since I'm a hardcore Legend of Zelda fan.

I've only beaten Twilight Princess, but I did start Ocarina of Time, long, long ago after my uncles had beat it with me as a child watching. Sadly enough, I reached the water temple and got scared/confused and ended up having to stop, which was the same thing I did with Twilight Princess, only I restarted and actually beat that game.

I also started playing Four Swords until my GameCube died on me, and somewhere in it all I either lost Wind Waker when moving from my Grandfather's house to my new house, or one of my uncles have it. Since they are the true gamers of my family.

Ah, the excuses? I'd love to gain Majora's Mask, as well as my uncle who had beaten all the Zelda games we owned with me watching. (I was a large fan of watching them beat games.)

But anyways we got off topic, I was originally talking about how all people seem to make Zelda, Navi, etc. Complete and total asshats without any real reason. Most people aren't even gamers as it turns out 0.o which brings me to my odd point. If you played the game, you would understand that Zelda is actually very smart.

But, she is annoying as hell. I can understand if someone who was a gamer (such as myself) suddenly felt like portraying Zelda as the annoying girl she is, seeing as no matter HOW MANY TIMES I SAVE HER, she STILL gets in trouble. She is of no help to me whatsoever throughout both Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time, she only bosses me around and tells me to go save Hyrule! WELL I'LL TELL YOU WHAT MISSY! Why don't YOU go trot around some god forsaken pit battling Stalfos left and right with only one heart! Eh? EH! And Navi! STOP WITH THE FREAKIN "HEY LINK!" I GET it already! I KNOW Death Mountain looks "weird" I don't need you telling me EVERY THREE SECONDS!

Every time I hear something even as remotely as high as the "Hey!" Navi would give me I'd think of that annoying puffball... I much preferred her quiet "I'm not really here because I'm just the point on the Wii" position as help.

But beside contrary belief, I'm not like some of the people I see who hate on just about every girl in a story. I simply hate the useless ones. For instance, I've always liked Nabooru, she's pretty kick-ass if I do say so myself, and Midna! She's the only princess who pulls any weight around here! At least she stuck through the whole journey with me. Which reminded me that Zelda's only redeeming quality is the fact that she sacrificed herself to save Midna, FINALLY! She actually HELPED me!

Also, what the hell is with Ruto? All she did was make me carry her out of Jabu-Jabu's disgusting digestive system, and loose me in the hell I call the water temple! Why can't more people like Midna and Nabooru help me? HELL! Even Impa was better! And I don't want to hear anything about "Shiek" because the he-she Zelda-wanna-be-tranny didn't help me at all save for teaching me a few musical notes.

Thanks gay-boy-girl-thing.

Well this defiantly got a bit long, I think I'll end my rant now and let you good people continue with your reading.

Good-bye and sorry for the rant as well as any and all grammar/spelling mistakes! Doesn't matter how many times I reread it, the fact is: If you're bad at spelling and grammar, you're not going to catch every mistake in your own paper. And no, spell-check epically fails and so does "grammar-check."