Dark Corruption

Setting: After Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, Before Wind Waker

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IMPORTANT: Warning! This is based on the time line that was created by the games and suspicions, and is not exactly set in stone. Windwaker speaks of the Hero of Time, and says nothing of the events in Twilight Princess, but Twilight Princess had ties with the fisherman from Ocarina leading me to believe that this was the time line.

Dark Link's name is Kurai in this!


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A Legend of Old

Link and Kurai couldn't refuse the ancient woman as she hobbled back to her chair. In the center of the strange room was a small table covered in deep red fabric. The room itself was rather small and full of strange looking vials and plants. It was dark and mostly a shadowy red except for some greenish liquid that filled some of the bottles on the shelves. An old hand gestured to the two empty seats at the table and the boys sat down.

"I'm known mostly as Granny, so you may call me that if you wish." The old woman said in a voice that cracked slightly. She smiled at the boys, although its distorted form seemed something of the sinister kind, neither boys could tell what to expect. "Now how about I tell you a legend, eh?" she said turning to her side before picking up a cat that suspiciously looked like a tiger cub. "Now first you should know some things about me, I suppose." she said swaying forward slightly in her chair as she pet her cat on the table.

"My family has come from a long decent of potion makers, and it seems that we mostly went for carpenters, who where strong, and capable of building stores for us to sell our potions in." Kurai gazed at the vials on the wall and couldn't disagree with the idea. "We go back far, and very few people remember the stories that have been passed down for all of Hyrule to remember, but we, my ancestors and I, kept the story close, and personal. Not much has changed since the first of us told the story. A legend of old, passed down secretly among us." Link felt himself in a daze; something vaguely familiar was forming in his mind. As if he had known one of her ancestors.

"Granny? What are you doing!" a young redheaded girl said coming out from one of the hallways. But as she protested the old woman put a hand up, stopping her.

"Child, do not interrupt me. It is in my duty to tell the legend as I know it, to keep the legend alive; I have the right to tell the boys who bare such resemblances to the Hero of Time." The young girl gasped. "Now sit, child. And I will not be interrupted again." she spoke in a commanding voice. The redhead quietly sat down on one of the side chairs lined up against the wall. "This will be the first time you heard this story, Anju, even though it was never intended I tell you. Your mother should have told you, but the goddesses help that woman! Can't remember a thing, as blind as a bat too!" she spoke badly of her daughter. It was rather cruel but neither Link nor Kurai could stop her, already to hexed by the idea of a legend not so often told.

"No, where was I, ah yes. This story was told from my ancestors, the one who had lived to see the tale, and it had been passed down ever since. So now that you know where this is coming from, maybe you shall take some of this to heart?" The old lady gave a wicked laugh before continuing. "This story is not what most know of the legend, since it was passed down first hand, but what I say is very much our history." she spoke in a pride filled voice. Letting out a low grumble, clearing her old, dry throat, she began the legend.

"A young boy, garbed in green, that was the Hero of Time. He was Hylian, raised by a race of Kokiri. Children of the forests. Upon exploring Hyrule, he met the Princess of Destiny. It was she who entrusted the fate of Hyrule in the boy. And so his journey began." she said and with a raspy voice she asked her granddaughter for a drink. After several minutes she was gulping down a rather odd looking liquid that made Link cringe. "The boy was troubled with getting the three stones. One in which he had already acquired before his journey began. He needed the three spiritual stones to open the door to the sacred realm, where the triforce had been safe from all evils."

Kurai leaned against the table, lost in the story. Link was in a similar state, but was sitting up straight; his body tingled with a sense of recognition.

"The boy had gained the two other stones from the Zoras and the Gorons. But, when he was going to give the stones to the Princess, she had fled the Castle, from the great evil, Ganondorf. As she fled, she had given the young boy an instrument that was able to create storms, raise waters, and even control the passage of time. It was then that the boy went to the sacred realm, in the Temple of Time. The hero of time than disappeared for seven years, leaving Hyrule to its demise as Ganondorf reeked havoc on the world." Link felt a dull ache in his chest, and Kurai leaned even farther in. Both minds on the same question, had the hero abandoned Hyrule?

"Then, wielding the Blade of Evil's Bane, he emerged. Traveling far and wide he began to collect the people known as the Six Sages. He traveled back through time, seeking instruments to help him save the Princess and all of Hyrule. He had defeated many evil followers and creations of Ganondorf. Facing dragons, ghosts, and even his own shadow! The boy defeated them all, and in one last battle the hero defeated Ganondorf. The sages then sealed him away in the Realm of Evil, a void of nothing. And just like that, a legend was born. The Legend of the Hero of Time." she finished. Even though the story was seemingly short, it took quiet a bit out of the elder woman. Although she seemed pleased with herself otherwise.

She relaxed, trying to catch her breath while the boys strung the story together in their heads, letting it all sink in. And both boys did such, but one thing seemed to stand out. One thought seemed to stand brightly out against the rest. Although both boys thought it, it was Kurai who had brought it up.

"You said that the hero faced his own shadow?" The old woman cackled at the question.

"Yes, he faced his very own shadow. A dark version of himself, equal in all ways possible, but more menacing and fierce than the boy could ever be. It was said that the shadow was what the boy himself had been missing, the pure hatred, the murderous intent, the jealously and all else meant for dark beings." she let out a low cough before standing up, the cat running away. "Well, if you two will excuse me, I think I shall have a rest. It was a wonderful experience meeting two boys that share so much resemblance with the boy of legend, but I'm getting old, and tired, regretfully. Anju." she said as she started to leave. "You worthless wretch of a granddaughter, see two it that the new potions are not over setting." she said as she disappeared behind a cloth covering another hallway. The boys turned to the girl as she fumed.

"Cruel woman. I'm sorry that you boys had to listen to her babble, she has gone slightly crazy since she had gone blind. My family has never had a tale to be passed down, and even though the story is a good one, it's far from true. She fabricated a more detailed tail to the old legend and claimed it to be true." she said and walked them to the door. "I'm sorry she wasted your time." she said quickly before shutting the door rather rudely on them.

The boys looked at each other and sighed. So the story had been a hoax. But both boys felt like it had been real, as though it really had happened.

"We probably still have some time left, should we continue with the tour?" Link asked lamely and Kurai shrugged, but before any further decisions could be made a bright voice yelled from down the alleyway.

"Hey Link! Is that you?"

Before the figure could get a look at the two boys the blonde had already grabbed the other and ran for his dear life.

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