Chapter 13: Home

The end of the day could not come fast enough for House. Clinic duty had been ridiculous and had tried his patience but it was soon to be over and he would be able to leave his work behind. All he had been able to think about was getting home to Cuddy and Rachel. He wanted to hold them, to be quiet with them, and just marvel in the happiness that the two of them brought to his life.

Five finally rolled around and he clocked himself out. His bike was sitting in its usual place and he was happy to have a fast exit and an even faster arrival. At Cuddy's, he spotted Rachel in one of the font windows. Her hands were balled into fists and she rested her chin on them as she watched the street in front of the house. Her face lit up when she saw him and he could not help but smile and wave. The little girl met him at the door squealing with glee to see him as her mother came out of the kitchen.

"How was your day?" Cuddy asked with a smile.

"It was alright." He answered. "I missed you once you were gone." He said to Rachel as he followed Cuddy back into the kitchen.

"I missed you too," Rachel said hugging him around the neck.

"We both did," Cuddy added.

"I am so happy to be home." He smiled.

The evening was as quiet has he had expected. Dinner was delicious; they watched the news and the weather on TV and Rachel played with her dolls on the floor. She was still wearing the lab coat.

"She slept in it, ate in it, wouldn't take it off when we went out to play. She loves it House." Cuddy smiled up at him from her place in his arms.

"I'm glad. It really suits her." he smiled back.

"We've been working on our letters again," Cuddy confessed.

"It was lots of fun!" Rachel said as she jumped up from the floor and brought House two decks of cards. "Momma bought these on our way home." She added.

House pulled the cards out of their boxes. They were two different set of flash cards. He laughed as he read through the first couple of cards. "Alright Rachel, lets see how good you are. What starts with the letter M?" he asked.

"M is for music, and melody, and MyelodisplaticSyndrome!" Rachel said proudly.

"That's right!" House smiled. "I don't know which cards I like better, the medical terms or the musical ones." He said to Cuddy.

"I took your advice on the music ones and I just happened to have the medical ones with my text books." Cuddy said. "I just thought I would get on board with this as you seem so keen on making her the next Doctor Cuddy."

"She's going to be great!" House said.

"I know, I look forward to her first recital, and her acceptance into the medical school of her choice!" Cuddy said proudly.

"And what if it isn't Princeton?" House asked.

"I'll be devastated but then again, so will you." Cuddy said.

"You're right, but Johns Hopkins is the most renowned school in the country." House said. "I want only the best for our little girl."

"Me too," Cuddy said and cuddled into him once again, "it makes me sad just thinking about it. She's getting so big already."

"Don't worry, we have a few years still," House said holding her tightly.

"Maybe we should take some time off," Cuddy said, "go away, and take her somewhere where she can just be a kid and we can get away from being doctors for a while."

"Disneyland?" House asked.

"You are going to ride the tea cups?" Cuddy giggled.

"I'll do anything for her and for you." he answered honestly.

"You are so good to us," Cuddy said tearing up, "we should have done this a long time ago."

"I agree," House said.

"I really like you as just Greg." She whispered.

"I really like you too, Lisa." He whispered back.

Rachel continued to play on the floor. She wrapped gauze bandages around teddy bears and stuck Band-Aids to every doll she could fine. Medicine was her grand obsession and House and Cuddy were pleased to witness it. In that moment the medical world of their days passed away and the calm of home life settled in. Here, together with the little girl, they were Lisa and Greg and they were happy to sit quietly and watch as the time ticked slowly by. It would be over all too quickly, and morning would bring a return to Doctor House and Doctor Cuddy.