Hello Fellow BTR readers. Now this idea has been playing in my mind practically forever. Now just a heads up, it's not one of those stories where the life long friend comes back in the picture and they suddenly realize they love her. As much as i would love that my stupid imagination won't let me. Stupid mind over matter! It's just a simple friendship fic. Hope you enjoy! (BTW takes place after Big time Demos)

"Okay, I'll go to L.A. with you and record some demos." Kendell Knight told the mighty Gustaco Rocque in front of him. "If you take me and my buds, and make us a singing group." He said referring to his four friends on each of his side.

Carlos Garcia and Logan Mitchell on his right and James Diamond and Charloette Matthews on his left. And they were currently looking at Kendell in awe.

"What? You guys said you would go?" He said turning back to his friends.

"I'm sorry are you trying to make a deal with me?" Gustavo started, practically yelling."I make the deals. Have you even heard you friends sing? Oh, that's right they can't!"

"Well, I'm no mega Hollywood producer like you but i do know they sing better than dogs." Kendell rebutted while James pulled out a printing of a magazine article with Gustavo Rocque on the cover quoting 'I could turn a dog into a star.'

"And you could turn them into stars right?"Gustavo snatched the paper out of his hand.

"Is this supposed to sway me? I'm GUSTAVO ROCQUE! I'm amazing, I'm AMAZING" He said in a different tone. "If you think for one second that I'm so desperate because of 2 or 22 cities and haven't been able to find anybody you can think again." Everyone just started looking at each other wondering what his point was.

"Because there is no way. NO WAY, GUSTAVO ROCQUE is taking the 5 dogs from Minnesota to Los Angeles to make them stars. It's never gonna happen. NEVER!" Gustavo finished. Kendell just calmly said

"So we have a deal?" Gustavo was dumbfounded.

"Yep." The five friends shouted with victory and gave continuous high fives.

"I can't believe it!" Charloette exclaimed. "We're gonna be famous!" They joined together in a group hug.

"Not you." Gustavo clearly stated pointing to Charloette.

"What?" She walked out of the hug toward him. "Why not?"

"Yeah i said all of my friends!" Kendell stated taking a step forward.

"Look, I only work with boy bands, with the occasional Jordin Sparks." The boys nodded in response. "So that means your little...girlfriend." They all raise there eyebrows and the comment. "Stays here."

Charloette's face held a mixture of sadness and disappointment. When the boys saw that they became furious.

"No." Everyone looked to see who said that and were all surprised to see James.

"What?" Gustavo asked. James stepped in front of Charloette and glared at him.

"I said no. We're not leaving her." Everyone was really surprised to see James take the first step. He was the one who wanted this in the first place. But he knew that this was Charloette's dream too and he didn't plan on leaving her in the dust. Kendell looked at James then back at Gustavo. He also took a step forward realizing James, for once, had the right idea.

"Yeah it's all of us or none of us." Kendell stated standing on James' left side.

"This isn't something you can discuss!" Gustavo yelled. "It's either you four or no four!" Carlos came up next to James' other side.

"Then we'd rather have no four." He said sternly with his helmet in his hands. Logan came short after standing next to Carlos.

"It's not worth it without her." They all crossed their arms against their chest and said in unison

"We're not going anywhere without her." The four of them stood as one in front of her. They were like a wall protecting her from the evil that was Gustavo Rocque.

Charloette looked at her boys in awe. They were risking everything...for her. she stared at the ground concentrating while biting her lower lip. She looked back up with strong eyes.

"Guys." She said sternly. The turned around to face her. She looked at each one of them unsure.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Charloette Matthews opened her eyes to end up staring at her ceiling.

Dreaming. She was dreaming.

The events in her dream had occurred 3 months ago, but she remembered it as if it was yesterday. She pinched the bridge of her nose to subdue the headache that was starting to form. She got out of her bed and headed toward her closet.

Her room was fairly large. When you first walk in you notice the desk to the left side of the door. Usually with her on it using her laptop or charging her video camera.

The bed is on the right with a nightstand, that held a stereo, on it's side. Her walls were painted a dark purple, but you could hardly tell with the thousands of posters completely scattered all over. Including a Big Time Rush poster over her bed.

Her comforter was white with paint splattered all over it. She had a window across from the door, which she often used to escape to the roof. Her closet was opposite from her bed with a door next to it that led to her private rest of her room was just empty space for her to dance or make weird videos.

She looked in her closet for something to wear around the house. She was currently in black shorts and a dark purple undershirt. She grabbed a gray short sleeved hoodie and zipped it up over her undershirt.

With that she found the outfit complete and walked into her bathroom. She looked into her mirror and saw a crazy monster eating her head.

Only it wasn't a monster, it was her hair.

"Ugh" She started to touch it. "Looks like a vacuum attacked me. James would fur-eek! if he saw this. Oh! that gives me an idea!" She walked out of her bathroom, quickly grabbed her camera phone and went back in.

She took a picture of her hair in the mirror sticking her tongue out with a peace sign and sent it to James.

In L.A. James woke up to his phone ringing. He picks it up and looks at it with half open eyes. The moment he saw it he screamed and fell out of bed.

"James?" Carlos groggily called from his bed.

"Well I should probably fix it." She said referring to her hair. She reached over the sink to her Ipod plugged into speaker's. She pressed play and almost immediately 'Shut up' by Simple Plan came on.

She grabbed her brush and tried to tackle the task that was brushing her shoulder length hair while also singing along to her Ipod.

By the time the song was done her hair perfect, even to James standards. She walked out of her bathroom and continued out her room.

The moment she stepped out in the hallway she smelt food being cooked. She sprinted down the hallway, down the stairs, and into the kitchen.

She saw her mother in scrubs cooking.

The scrubs were normal considering her mother was a nurse but the cooking completely took her by surprise.

"Mom? Your cooking." She took a pause then had a look of panic. "Did someone die!"

"No!" Her other quickly answered. Charloette let out a sigh of relief.

"Oh, thank goodness! Wait then why are you cooking."

"Ugh, I can't cook without there being a reason?"

"No you can, it's just the last time you did it was the first day of school...of kindergarten." She said eying her mother suspiciously.

"Ok," She brought the plates of food to the table and they both sat down to eat. "I am working a double shift tonight and I felt bad about leaving you all alone tonight." Since the boys left Charloette normally spent the days at home most of the time. "Plus it doesn't help that its been 3 months already."

"Yeah." Her mother looked up to see Charloette picking at her food.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Her mother asked concerned. Charloette smiled weakly.

"No, I'll be okay." She pulled her hair back and tied it into a half ponytail.

"Honey, before you start eating could you let Seth in?"

"Sure thing."

Charloette got up and went toward the back door. There outside the transparent sliding door was a golden retriever laying down. He was Charloette's. His name, if you weren't paying attention, was Seth. Charloette got him for her 6th birthday.

When she got him he was about one so he's about 11 now. 77 in dog years. A lot.

She opened the door and he walked in and up to his dog bowl. She rubbed his ears and hissed his head before going back to her sear. When Charloette started eating she surprised.

"What?" Her mother asked in response to her face.

"Oh, nothing. I just didn't really expect to be...good." Her mother's mouth gaped open.

"It is possible for me to be a good cook."

"Yeah like it was so possible for you to cook without a motive." She took another bite and paid careful attention to the taste.

"Why can't you believe that I am in face a good c-"

"Rick helped didn't he?"

"Big time." They both laughed. Charloette was referring to her step-father Rick Davids. Him and her mother have been married for 4 years now.

"Where is Rick?" Charloette asked.

"Had to go in early for work. Doesn't get off till maybe 11 or midnight."

"Wow. They've been getting good business since they kept the place open longer."


Rick worked at the local ice skating rink. It didn't pay much but he did enjoy working there, teaching little ones how to skate,hanging out with the teens during his break.

Plus, his job gave Charloette and her friends certain advantages. They always got in free. The job has done other things in her favor. It is the reason her mother met him.

Long story short. When she was picking Char up from the rink, she met him. One thing led to another, 2 months later they got married. Charloette was 12 at the time and unlike most pre-teens with divorced parents, she didn't mind her mother re-marrying.

She liked the thought of a father figure being around. Besides, Rick was a really cool guy.

"Honey," Mrs. Davids started. "Can you go get the mail?"

"Sure." She wiped her mouth and headed for the door. The moment she stepped outside she regretted it, and regretted not wearing shoes.

In Minnesota the snow didn't stop till mid-spring. Unfortunately for Char it was only early spring. She sprinted to the mailbox, got the mail, and ran back inside.

Once inside she was shivering and her teeth were chattering. Her mother gave her a thermal blanket to warm up.

"Mom," She started "I tell you this everyday and today I surely mean it. I hate Minnesota!"

"Oh, you're exaggerating. It's not even that cold outside."

"Says the women born and raised in Chicago! But you are dealing with a Texas girl." Charloette was referring to the days when her parents weren't divorced and they lived in Texas.

"What I don't understand is that we've lived in Minnesota for 11 years and you still haven't gotten used to the cold."

"Mom please, you can take the girl out Texas, but you can never take the Texas out of the girl." She said proudly. "Here's your mail." She handed her the mail then hugged the blanket tighter.

"Oh looks life you got mail."

"What?" she said whipping around to face her mother. "Who from?"

"Somebody from California named Carken Logjam(car-ken low-g-hem)?" She said questioning the name. "Know anyone by that name?" She said handing her the envelope. Charloette looked at the envelope, analyzing the name.

"Car...Ken...Log...Jam." She said pronouncing the name slowly. Then her face lit up.

"Carken Logjam!" She said in realization "Oh my gosh! I know who this is!"


"The guys!" Her mother was now confused

"And you reached this conclusion how?"

"Cuz when we were little we came up with a fake name that was a combination of all our names. Only back then it was Carken Logjamette(Car-ken Low-g-em-ette). Ya know Car, Carlos, Ken, Kendell, Log, Logan, Jam, James, ette, Charloette."

Her mom looked at her with her mouth gaping and her eyebrows raised.

"Wow, so y'all are bigger dorks than I thought." Char stuck her tongue out at her.

"Whatever, what I don't get is why a letter? I mean talk about snail mail~" she said rhythmical. She flipped the envelope a couple of times with her hands analyzing it more. "I'm gonna read this in my room." She headed upstairs. "Thanks for breakfast!" She called from upstairs.

Her mother picked up the plates from the table and started toward the sink. However, before she could reach the sink, a loud scream was admitted that startled her and caused her to drop the plates, which shattered.

"I'm gonna get blamed for that." Shortly after, her daughter started running out of her room and down the stairs(nearly tripping) still screaming. She stopped when she entered the kitchen.

"Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!" She yelled jumping up and down clutching the letter in her hands.

"What? What? What?" Her mother bent down to pick up the pieces of plate on the floor.

"You'll never believe what the guys asked me, they want me to live with them!"

"What?" Her mother yelled dropping the plate pieces...again."What do you mean?" Charloette handed her the letter.

The first thing she noticed about it, was the mixture of different types of handwriting. So she concluded they must have written this together fighting over who got to write what.

'Hey char,' She notice Logan's neat handwriting start out. 'Sorry we haven't talked to you in a while.

But we're here with good news and bad news and good news again!' Carlos' handwriting took over.

'Good news first,' James. 'Our demo's got picked!

Bad news, we don't plan on coming back to Minnesota.

But we still got more good news.

See,' and finally Kendell. 'we've been missing you a lot so we convinced our producers into buying a plane ticket to L.A.

so you can live with us!

This way your dreams can come true

and you get to be with us.

I've already talked to my mom and she said yes.

Even Katie's excited.

All you have to do is convince your parents,

and get on that plane!

Call us when you get an answer.

See you soon!

Your Best Friends,

Kendell, James, Carlos, and Logan.

P.S. It's really warm here'

"So can I?" Charloette asked peering over her mother's shoulder.

"I'm not so sure about this."

"Please mom, i would get to see the guys and get famous! It's a win-win situation. Please mom! Oh please please?" Her mother still looked unsure

"You and Rick would get alone time." She said negotiating. Her mother's face still stayed the same.

"Mom please. I need this." She said getting more serious. "

It has been so..."She took a deep breath trying to control herself. "lonely...without them." She had tears welling up in her eyes. "I just want t-" She stopped herself. "I need...to be with them." Her mother felt for her.

Ever since they left something changed inside Charloette. So she couldn't help but say

"Fine, you can go." Charloette's face lit up. "But! I'm gonna have to talk to Ms. Knight about this. And Rick." Charloette hugged her and she hugged back.

"Your the best mom!"

"Yea,yea. Now go call them up and tell them the good news. Plus be sure to pack enough clothes."

"K-K." She gave her a peck on the cheek and ran upstairs.

"Oh and don't tell your father!" She called from downstairs. "Last thing he needs to know is his little girl's gonna be living with four teenage boys." She heard a door close and went back to picking up the mess made in that whole episode.

All the while thinking about bringing this up calmly with her husband.

Back in L.A. Big Time Rush was sitting down to breakfast.

"It's really not that scary James." Logan said looking at James' phone. He was showing him the picture Char sent him.

"Yea well, when that's the first thing you see in the morning it can be pretty terrifying." James responded.

"Yeah well next time can you try not to scream, I was in the middle of the greatest dream ever." Carlos said taking a bite of his cereal.

"Carlos, I doubt the Jennifer's asking you out is the greatest dream ever." Kendell said.

"Says you." Kendell just rolled his eyes. "Hey so if Char texted you, do you think she got the letter?" Everyone turned to him.

"I didn't think of that," James said taking back his phone from Logan. "Nah, she probably would've ca-"

And as if it were a sign, Kendell's phone, that was currently on kitchen counter, started ringing. The ring tone was their very own "Famous" that they assigned to only one person.


They all raced to the phone to answer it. They were toppling over each other one by one. Finally Kendell was able to get to the phone first to answer.

"Hello?" he answered as if the whole debacle moments before had not happened.

"Hey Kendell, it's Charloette."

"Oh hey Charloette, I didn't even know it was you. What's the special occasion?" In the background the 3 other boys were crowding around Kendell trying to listen in and talk to her.

"I think you may wanna put it on speaker first." Kendell put it on speaker and they all huddled around the phone.

"Hey Charloette!" They all said in unison.

"Hey guys, so I called to tell you I got your letter today."

"Did you read it?" Logan asked.


"Well..." Kendell said pushing the subject.

"My mom said yes."

"Yes" the boys said once again in unison and high fived each other.

"But she said she's gonna have you to talk to your mom, and Rick about it first."

"Well that's still good, Kendell's mom already said yes and Rick's a cool guy." Logan assured.

"It's in the bag!" Carlos yelled.

"Yep, now all we have to do is throw your welcoming party!" James said.

"Party? Like a wild party? I don't kn-"

"Don't sweat it, we'll get music, a pinata, thousands of friends."

"I don't think a party is such a goo-did you say pinata?"

"With candy!" Carlos added.

"Uh...No, no guys. My mom won't be so approving if she finds out you throwing a party for me. Especially after the last one."

"It wasn't that bad." Kendell said.

"The cops showed up at the door."

"That's normal."

"You had a llama!"

"Point taken."

"Look, how about we just take you sight seeing, get some smoothies and just hang out." Logan suggested.

"Now that sounds like a good idea, I see your still the smart Logan." He received some playful shoves from his other band mates. "Well I better start packing, catch you later!"

"Bye Char!" They all said. The call ended.

"Nice trick Logan," James started. "We tell her we're just gonna hang out, then when she gets here. BLAM! Llama party!"

"No, no James, that wasn't a trick, I actually meant it. I mean Charloette hasn't seen us in months, she probably just wants to hang out and see what we've been up to, not get involved in one your crazy ideas." Kendell put his arm around Logan.

"Logan's right, we need to think of what Charloette wants. Let's first just spend time with her. Then we'll get her involved in our ideas. How bout we all get a day with her." The boys all nodded at this.

"Wait," James said. "Who gets the first day."

"Well it's obvious."

"I do." They all said at the same time. They all looked at each other. They started yelling reasons of why they should go first at each other. It wasn't long till an all out war broke out.

They wrestled each other to the ground. It was worse then when they were racing to the phone.

"Guys!" Logan called from the bottom. "Instead of fighting we should just let Charloette choose." Kendell shot up from the ground.

"Logan's right...again!"

"Do you ever get tired of being right?" Carlos asked.


"Anyway, we should let Charloette choose. How bout we all come up with things to do for a day and then when she gets here she can choose what to do. Deal?"

"Deal" they all said. They then raced back into their rooms to think of what events to pack into one day.

Looks like Char won't be getting that simple sight seeing smoothie day after all.

Okay so, I just realized that this chapter is only half way through and it was way longer then I thought it would be so I am now turning it into two. I'll post the second up real soon. And if your confused about the letter. Carlos' is bold, Logan's is Italicized, James' is both, and Kendell's is normal. So i hope you liked it.