Ok so feel free to hate me, but I have decided to not update until my friend Shelby D updates her story.

Lost love and Diet Coke.

lol jk.


But actually I am not going to update for a while because marching band takes up all my time.

And I have come to a decision.

A smart one.

I think.

Ok so after marching season is over in like november I am going to write 1 chapter.


I will post it and it'll go into more detail about what i'm gonna say next.

After that 1 chapter this story will be on hiatus.

Not forever!

So don't freak.

But for like a month or so.

During that time I am going to spend all my time writing 5 more chapters.

When done I will publish them evenly dated apart.

And while I'm doing that I will be writing 5 more chapters and so on.

This is so ya'll don't have to wait like 5 months for one chapter.

Now it'll be more frequent.


So there's my announcement.

Also sorry if you were expecting a chapter.

I hate it when people post announces on their stories but this was the only way.

Oh but it's not all bad news.

I am actually hoping to post a Jarlos Mult-chap fic soon.

It's based off of Aladdin and I'm able to write it cuz I know the chapters won't be long.

So look forward to that.

It'll probably be up in a week or two considering Homecoming's this week and I'm too preoccupied in that.

So once again I apologize for this announcement and I also apologize if you believed the first line.

Ha ha, fuck you Shelby.

Update you whore(we're friends, I can call her that. Here's her story: http:/ www. fanfiction. net/s/ 6902428/1/ )

I hope you look at my Jarlos once it's up!