Disclaimer: I do not own Skinwalkers nor its characters. They belong to LGF, After Dark, and whoever else screwed the movie up.

Note: Jan '05/July '05 script canon.


Tears of blood trailed down the lifeless faces hanging from the ceiling. The macabre sight was almost like a fantastical freak show; life-size, S&M marionette puppets hanging limp after the play.

It almost saddened him. But long ago he had left behind such an emotion. He had traded his sadness, his self-hatred, his despair, his bitterness.

He became a real boy. He broke free of his bonds; he cut his own strings.

This fate would never haunt him again.

If only they could see. If only they would open their wooden eyes and see the length of their lives; their lies. If only they would stop waiting for magic from an outside source, waiting for the special boy to make them real.

Life was just one bite away on a full moon. No need to even bother wishing on that bright sphere or the millions of stars scattered around it.

Being real was so close.

Strings were easy to break with the strength of a real being; easier still to cut with claws.

He pitied them. He had seen this show before; a tragedy that repeated three nights a month. He pitied them less with each viewing.

The show was losing its charm; it didn't tug at his heartstrings quite as much anymore. The saddest part of the story was so easy to see, and yet they never realized it no matter how many times their played out their self-induced calamity.

The show did not have to go on.

He could not muster much compassion when they could easily cut their strings, escape their wooden shells; it was so easy to be real. Be free.

This night had been the last show for these puppets. Their tragic ending came for the last time; more cruel and convincing than ever before. They took their final bows. Their curtains closed for good.

The puppets no longer amused the real boys and girls.