Disclaimer: I do not own Skinwalkers nor its characters. They belong to LGF, After Dark, and whoever else screwed the movie up.

Note: Title comes from the meaning of Caleb and Varek. According to certain sites, Caleb can mean "Rage like a dog", while Varek means "from the fortress". Set during the climax.

Rage Like a Dog from the Fortress

Snarling, seething, his vision vermillion. The color of the perverse moon high above, no longer clear cut black and white. His own flesh and blood he longed to taste.

Water ran thicker than blood ever could. Blood was sweet and coppery. Water was cleansing clarity. Water stained the ground, life left the fallen ones. Blood was all that was left; blood and death.

Canines and claws clashed; razor sharp and aching for flesh.

Whimpers echoed everywhere. Loudest in his head; ringing in his ears. He was frozen, time was speeding, she was dying, they were running, fate was laughing.

Howling and screaming drowned it all out. So loud, but only in his head. So loud he couldn't make a noise.

Clarity was gone. His spine felt severed.

They were running, they were leaving, they were winning the race. Time was almost up. So many were already lost and gone, left behind, never to catch up.

Everything stopped inside his head. She was speaking, and everything silenced for her words. They rang loud and true.

Running, chasing, hunting, his body burning. Time was slipping by him. Vision muddled, murky, but her words rang true. So many lost, so many to save; would he let it all be in vain?

Seething, searing, his vision blood and flames. The crimson light of the sky waned. His own flesh and blood he would taste. Water ran thicker than blood, and both ran dry in his veins.

Dead Timnah, he was strong again. Delilah fled, and Samson ran to bring the temple down.