Breaking Boundaries
By: Somewhere Sky

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Chapter 13:
Happy Days and Better Evenings

The sweet smell of honey drifted through the trees, with the wind both present and soothing as it drove in waves past a variety of spring colours. The flowers flowed with the wind, almost sparkling. It was a perfect day, and both the redhead and brunette were with smiles and dangling locks as they sat chatting under a nearby tree.

It had taken time and it had taken many trials and troubles but the two girls had made it. They had found each other despite Hermione's personal turmoil over adding another indifference to her palette and they had remained a pair despite all the voices that conflicted. On a blanket, in the grass with a small basket in front of them, the girls reminisced in the better memories and sat closely enough to breathe the others breath. With the sun warm and its rays flashing Hermione and Ginny found themselves inspired by the day to lock themselves in a constant embrace despite the occasional glances from classmates.

"I feel like I haven't seen you in ages 'mione" Ginny said to the girl in her arms.

"I know, I'm sorry it took so long." Hermione mumbled out of embarrassment.

"Oh hush, I knew what was happening, I knew you were questioning what we have because I'm another woman. I was willing to wait you know." Ginny smiled, and the brunette hugged her closer.

The sun was radiant in the sky as it beamed down upon the girls' ever happiness. Time had gone so slowly up to that moment, as if in teasing Hermione's confused heart and Ginny's wilful ways. Tick it would chant, as Hermione would wait and ponder over her emotions and tock it would chime, as Ginny too struggled to love the unable woman. But in the end, both women were rewarded, after much longing, they had been given the ultimate gift in life, not just love but a damn good group of friends and a future to boot.

With their lips in a web and their arms finding the curves of the other, the day continued to pass. Slowly the basket emptied, and the courtyard to was left without students. The sun eventually faded into the night, and the moon almost winked at the females as they began to pack up their belongings and head indoors. Hidden by the black mass beside the building, a tall silhouette remained still watching them as, hand-in-hand, they found their way to the front doors of Hogwarts.

"Hermione?" the familiar voice echoed.

The two stopped at the sound to find Draco stepping out of the shadows.

"I'll meet you in the common room" Ginny whispered into Hermione's ear, leaving the feel of her lips on her cheek and taking the basket from her hand. Hermione nodded in response. After Ginny had made her way safely into the building, Draco and Hermione sat on a bench nearby, the chill of the night a little colder now that the perfect day had taken an imperfect turn.

"I haven't seen you much lately" he said to her. His feet kicking at something in the dirt.

"I'm sorry Draco, you've been a good friend – I just got a little distracted, by Ron and than Harry and thinking Ginny was cheating on me. I think after a while the drama just kind of shut me down and well - "

"I understand, I just thought we could be a little more."

"A little more what? More than friends?"

"Well no, of course not, i know where your heart lays, I meant good friends. Afterall, we began as enemies. I have no one Hermione, Slytherin house or none, most people I thought were relatively more than acquaintances either died in the war or were placed into Azkaban."

"But I am your friend Draco."

Draco just nodded in response. This whole experience had been strange for the both of them, growing up with different ideas about the world, making different choices and finding each other wormy and disposable. But now, with the height of the war off their shoulders they found a chance to make new beginnings. Although the two were forced into companionship, both found it enjoyable. They each found that sole person they could confide in. Draco feared that with Hermione having gotten her friends and lover in her arms she would no longer need him and Hermione knew this,

"It's cold out here Draco, let's go inside." Hermione suggested.

Hermione and Draco continued inside, walking in silence as they travelled through the deserted hallways towards the Gryffindor common room. The silence was never eerie with these two, it was always filled with similar thoughts and feelings, the void of silence was merely a different way of communicating. The two understood each other so well they need not speak their thoughts out loud.

The door to the common room came quickly, the Fat Lady fast asleep in her portrait. Hermione knocked just slightly, her knuckles barely touching the paint as the Fat Lady nodded and opened her door to the two students. Ginny was waiting on one of the couches talking to both Harry and Ron from across the table, all three looked up to the entrance as she walked in. Ginny giving her a most glamourous smile and the boys though understanding were a caught off-guard by her company.

"Hi" was all Hermione could say as she sat next to Ginny and gestured for Draco to sit in the empty chair next to them. The room was silent with everyone fast asleep, the fire ablaze kept the room inviting and warm.

"You should have seen McGonagall today 'mione,"

"Yeah, Ron was just telling us about the first year -"Ginny said, allowing Ron to finish.

"She accidentally turned him into a mouse. I don't know what she was thinking but it was all a riot. I have never seen McGonagall laugh so hard. We'd for sure be in detention for a stunt like that."

And so the friends sat, Hermione and Ginny embracing and the boys exchanging stories of their own.

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