A/N: Here's the alternate version. It's not entirely an Alternate Universe but more like an Alternate Reality of the Avatar series. There will still be 4 Nations but there will be a lot of differences in the world. It will kinda still have the Avatars and even Aang but in a different way thingy. Characters ages will differ also.

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Uzumaki Naruto, in his opinion, had the perfect life.

He had accomplished all of his dreams, including being the new Hokage of Konohagakure No Sato.

But something happened along the way. Naruto started to stray from his path. Something had corrupted his pure ideals. The Kyuubi had finally found a way to influence him. Through the years the creature had been planting thoughts into his head. Thoughts that said;

I deserve this power; no one else should have it!

If anyone else gets this power then things will turn bad again. No one else deserves this power! My Power!

Me being the leader is making everyone happy right?

I'll be the leader for as long as I'm alive!

These simple thoughts had turned the once kind, pure-hearted boy into a tyrannical ruler. He had cemented his ideals and took charge of the whole country. He overthrew the Daimyo of Hi No Kuni and proclaimed himself as not anymore the Fire Shadow, no; this title was too small for him. He wanted a new title and that title was; Fire Lord. And soon, the small crack in which the Kyuubi had pushed his influence from became a gaping hole. It had its tails around Naruto so deep that he couldn't separate right from wrong. In fact he thought everything he did was right since his ideals were the correct one to follow. From that point he took everything and anything he wanted. Nothing could stop him.

Soon enough though, ruling on his own was starting to get boring. He needed… wanted someone he could rule with, or at the very least someone who would share the bed with him. His attention settled into Hinata, who grew up into a very beautiful woman. Everyone in the country wanted to have her. Every man craved for her while women were jealous of her. And who would be better to own this creature than the Fire Lord himself? So that's what he did. Hinata, having an undying love for Naruto accepted his proposal and she was soon called the very first Fire Mistress. Naruto had the pleasure of being the first to taste her and he would be the only to be able to do this.

But time was a merciless being and Naruto knew this well. He already knew about his immortal life because of the Kyuubi but what about Hinata? Time would slowly wilt away this beautiful flower and Naruto didn't want that. So he started to experiment on his father's 'Time-Space' Jutsu formula. A few years later he was able to create a Jutsu that would be able to preserve Hinata from time. In short, time would not be able to touch her even death. She would always stay the same forever.

A few decades later, Naruto's lust would build up to inhuman heights and poor Hinata couldn't handle the physical exhaustion day in and day out. So he started to acquire more partners. He only wanted specific women, namely drop dead gorgeous and innocent. Those he found worthy enough would also be granted immortality.

Nearly a thousand years later though, the world had changed greatly. The lands were split by the growing seas. People and places changed, there were no more ninja's but people called 'benders'. Animals also changed but that wasn't important to Naruto. In the present Naruto and Hinata were the only ones who practiced the Ninja Arts. But one thing always stayed the same even after all that time;

The world still feared the newly named 'Fire Nation'. Aside from the immortal Fire Lord and Mistress, they had the biggest military force in the world. Each soldier was very deadly on their own but put them in a team and they were nigh unstoppable. The other nations didn't want anything to do with Naruto. They all feared him to an extent and all wished that he would never pay them a visit.

We find Naruto and Hinata inside the most secure area of the palace, The Harem. Naruto was on top of the bed, watching the piles of women writhing in fits of pleasure. Naruto had to admit that his fluids contained a strong aphrodisiac that made lesser women mindless, sex slaves. But he didn't mind. So long as they still served their purpose then they could go mad with lust for all he cared. Naruto looked to the side where Hinata was, she had changed over the millennia. No longer was she the shy mousy girl from Konoha. She has evolved into the most beautiful and dangerous female on all of the four nations. In short, nobody fucked with her. She would sooner watch you burn alive than let you disrespect her. Even with the women inside the harem. In fact Naruto could still remember when Hinata broke in one of the new girls inside the Harem. Her name was Kya and she was supposedly the 'last' Water Bender from the South Pole.


The new Fire Nation ships were a sight to see. They were colossal structures and painted a menacing onyx (Using the ship design from the movie). They struck fear to all who saw them. Right now, they were striking fear into the hearts of all Southern Water Tribesmen but they were a stubborn group as they stood their ground, defiantly looking at death in the eyes. Naruto was standing at the very tip of the Flag Ship, dressed in the standard Fire Nation armor. He looked at the wall constructed from hardened ice and smiled at the soldiers who were standing on top of them.

"Oh, so the warriors here have spines!" Naruto said gleefully as Hinata stood behind him. She was wearing her formal Fire Mistress dress. It was actually an illusion because underneath all that cloth were her various blades. It included her personal finger knives; small, jagged blades that she attached to the ends of her fingers. She used it with her traditional Jyuuken fighting style. As long as one hit lands your dead.

"But I wonder if the women will put up a fight to? I hope so…" Continued Hinata as Naruto turned to look at his lover.

"What's this now? I never knew you to be a person to be breaking peoples wills." Naruto leaped down from his perch and pulled Hinata into a deep kiss.

"I grew to enjoy it my love. Watching you reduce women into sex maniacs has really piqued my interest. I'd like to try it myself once. I am curious on what the Female Flesh taste like anyways."

"I heard they taste good." Naruto commented as they arrived at the shores of the village. A man, probably the chief of the village, stepped up to Naruto as he descended from his ship.

"Fire Lord Naruto, it is a surprise to see you here at the South Pole. Tell me, what does the 'Immortal King' want with this poor village?" Chief Hakoda said, standing his ground from the crimson gaze of Naruto. Hakoda observed Naruto. His blood red eyes, his shoulder length blonde hair, elongated canines and his infamous 'whisker' scars.

"I once heard that the Water tribes had some very exquisite women. I'm here to find out whether it's true or not." Naruto grinned inwardly when Hakoda scowled at his statement. "Do you have a wife, or perhaps a daughter?" That probably struck a nerve as Hakoda charged him, boomerang in hand.

"You sick bastard!" Hakoda was about to lop off Naruto's head when Hinata suddenly appeared in front of him. A few quick Jyuuken strikes and he was paralyzed on the floor. "W-what did you do to me?"

"Nothing severe, she just paralyzed you. It will wear off don't worry." Naruto looked at the wall and saw the soldiers charging at them. "In the meantime though," he started as he looked back at his own army, "Don't kill them, I don't want any blood on my new clothes."

The fight didn't even last that long, every soldier was on the ground paralyzed and helpless as they watched soldiers drag some of the women into the large ships. Hakoda screamed at the top of his lungs as he saw Naruto drag away his unconscious wife, Kya.

"Well I guess the rumors were true. I'm going to the North Pole now. Thank you for all the lovely presents!" Naruto waved goodbye as he was about to board the ship but stopped when he felt something tugging on his leg. He looked down to see a little girl hugging his leg.

"Where are you taking mom?" The little girl asked as she sniffled. She was probably only nine years old. She had a strong resemblance to the woman he just obtained. He smiled as he kneeled down in front of her.

"I'm taking your mother to a place called the Fire Nation! You should come visit me when your older, little one." Naruto gave her a pat on the head before walking up the ship. Hinata was waiting on the deck for him, a wicked smile plastered on her face.

"Can I play with my new toy now?" She asked sweetly, the look on her face and the tone of her voice didn't match at all.

"Yes, yes you can but I want to watch."

At the lower levels of the ship, Kya stirred from her slumber. Her world exploded as a bright light made her eyes ache.

"For a woman who gave birth to two children, you still have a body to die for." She squinted at the direction where the voice came from and saw Hinata wearing almost nothing but a thin piece of clothe that covered the front of her body. She raised an object high into the air but Kya's vision was too blurred to see exactly what it was. "Let's begin shall we?" A crack and the searing pain that lanced through Kya's body confirmed that Hinata was holding a whip. Her lungs were on fire as she screamed to the heavens. "That's it! Sing for me! Let me hear your beautiful voice!" She hit Kya with the whip again and again.

Naruto watched his lover do various things with Kya. He smiled at the fact that the once, kind Hinata had turned into someone as sadistic as the person in front of him. Then a thought had popped up into his mind. Maybe he could turn the people around the world just like her. He wanted to see what could change when he tried to alter things. But what could change the world in a grand scale? The answer;

A War…


That was nearly five years ago. During that time, Naruto had started a war that engulfed the whole world in flames. But truth be told, if you counted the times he assaulted other countries for the heck of it then the world was at war with him for nearly three hundred years now. His army was attacking on all fronts. His armies were on the doorsteps to Ba Sing Se, headed by a man named Iroh. He was a well decorated strategist and was a fierce fighter. Besides, who else was better to lead the army than 'The Dragon of the West'?

The water tribes were being fought off by Iroh's brother, General Ozai. He too was a strong warrior and was an excellent leader. The Northern Water Tribes were trying to push their way into Fire Nation territory. Naruto and the Northerners had garnered bad blood, or more likely Naruto did since he 'collected' their precious Princess Yue. She was fourteen at the time and now she had grown into a model inside Naruto's harem, only seconded by Kya.

He stood up from his place eliciting protests from the occupants of the large room.

"Master, you're leaving already?"

"But you just got here! Stay a little longer!"

"We'll keep you company!"

"Sorry ladies but I have something important to do. Hinata will keep you company!" All the women started to swarm on a smiling Hinata. Naruto looked back one last time before leaving the room. Just outside the door that led to the tower, a messenger was already waiting for him.

"Fire Lord Naruto!" The messenger kneeled down before handing the piece of parchment to him. Naruto took the scroll and read the contents slowly. It contained battle reports across the globe. The Northerners were successfully holding their ground. Ba Sing Se was still holding off his troops. The Southern Water tribe, he noted, was building up a large army, probably about to join their Water Bending comrades.

There was no news on the Air nomads since they were all dead. A hundred years ago, he ordered the death of all Air Benders. He knew all about the Avatars and they were a real pain in his side. Not really hard to kill but they were annoying since they kept on trying to kill him. In his time, he had killed almost every Avatar he came across with. The destruction of the Air nomads was the same reason. He had heard that the Avatar would be reborn through the Air nomads and decided to nip the problem in the bud. He had not heard of an Avatar for nearly a hundred years now.

Naruto gave the scroll back to the messenger and dismissed him. But before the messenger left he handed Naruto a scroll that was sealed. It was from one of his spies around the world. He took it and carefully opened it. It only had a few words written on it but they made him smile.

Air Bender spotted at the South Pole

Finally, things were getting interesting! Naruto was sure that this Air bender was an Avatar. They were always a crafty bunch. But hiding his presence for a hundred years? Now that was crafty. Maybe he could even get a good fight from this Avatar. Naruto then decided on the spot;

He would pay another visit to the South Pole.