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Immortal (Longer and better)

Spider Fox (More solid storyline, longer and better)

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Ty-Lee looked at the Fire Lord in awe and admiration. This was not the first time she saw Naruto, seeing him in passing during one of the Fire Nation's various festivals, but she never saw him up this close. The acrobat had to admit, Naruto cut an imposing figure, wearing his full armor, a variation of the regular armor with the exceptions of the shoulder, elbow and knee spikes jutting up at least a foot in length alone. Ty-Lee did not want to meet the business end of those things.

The girl looked around the deck, seeing her friends; Azula and Mai, just a few feet away from where she was seated. Azula was being herself, practicing some of the more advanced fighting moves a Fire bender like her could incorporate during the heat of battle. Mai had her blades in hand, juggling a dozen in the air without paying any attention. Turning around, Ty-Lee saw the Fire Mistress walking towards Naruto, who was standing at the front of the ship.

Feral beauty was what came in mind when Ty-Lee looked at the Second Strongest Fire bender in the Fire Nation. The way she walked told Ty-Lee that she carried herself with dignity and at the same time she was perpetually battle ready. Her eyes might have been looking forward, but one would be foolish to forget Mistress Hinata's 'all seeing eyes'. Her arms were covered with the overly-large sleeves of her robes, yet Ty-Lee caught the flash of steel hidden underneath. Those deadly hand blades of hers accompanied by her infamous 'Gentle Fist' fighting style was a sight to behold when you were lucky enough to witness it. Or unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of one.

Ty-Lee had to let out another sigh. It had been a few days now since they left the Fire Nation and she was feeling her boredom building up inside of her. Sooner or later Ty-Lee knew that she was going to explode from not being able to do anything. With a huff of frustration, Ty-Lee jumped to her feet and made up her mind that she was going to find something fun to do until they reached the Earth Kingdom.

She was about to march towards Azula and annoy the Agni out of her when, for the second time that day, she had to stop and gawk at who appeared on the deck, two someone's in fact. Two Shadow Guards walked shoulder to shoulder, their black armor not even reflecting the light that came from the Afternoon sun. Although strikingly similar in attire, if one had a sharp enough eye, you would be able to see a distinct difference between the two menacing figures. One had a strange, almost serpent-like design to the cloth underneath the armor, while the other was plain. Deciding that she could wait a few more minutes before bothering Azula, she plopped back down on the floor, watching the two Shadow Guards approach the Fire Lord. Ty-Lee noticed that she wasn't the only one that had noticed these legendary soldiers appearing as a small yet discrete crowd had gathered at least a few feet away from them.


Naruto stopped his conversation with Hinata as soon as the whole deck fell silent. He had to hold back a laugh; this was their idea of being discreet? It would have been more believable if they just continued on talking and didn't start gawking openly at him. He looked behind him, seeing two of his Shadow Guards approaching him silently. Oho, is it time to spar already? Naruto thought as he started stripping off his armor with a casual shrug of his shoulders. Surprisingly, Hinata joined the two others and quickly got into their corresponding fighting stances. Hinata even went as far as putting on her blades.

"No holds bar, then?" Naruto said as he slowly took off his shirt and threw it on top of the rest of his armor. The Fire Lord slowly got into one of his favorite stances; knees bent at shoulder length with his left fist behind him while his right hand was palm up and extended in front of him. He looked at the crowd and spotted Azula. He gave a smile and gestured to her with his right hand, "Azula, would you kindly referee this match?" Bolting up from her seat, she quickly answered back with an affirmative. "Good, whenever you're ready…" Naruto didn't have time to finish as all three blurred into motion. Hinata and plain-clothed Shadow Guard went head on, bombarding Naruto with quick jabs and haymakers. The serpent-clothed Guard went behind and started to kick. The crowd was in awe as they could barely catch the combatant's movements.

Naruto, for his part, kept calm as he blocked every attack he could while countering or weaving through the ones he had missed. He blocked one of Hinata's strikes that would have made his heart explode while slapping away the fist that would have crushed his skull. Turning swiftly, Naruto moved to the side to avoid the kick that would have broke his back. He saw an opportunity and used the kick's momentum to throw the Guard to the other two, causing them to get knocked down on the ground. He didn't have enough time to make a witty comment when Hinata exploded back into action, aiming for his vitals. He dodged the first one but was distracted when one of the guards slid to his side and extended both arms towards the Fire Lord. Naruto felt the pulse of chakra and quickly back flipped out of reach, avoiding the assault of at least three dozen purple snakes from turning him into lunch. As soon as he landed though, the third attacker charged at him and bowled him to the ground. Naruto did not have enough time to react when the attack was followed up by a punt kick, sending him towards the crowd.

Quickly transforming his hands into claws, Naruto was able to stop himself midflight, carving the ships' floors. He slowly stood up, wiping off the blood from his fingertips on his trousers before getting back into his stance. His three opponents went into a 'V' formation with Hinata at the front. They stared each other down before Naruto blurred out of existence. He moved so fast that the air around where he stood actually rippledfrom the sudden movement. The Immortal reappeared in the middle of the formation and performed a round house kick in midair, catching all three of his opponents of guard. All of them were sent flying as Naruto landed on the ground, crouched low as he watched all of them right themselves in mid air. He stood straight up, left hand in his trouser pocket as he extended his right in front of him, just as all three rushed him again. A wave of power washed over everyone before Naruto's eyes started to change; purple, violet-colored ripples spreading from the middle of his pupil. With a roar, Naruto proclaimed his attack.

Shinra Tensei!

A great, unforeseen force ripped through the deck. Anything within ten feet of Naruto was violently pushed back, as if gravity itself was acting against his opponents. All of them were blown back, crashing through the gathered crowd. Naruto smiled to himself as he gathered his clothes and started to dress to dress up when a shout caught his attention.

"Gah, Fuck! No fair, Naruto that was cheating!" Turning around, he saw that one of the Shadow Guards had taken off the menacing looking helmets and had started swinging it dangerously at him. Naruto just smiled as he sidestepped the childish attack.

"Now, now Anko, we both know that there is no such thing as 'cheating' when it comes to combat." The now named Anko was revealed to be a stunningly beautiful woman. Her short, violet hair was done up in a spiky ponytail, a few loose strands framing her slightly tanned skin. Scowling, pupil-less chocolate brown eyes and a fanged frown completed her look.

"Well, you didn't have to use too much power! I'm a delicate flower you know?" That earned her a bop on the head from the other, now recovered, Shadow Guard, her helmet also removed and under her right arm. Two loose blonde ponytails, held by a purple braid consisted of her hairstyle. Her blonde bangs framed a purple diamond-shaped mark on her forehead. Hazel eyes looked at Anko rubbing the growing bump on her head.

"What's with that delicate flower bullshit?" A throbbing vain appeared on Anko's forehead as she readied a barbed comment when a hand landed on her shoulder as well as the others'. Looking up, she saw that it was Naruto.

"Let's not start another fight here, ok? Anko and Tsunade, cool your heads why don'tcha?" Both females looked at their master and silently nodded, apologizing under their breath. Naruto waved it off as he finished dressing up and looked towards the gathered crowd. Giving them a fox-like grin he proceeded to walk towards them.

"Who's hungry?"

Those two words brought the crowd out of its funk and soon, everyone had crowded around them (but still kept a respectable distance away) and started shooting off questions to the fighters, asking how were they able to go that fast or how they were able to do such things. Obviously, they left the Fire Lord alone, not wanting to disrespect their leader. Naruto didn't mind as he saw Hinata at the corner of his vision. Finding something better to do, he proceeded to follow her down the ship.


Aang opened his grey colored eyes slowly; his vision was blurry from sleep but was already clearing up fast. He let out a morning yawn as he got up from his bed and stretched his arms to the side. The sunlight was filtering through their hotel windows, casting the room in an early morning glow. The Air nomad smiled to himself; if it weren't for the constant feeling of doom that hovered around his tiny group he could say that today was going to be a good day. Finally getting the sleep out of his eyes, he looked around the room. It was a simple two bedroom suite and they had gotten it for a good price. The money that the Southern Water Tribe chief, Hakoda, gave them was more than enough to sustain them for a few more months of living like this as well as enough supplies to survive a full month out in the woods when they needed to lay low.

It was a good thing that Sokka was the Chief's son for them to get such things right off the bat. Speaking of Sokka, Aang looked to the bed beside his own, locating his friends. Katara and Sokka were obviously sleeping on the same bed and were still sound asleep. Slowly and silently getting out of his bed, Aang proceeded towards the bathroom, already planning to soak in the tub for a while. He opened the door to the bathroom and was surprised that Momo, his new flying-lemur friend, was in the tub sleeping, all of the bathroom's towels acting as his bed and blanket.

"So that's where he went," Aang said with a laugh as he slowly deposited the little creature into the bathroom sink and turned on the faucet to the 'warm' setting. Taking off and properly folding his orange and yellow clothes, Aang tested the water and climbed in, happy with its temperature. Letting out a sigh of content, Aang sank deeper into the water until only the top of his head was visible.

"Aang?" Slowly emerging from the water, just enough to see, Aang had to look at the newcomer before bolting straight up from the bathtub, a towel already secured around his waist. The fast and sudden movements made his feet slip and sent him tumbling to the tiled bathroom floor in a heap. Katara couldn't help herself and let out a giggle as she saw Aang's face bounce off the floor comically. Aang slowly gathered himself from the floor, one hand firmly grasping the towel around his waist.

"K-Katara, W-wha… did… did you want to use the bathroom?" Fumbling with his words only increased the intensity of the blush that had found its way on his face, or was that from the floor? He looked back up to Katara and couldn't keep the blush down as he saw the serene smile gracing her face. Aang and Sokka had noticed the minute changes in Katara when they had saved her from the Fire Nation a handful of weeks back. They didn't notice anything wrong with her, really. But, maybe that was the point? Shouldn't she be, at the very least, traumatized or some such thing? She was acting like nothing like what he would expect from being a captive. Wait, did she always glow in the morning? Aang thought to himself. There was something that was noticeably different with Katara, but Aang couldn't place a finger on what…

Oh spirits, why do I have to be stuck with these prepubescent boys? I miss Lord Naruto and Mistress Hinata so much right now… Katara hadn't had any 'physical' contact with anyone for the longest she could remember and these two bumbling and clueless idiots didn't even know what the word 'sex' meant! Hmmm, maybe I should teach them, but who should I start with? No, Katara don't start with that train of thought again. You wouldn't want to turn them into a sex maniac now, do you? Katara could never decide on that answer at the end of the day. Smiling at Aang, Katara accepted the use of the bathroom and decided to have a good old cold shower…


The next day would be a busy one for Azula and Zuko. Fire Lord Naruto had told them that he would be giving them a bit of light training. It would start with a demonstration of both siblings' strongest attack. Both did not need a reason to follow, obviously. The next morning came and Azula was the first to wake up, she made it a point to wake up an hour before anything would happen. Getting out of bed, she looked at the bed a few feet away from hers. Zuko was still asleep, his hair a mess and a bit of drool had pooled on his pillow over the night. She decided against waking up her brother and went for the bathroom.

She emerged out of the bathroom a while later, fully dressed and armored. Her hair was already tied back with the golden Fire Nation headpiece, which told everyone she was a noble, holding back her hair. She saw that her brother was in the process of waking up and decided to wait for him so that they could get something to eat together.

"I keep forgetting you're an early riser Zula…" Zuko said with a yawn as he slowly stood up from his bed and proceeded to fix it.

"I like the idea of not being in a rush all the time, Zuzu," Azula smirked as she heard the low growl coming from her brother for using the nickname that their mother had given him. She leaned sat down on her bed and waited for Zuko to finish up in the bathroom before heading towards the mess hall.

Luckily, the Chef was already awake and had prepared a great buffet for the soldiers that had woken up as well. Azula lined up with the rest of the soldiers at the buffet table and waited her turn. Thank the spirits that the Fire Lord loved food so much that he wasn't as strict on what they could eat. The only time they were forced to eat rations was when they were out on the field for a long period of time. The buffet table was filled to the brim with food that could be found throughout all the nations; dishes from the Water and Earth tribes were served on different tables as well as the Fire Nation dishes. Deciding on Komodo Rhino Sausages from the Fire Nation table, along with some Jook and Rock Candy from the Earth Kingdom table and a side dish of Blubbered Seal Jerky from the Water Tribe table, Zuko and Azula sat with Mai and Ty-Lee, making light conversation.

"Got a lot of food on your plate there, don't you Zuko?" Mai asked monotonously as she methodically ate at her Roast Duck. Ty-Lee sat beside her, her plate filled to the brim with food mixed with sweets. How can she swallow down all of that garbage? Zuko just shrugged stating that he would need the energy for today's activities. Azula agreed as well as she too had piled her plate with more food than usual. Breakfast came and went, following an hour of doing this and that before they had to meet the Fire Lord at the deck. Azula filled that hour with meditation while Zuko and Mai conversed about something or other. Ty-Lee was fast asleep, apparently stuffing herself silly with food and sweets at breakfast just made her sleepier. In the middle of it all, a soldier had approached the group and announced that the Fire Lord would meet them up in the deck shortly and all of them soon departed for the deck.

They weren't surprised to see an elevated, rectangular stage located on the deck. Naruto was in the middle of the stage, obviously in a meditative stance. His crimson eyes opened when Azula and Zuko, along with their friends and a few crewmembers and soldiers, stepped out on the deck. He gave them a foxy grin before waving them to the stage. Standing shoulder to shoulder, Azula and Zuko bowed to the Fire Lord. He returned the bow and began to speak, "Alright Zuko, Azula, I want both of you to come at me with the intent to kill. I want to test out your battle instincts and your reaction time. Let's see where my training has taken you…" Naruto had to sidestep as a torrent of red and blue flames shot passed him. He smiled at the two siblings who were standing back to back, mirroring each others' fighting stances. "Not even letting me finish, good, exploit every opening you find." True, Naruto did teach them that, as well as not hesitating to fight with the intent to kill when sparring against him. Relaxing his stance, the Fire Lord bent his knees and separated them at shoulder length. Again he placed his left fist behind his back while his right palm was stretched in front of him, palm facing the sky. "Try not to blink!" His sudden movement caused the air to ripple around his form as his feet barely touched the ground. Azula remembered the move from yesterday's demonstration and readied a Fire Bomb that would explode a few feet in front of her; meanwhile Zuko took his time in preparing to lightning bend. Azure flames shot up in the sky as Azula gave it her all to maintain the wall of fire. This did little to stop Naruto as he barreled through the flames, splitting the deadly wall in half with ease. Before Naruto could comprehend what had happened, he was sent sprawling on the ground, a patch of burnt flesh above his heart. Luckily, Naruto was able to recover in midair and landed soundlessly on his feet. He took off his armor since it was halfway melted from the lightning attack. He smiled as he looked at Zuko, wisps of smoke still clinging to his outstretched middle and pointer finger.

Zuko lowered his hand as he and his sister stood shoulder to shoulder. Zuko was the first to move, charging at the Fire Lord while sending a continuous attack of fireballs at him. Azula was just behind him and was already preparing another Fire Bomb, but this time the plan was to detonate it under the Fire Lord. Naruto, however, just stood in place as a knowing smirk found its way on his face. Without even lifting a finger, a tornado of black flames surrounded him and forced the siblings to stop in their advance. They wasted no time as both sent steady streams of blue and red flames into the tornado, hoping to flush out the blonde from hiding. A sound not unlike the rustle of leaves alerted Azula to roll away and barely missed the heel drop from Naruto that shattered a good portion of the stage. As fast as she could, Azula sent a bolt of lightning straight to Naruto's head. Naruto breathed in deep and exhaled a cloud of flames to intercept the bolt of energy. The resounding boom and blinding flash of light caught both Zuko and Azula off guard and paid the price. The next thing they knew, they were on their backs, looking at the Noon sun. "Bang, both of you are dead, Game Over."

They both slowly stood up and still haven't comprehended what had happened as seen evident in the looks on their faces. One moment they were bombarding the death tornado with their own flames and the next thing they knew, they were out of breath and were on their backs. I keep forgetting how fast the Fire Lord is, thought Zuko as he tried regaining his breath. Azula was not faring better than him as she had both hands on her knees. Naruto walked towards them and placed a warm hand on their backs and somehow making the dull ache go away faster. When they looked at him, Naruto just offered a smile as he went to collect his discarded clothes from the floor. "I must say, you two impress me every day. Just a month ago the two of you would barely be able to keep up with me, but now, now you were able to strike a fatal blow against me! If I were a lesser man then I would be dead. You two have truly gone far…" The praise from him was more than enough to banish the forlorn looks plastered on their faces. After getting dressed, Naruto beckoned a few soldiers to him and a few moments later, a table was set in place in the middle of the stage. Azula, Zuko and the rest of the crowd came forward as the Fire Lord Spread maps of the Earth Kingdom and the city of Ba Sing Se across the table. With a clearing of his throat, Naruto was able to quiet down the crowd. "Now then onto business. Our target for this mission: Ba Sing Se"


General Iroh and Lu Ten stood beside a smirking War Minister Qin on one of the Fire Nation's controlled docks as they waited for the Fire Lord to arrive. A messenger hawk arrived early morning, yesterday, bearing a message with the Royal Seal placed on it. The document stated that the Fire Lord himself would arriving at their location, bringing with him a few battalions of backup, a few more War Machines and two Shadow Guards. Iroh had to reread the whole message again, his eyes and brain not wanting to or having a hard time accepting what was written on the piece of parchment. It was very uncommon for the Fire Lord to personally visit the warzone. The Dragon of the west was thinking that maybe it was a morally boosting campaign sort of deal. Or the Fire Lord got bored sitting around the Palace and wanted to get his hands dirty. From what Iroh could gleam off of Naruto's personality, he was more inclined to think that he came here for the latter reason. What was more curious was the bringing of the Shadow Guards, the elite of the elite in the Fire Nation's army. The Fire Lord must want to conquer Ba Sing Se badly. Surely bringing two Shadow Guards is a bit excessive. Iroh was brought out of his musing when the blaring of an air horn echoed throughout the harbor. He looked up from the ground to see the Royal Flagship approaching from the southwestern side of the Horizon. General Iroh raised his right fist into the air, a signal signifying the order to release a flare. This was standard security protocol for him. Every time a Fire Nation ship would approach, a flare would be sent high into the sky. The ship should respond with sending a ball of fire into the air, signifying that they were not imposters. Of course, the long range catapults would still be trained on the ship until it was docked. The chances of someone commandeering one of the Fire nation's ships were very low, but it was better safe than sorry.

The ship responded by sending a massive ball of black flames high into the afternoon sky, bathing the sea in a negative light. There was no doubt who was on the ship at this point now, who else could create black flames? The ship slowly made its way towards the dock and after what seemed like an eternity, was docked. The first to file out were the regular Fire Nation soldiers, followed by the Fire Benders. Azula, Zuko, Mai and Ty-Lee came down next and just behind them Naruto was flanked by the Fire Mistress and the two Shadow Guards. General Iroh, Lu Ten and War minister Qin stepped forward while the rest of the army bowed in respect.

"Greetings Your Highness," The War Minister started as he bowed in respect, "I would like to personally welcome you to the Earth Kingdom!"


There you go! A nice helping of how I will be writing my stories from now on. They will be more detailed and hopefully have less grammatical errors. The next update would be soon so watch out for it!

Immortal rewrite would still follow the same plot but will have tons of add-ons and more chapters as well as more in-depth

Spider Fox will have to go through a major overhaul though. The quality of that fic is subpar at best.

If anyone is wondering, Aang never went to the North Pole since, in this universe; the South Pole was as grand and as strong as the North. They had their own army of Water benders and soldiers so Aang had no need to travel all the way to the North.

Katara acts as a spy for Naruto and Toph would still be Aang's teacher in Earth bending.

The city of Omashu as well as Ba Sing Se is still free from the Fire Nation's grasp.

Naruto, after everything was said and done in his universe 'borrowed' the Rinnegan from Nagato and Madara.

And of course, Naruto has his Kyuubi chakra form as well as the demonic Kyuubi form in this story.

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