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I was reading a script in one of the lounges at LME while waiting for Ren. We both had some free time around lunch, so Ren was going to let me force him to eat something. We've been dating for a a few months at this point, but it was still hard to find time together. Yashiro-san is pretty diligent about keeping tabs on my schedule by either asking me or Sawara-san and trying to arrange Ren's free time around mine.

I was so engrossed in the new script that I didn't realize he was there until he spoke.

"Kyoko, are you free Thursday? I wanted to take you to a new restaurant that opened up last month. I thought you'd like it and we haven't been on a date in awhile." I put my script away and stood up. I took his hand and squeezed it while I responded.

"No, I can't I have..." I paused. I realized I never told Ren about my role in Kimagure Rock. Ren has told me everything about him already and I haven't even told him something as important as my first role on TV. Granted, not many people knew it was me in the first place. He didn't tell me he was Corn when he first realized the connection, so it's only fair that I could have my own secrets. Yet he bared it all the light night we acted as siblings and I haven't even told him this.

I don't think I could tell him without laughing at first. I can't believe he didn't know tentekomai is an idiom and not an actual dance. It was the first time we both made each other laugh so much. I was so honest with him that I told him I hated him, then apologized for being so blunt. Tears came out of his eyes he was laughing so much. I got to see another side of Ren for the first time. I got to see his genuine smile for the first time. Now that I think about it, my heart fluttered a bit when I saw that. Maybe that was the start of love...

Oh kami...

I dropped Ren's hand. That other time when he was depressed about creating Katsuki... He didn't know anything about love. I had to describe everything to him. I told him to seduce the high schooler he was in love with. I'm that high schooler. I had no idea that he meant me. I basically Tsuruga Ren to seduce me. How shameless of me!

"Kyoko? What's wrong?" I forgot he was there I was so lost in my thoughts. I have to be honest with him. He always gets angry if I keep something from him.

"I have another regular job then..."

"Really? That's fine, we can find another time for a date. So what's this other job you've never told me about?" He had a curious and honest look about him. His voice sounded slightly playful, probably to avoid sounding hurt and annoyed I never told him. Plus the look on my face was probably not reassuring.

"I'm on Kimagure Rock..." He pressed forward. I apparently piqued his interest. Then again, he always likes to know more about me.

"Doing what?" His face suddenly became the gentlemanly smile. He was already upset and he didn't even know my role yet!

"I'm the mascot..." I didn't want to straight out tell him I was Bo. I couldn't tell him that I basically told him to sleep with me!

"You're the rooster...?" He had a dangerous pause while he thought a few moments. "How long have you had this job?" Oh, this atmosphere was so dark. I dropped my voice to a whisper.

"...Since the show started..." The darkness persisted for a moment. Then he smiled, then burst out laughing. Why is he laughing! Is this like the time he passed off nearly kissing me as a joke?

"I can't believe I didn't realize that sooner. The way you apologized when I first me Bo and after you made Mio were so similar."

"...You're not angry? I mean, I told you to seduce me..." He chuckled.

"Why would I be angry?" He put his arms around my waist. "First of all, you were someone that I could talk to honestly, especially when I really needed someone. Second, you helped me grow as an actor when I was still creating Katsuki. Third, you made me understand my feelings towards you. It's a bonus that it happened to be you." He kissed my forehead. He smiled. and it wasn't one of those fake ones either.

He knew and he didn't really care? I hugged him around his neck. I smile grew on my face.

"Kyoko, can you really argue with the outcome?" I stood on my tiptoes to give him a quick kiss. I'm not as comfortable with public displays of affection as Ren is, but that doesn't deter him usually. He pulled me closer before I could move away from him. It's been awhile since I had gotten to see him, so I'm guessing this is him saying he missed me. I can never help but melt into him and reach for his hair.

"Ren, I forgot to mention..." Yashiro-san's voice called from corner of the hallway and abruptly died away. I pulled away quickly but Ren's arms kept me close. He looked over at Yashiro-san with a slightly annoyed look on his face. I was too embarrassed to feel annoyed. I looked over too to see Yashiro-san blushing and grinning like an idiot. He's been trying to get us together for ages. He was giddy that Ren finally got some happiness of his own. Well I am too, but for different reasons.

"Uhh... I'll tell you after lunch..." He nearly skipped away. Ren turned back to me.

"So what are you going to make me eat today?" I gently pulled away. I took his and and started pulling him towards the car.

"I don't care, I'm starving let's just go." I realyl was getting hungry. I'm surprised my stomach wasn't making unearthly noises yet.

"Oh, frog legs then?" He joked.

"Anything but that."

"I'll kiss you again if you do."

"You're going to kiss me again anyways."

"Hmmm, that's true. I just can't help it." I blushed. Yeah, it is true. He really can't help but kiss me anytime he sees me. It's really difficult to keep him away when other people are around. I don't want his career to take a hit from dating me. And I'm modest. But it's getting harder and harder to say no. He's just so... intoxicating. Just thinking about it makes me feel all dreamy. It's still hard to believe this is real. But looking back at the tall man behind me reminds me that yes, this is real, and he's all mine.

A/N: Surprise! I had forgotten about Bo! I meant to include him in an earlier chapter. And she had to tell them before they got married. They couldn't go that long together without figuring it out.