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Chapter one: Protecting me

"C'mon, Mel. I don't wanna be in here waking you up, but mom's already at work…" I heard the annoying voice of my older brother Chris say as he sat down on my bed. I groaned as I nuzzled deeper into my pillow, trying to block him out.

"Melinda Prudence…" He said louder now. "Wake up!" Then he began shaking me. "Get up!" Then he groaned on account that I nudged him off the bed with my knee jabbing into his back.

"Mmmph, go away…" I groaned back.

"Fine, but you know what? When you're late for school, it's on you, I have Wyatt here to back me up." He huffed, as he walked out I felt the blankets suddenly orbed off me, I spun around to face the door to see Chris wearing that stupid smirk he used on all of his nerdy girlfriends in high school.

"Alright, alright, I'm up!" I yelled as walked over to him, and snatched my blanket back.

"Thank you." Chris said smugly, causing me to roll my eyes and wear a disgusted face.

Groaning I got up thinking that I could just kill my brother for waking me. He doesn't even go to high school anymore, why is he up so early? I thought to myself as I walked over to the door only to slam it shut. Oh, right he's heading off to the community college today. I smirked imagining Chris stumbling across a campus holding a set of books under each arm. I had to stifle a chuckle. There was suddenly a knock on my door, I grumbled as I opened it, expecting Chris only to find Wyatt in front of me.

"Oh. Heh, heh, hi." I said with a slight chuckle.

"Hi." He said shortly.

"Could you possibly just wake up next time Chris does this for mom again?" Wyatt asked as he looked down at me. I nodded, noting that he looks as though he just woke up, or got woken up, and he didn't look to happy. "It's my day off, and I'd really like to sleep in." He added.

"Well, you know Chris and I don't always see eye to eye…" I began.

"Don't care!" He said suddenly as he turned and stalked back to his room. "Fine then, maybe I'll be louder next time he has the chore of waking me!" I yelled as he slammed his door shut. I closed mine as I grumbled something about him being a jerk, and quickly got ready for school by the time I made it downstairs, I had about 20 minutes to spare.

"Morning sleeping beauty." My father greeted as I saw him walk in to the kitchen out of the corner of my eye.

"Now, why couldn't you wake me up, instead I had to deal with Mr. magic here." I said jerking my thumb over my shoulder to Chris, who was sitting with a smile of satisfaction on his face, as he drank a coffee. "I wasn't here when you had to be woken up." My dad shrugged back, as he poured himself a coffee. "So I took the liberty to do it, knowing how long it takes you to get ready for school." Chris added. I stuck my tongue out at him with a glare.

"Real mature, Mel." He replied with a flick of his hand I found my tongue was starting to be pulled out of my mouth.

"Mmmm!" I yelled or tried to as I frantically jumped up from leaning against the island in the middle of the room. Dad turned to face me to see my panic-stricken face, to Chris who was wearing a grin.

"Christopher Perry…let go of your sister's tongue." Leo replied as he gave Chris a look.

"What? She started it. You'd think she'd get that she shouldn't mess with me by now…" Chris said with a slight chuckle as he dropped his hand, allowing me to move my tongue again. I growled as I sent the cup of dad's coffee soaring above Chris and let it turn upside down over his head. "Melinda!" Dad yelled, although he was grinning slightly. As I heard Chris cry out, I looked over my shoulder at my dad innocently.

"You better head off to school, before I decide to let Chris have a free shot at you." I laughed aloud as I snagged the donut from his hand, "Love you! Bye!" I yelled as I exited the house, meeting my friend outside in her car.

School, was pretty boring, as per usual… thank god I'm a senior. I can't wait till I get Chris's car. It'll be so much more easier to get around, rather than wait until one of my brother's finally get around to picking me up. I thought as I heard the familiar rumble of the old car coming up to the school.

"Took you long enough…" I said as I slid in noting that it was Chris who was picking me up today.

"Yeah, well I've been busy…" He trailed off.

"Yeah?" I asked feeling only mildly interested, "For school? Already?"

He shook his head, face serious. "We've got a vampire on our hands…" He trailed off as he flicked the blinker on, and took the turn onto our street. "And I wasn't notified about this sooner because…?" I asked.

"We found out about it today, Wyatt was orbed up to see the elders and they told him that there's been an attack on one of his charges, he called me on my lunch break, of course this was after he decided to try and take it down on his own, only he found that it wasn't just one, it was a nest of them, so I had to rush home, and quickly look up what I could about vampires… which wasn't as much as I'd hoped for."

I huffed as I glanced back to the road, "I've got to baby sit at our house to night, I'm getting paid for it so please do me a favor, study the whole vampire thing in private, instead of in the living room." I said.

"Who'd be stupid enough to trust you with their kids?" Chris laughed as he pulled into the driveway. I didn't dignify that with an answer as I got out of the car and hurried into the house, "Hey, Mel… I kinda could use a hand with this potion." Wyatt began.

"I'd love to, but… I'm babysitting, in like a 10 minutes… sorry." I replied quickly as I put my bag down in the living room, and snatched the remote from the couch as I flicked on the TV changing it to a kids station, then turning it off. "I've gotta get ready." I added as I walked in to the kitchen, and pulled out little snacks for the baby.

"Who would trust you with their kid?" Wyatt asked as Chris walked into the kitchen, "I know! I asked her the same thing." He responded with a laugh. "Oh shut up! You two are so annoying!" I cried at the both of them as the doorbell rang. "Whose that?" A new feminine voice asked as mom entered the kitchen as I quickly left to open the door.

"Hi." I greeted with a sweet smile up at the parents before me.

"Mel…It's so good to see you again." The woman smiled, as she glanced from me to the little boy she was holding in her arms.

"Come on in." I said invitingly as I held the door open and stepped out of the way for them, the baby laughed and played with his mother's hair. Chris was sitting in the living room, watching a rather inappropriate show, for a 3 year old. I cleared my throat as we walked in to the living room, he looked up, but didn't get the message to change the channel. Finally mom entered the living room, a smile instantly on her face, "Daryl, Sheila! I didn't realize it was your baby, Prue was watching." She greeted causing the two to forget the TV.

"Piper, it's so good to see you too." Sheila replied, then added. "We really need a night alone, together, and Mel was the first person we thought of…" Sheila said with a smile while Daryl looked to his watch. "Well, Mel. Here's Trevor, and his bag… We'll be back at 9 o'clock, and you know our cell numbers, if anything happens." I nodded as I took the three year old in my arms. He immediately grabbed onto my long brown hair and began to fiddle with it. I laughed as he giggled, and squirmed until I put him down.

"Sheila, baby. We better get going, the movie starts at 5." Daryl said as he looked from his watch to his wife.

"Alright, Alright, we're going Bye, Piper, Melinda." She said smiling, waving good bye as she walked out. "Melinda, you didn't tell me you were watching their child." Mom said with a slight smile.

"Well, they asked me while I was out with Hilary yesterday, and it was kind of short notice." I shrugged as I walked over and put Trevor's bag on the couch, and watched as Chris tried to show Trevor how to use the remote.

"D'you think it'd be too much to ask, if I asked you to change the channel back to what I originally had it on?" I asked as I set my hands on my hips.

"Actually yes, it would." Chris grinned.

"Actually, how 'bout I take the remote, and shove it-."

"Melinda. Trevor's here!" Mom interrupted causing me to roll my eyes and gesture to the TV where some mobsters were shooting at each other. "Alright, Chris, change it back…" she agreed. He groaned, but did as he was asked.

"Thank you." I said wearing a smirk on my face as I sat down and reached for the remote, only to have it orb off the table, and to Chris's hand."

"Not fair! I don't have that power!" I cried as I glared at him.

"No, but you have telekinesis…" He trailed off with a shrug glancing to the TV.

"So do you!" I cried feeling outraged that he'd point out a power we both share, and feel as though that was even.

"Well, sucks for you that dad was a mortal when they had you." Came Wyatt's input as he walked in from the kitchen, "Trevor! Hey buddy." He greeted as he scooped Trevor up and spun him around.

"And that's my fault….?" I asked sarcastically.

"Honey, no one's saying it's your fault…" Mom began. "What's wrong with being a witch anyway… besides you have one power they don't have." She said.

"Oh yeah? What's that?" I grumbled.

"Somehow you managed to inherit, my ability to freeze things." She replied as she walked over to Wyatt, and took little Trevor from his arms.

"Yeah. Great, why can't I get a cooler power, like levitation."

"Thanks Melinda, that was nice." Mom said as she brought Trevor over to me, and sat him on my lap. I sighed running a hand through my long hair, "I didn't mean it like that mom, I just mean something like levitation would be so much more cooler, you know?" I said.

"Freezing things is very handy, you have no idea, how many times that power saved my life, and other peoples as well." She pointed out. I nodded in agreement, with a slight shrug.

"Be happy with who you are." Wyatt said as he sat down on the couch. I shrugged, as I heard Chris say, "Yeah, don't let it get to you." As he sat down on my other side. "I'm making dinner for all of us, so I'll be in the kitchen…" Mom said as she walked off.

"Hey Wyatt aren't you making a potion…?" Chris asked.

"It's finished." He started holding it up for us to see, "We'll be ready for whenever the vampires shows."

"Like now?" We heard a new voice ask as we all jumped up, I pushed Trevor behind me as I threw my hand in their direction, sending two of the vampires backwards, into a wall. Chris and Wyatt sprung into action, as Wyatt yelled for mom to get out here, I scooped up Trevor, and made a break for the stairs, only to see it blocked by a lone vampire. His piercing green eyes distracted me, for a moment, as I stared into them. His hair fell into his eyes, though it was short, his lean frame lurched forwards suddenly as a vampire came up behind me, and made a move towards me, but the man in front of me was blocking him from me in an instant causing me to pause in confusion, Why is he protecting me? I asked myself as I watched him fight off the shorter bulkier vampire. My protector knocked him away, and sent him head first into a wall, the shorter one hit the floor and was pinned there by a glare from the green eyed one. Suddenly the shorter one disappeared. Maybe he wants to off you himself? A part of me asked as I held the scared baby tighter to me.

The vampire turned to me again. I gulped not from the chills of fear, but the chills of nerves that were sent down my spine.

"Melinda!" I heard Chris yell as the vampire was sent soaring backwards into the wall right before the stairs. "You okay?" Wyatt asked as he glanced in the vampires direction, he was frozen now that I'd had my head on straight. I nodded still to shocked to speak. Chris and Wyatt were both at my side. Mom was over quickly as well. I handed Trevor to her wordlessly, she got the hint and brought the crying baby into the kitchen away from the commotion. Glancing around the room, I saw all the vampires were gone.

"Who are you?" I heard Wyatt ask him as he sent a kick to the vampires ribs. The green eyed vampire remained silent as he stared at me. "Hey! Buddy! He's the one talking to you, not her." Chris said as he stood in between me and the green eyed mystery man.

"Well, who are you?" Wyatt asked yet again, but those eyes never left mine. Suddenly Wyatt orbed a knife into his hand, and he leaned down cutting the vampires arm. He hissed at the pain, but it quickly healed itself. "He's not gonna answer our questions Wyatt, you might as well get rid of him." Chris replied looking down at the vampire with disgust, while I looked at him with interest.

Wyatt shrugged, "The problem still won't be solved, a few of them got away."

"Well, this one won't." Chris said, My hazel eyes were locked in his green ones, as my brothers continued their conversation, I lost track of whatever was going on, and was captivated by this man's eyes. He seemed to react the same way towards me, I finally snapped out of my haze once I heard, "Just kill him." It was Chris talking to Wyatt.

Wyatt shrugged stepping in closer with the knife, he pulled it back about to land the killing blow, but, cried out, "No!" Surprising both of my brothers.

"No?" Chris asked. "No what?" He finished.

"Don't kill him." I said softly as I stepped around Chris closer to the vampire, I extended my arm holding a hand out for him he took it slowly watching my brothers with caution in his eyes. "Leave him alone." I responded, with a rather fierce glare as my brothers both twitched forwards towards us. "We're even." I said to the guy softly. He looked down at me, surprise showed on his face.

"Thank you, Melinda…" He said as he brushed some hair out of my face. Then he disappeared just like the short one he fought. "Prudence Melinda!" Wyatt yelled. "What the hell was that?"

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