Disclaimer: I do not own Skinwalkers nor its characters. They belong to LGF, After Dark, and whoever else screwed the movie up.

Note: Mixture of script and movie canons.

Simple Moment

The low growl rumbling from his chest sent vibrations all throughout Sonja's body. Varek held her back tight against him; his arms were wrapped around her securely. The warmth of his breath tickled her left ear and the back of her neck; goosebumps formed along her shoulder. He had one leg draped over both of hers while the other was slightly between her thighs.

They had been laying in that position for almost two hours. Long enough for the dew to saturate their hair.

Sonja didn't want to move. She could tell by the growl Varek sent shuddering through her body that he felt the same way. It almost made her giggle. She liked hearing that growl; she liked hearing Varek complain about getting up, getting back on the road, when they were comfortable.

And so close.

"You didn't sleep tonight."

"No." He was still growling when he answered her. His arms tightened just a little. "You didn't either."

"I never sleep," she reminded him.

"I know. This morning I wanted to join you."

Sonja smiled at that. She felt warmth spread through her; nothing made her happier than when Varek said something like that. She guessed that she wasn't that different from most human women in relationships; always wanting to hear the guy say sweet things, just little things.

The little things could sometimes mean the most.

"Did you have fun joining me?"

"Yes. Yes I did." He buried his face in her hair. He sniffed and nuzzled the top of her head. "Maybe I'll do it more often." He bowed his head down, pulling his face from her hair to rest his cheek on hers. "If that's all right."

Sonja almost laughed at that. As if Varek would bother asking permission; she knew he was humoring her, teasing her. Just to see what she would say - if she would tease or joke back or simply stroke his ego. "We both know it doesn't matter if it's all right with me or not," she replied with a wry smile.

Varek nipped lightly at her jaw. "That's not true," he gruffly corrected her. "Answer me."

Sonja blinked and angled her head to look up at him. Her smile faded as she studied his face closely. It was surprising to find he was in fact being completely serious. This time the curve of her lips was gentle and grateful. "It's fine with me, Varek. You should know that."

Varek smirked at her; there was a wicked point to his canines. "Of course I do. But I like hearing you say it." He dove in for a kiss before Sonja could do a thing in response.