I have decided to take on…*drumroll* …THE 100 THEMES CHALLENGE! :D I haven't done ComaShipping in awhile so I decided to create a little drabble collection of moments. Some will be humor, others tragedy, I may even dive into the world of horror and supernatural if y'all wish, but I'm keeping to the 100 themes I've found. I shall do…25 drabbles a chapter, with an extra long one, number 101, as the final chapter. Enjoy! Oh! They can be AU or Anime-World.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters or the 100 themes Challenge.

Warning: ComaShipping (PaulXAsh), No shiz, Sherlock. XD These will range from K to possibly M, if it's an M, there shall be a warning on it. Oh yeah. Since inrs (in real show) Paul shows almost zippo emotion, it can be considered OOC.



"Sweetie, I would like to introduce you to my friend's son." A violet haired woman said to an annoyed six-year old with the same colored hair as hers.

"Hi, my name's Ash! Nice too meet you!" A black haired boy said to Paul.

"Hn." Paul replied, as usual.

"What's your name?" The boy apparently named Ash asked. Paul was about to tell him to go away (screw off, really), until he looked into the boy's shining amber eyes. The slightly older boy quickly turned away, feeling the red blush creep onto his face.

"…It's Paul."


"Hey, Paul?"


"Do you know how it feels to be in love?"


"Paul? Heelllooo…"

"…What kind of stupid question is that?"


Paul, despite being not a very talkative person (*cough!Couldbemute!cough!*) Always noticed the littlest details. For example, how no matter what, Ash had this light in his eyes that never disappeared. No matter how many times the raven-haired boy tried to beat him and lost.

…Paul wondered if they would still have that light if he kissed Ash.


People always said that Paul had this darkness that surrounded him, and would always ask Ash why the heck he and the purple-haired boy were dating. Ash just smiled. How little they knew…

Seeking Solace

"What's wrong?"

The purple-haired boy didn't answer he only buried his face into Ash's neck, silently sobbing.

Ash wrapped his arms around the other trainer. Not questioning, just being there.

Break Away

"What are you doing?" Ash yelped when he found the perturbed-looking teen crawling through his bedroom window.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm busting you out!" The boy said.


Paul grabbed his hand and gave him one of his very, VERY rare smiles, cradling Ash's cheek with the other. "Trust me."

Ash leaned into the touch and closed his eyes, before opening them and smiling. The two exited via the window and broke away from the rest of the world.


Paul has never been a spiritual guy. But with the warmth of Ash's body sleeping beside him, he couldn't stop believing in eternal paradise.


"Dammit, Ash!"


"…You're eating a banana."


"In front of me."

"…Your point?"

"*sounds of a scuffle and then a slight yelp*"

"You're too innocent for your own good, Ketchum."

"Wha? Pau-mmmhmm…"


"Ash…" Paul nuzzled said male's neck as the raven-haired young man tried to focus on the road.

"P-Paul, stop it. I'm trying to drive us ho-" Ash bit his lip. "Don't touch there when I'm driving!"

"Then pull over."

"…" Ash pulled over to the nearest curb. Thank God I asked for tinted windows…

(Uh, in case you haven't figured out. Paul is drunk. Horny drunk to add. XD)

Breathe Again

"Paul…?" A boy whispered, various tubes were coming from his body and his leg was in a cast.

The violet gently hugged Ash, feeling an enormous weight on his chest burn away. His reason for living was awake.


Most people considered Ash to be a little forgetful (which they were correct about). But…

"…What is that?"

"It's a cake. Happy Birthday."

Insanity (This may hold One-sided MalevolentShipping)

"Your mine."

Ash felt him being split in half, evil laughter wringing in his ears as he was forced to stare into darkness…

"Ash? Ash! ASH WAKE UP!"

Ash woke up crying, clinging to Paul's nightshirt. Every night for weeks he has been haunted by the same dream. The raven-haired boy would be going insane if he didn't have those arms holding him tightly to reality.


"It was a huge misfortune that fell upon the world when this young man's life was taken, he shall be missed…"

The words sounded as hollow and dead as his love was now to Paul's ears.


"Why do you never smile?" Ash walked up to his rival one day and asked point blank one day.

"What?" Paul said in surprise.

"You heard me. Why?"

Paul pondered this for a moment. "I…"

That's when he felt himself being tickled. "Wha-Hahah-no! Stop! Hahahaha!"

Ash grinned once he saw his rival began to smile and laugh hysterically. He stopped to let his rival breathe before kissing Paul on the nose.

"I have no idea why you don't smile like that. You look wonderful when you do."

Paul's face turned beet red, then he started to attack Ash. Payback time…


"Paul? Paulllllllllieeee."




"*A- hem*!" A voice said behind the roaring plum-haired college student. "We do not allow such outbursts in our Library. I am afraid I will have to ask you two gentlemen to leave."

Paul and Ash were thrown out of the library.

"Oh yeah!" Ash said and got something out of his pocket. "You forgot your library card!"


(Hehe, this is so different from the poem I wrote called 'Silence', I should post it on FictionPress sometime…)


"You were talking to the idiotic researcher again, weren't you?"


"He wants you Ash, he wants you so I don't have you."

"You don't trust me?"



"Calm down, tell me what happened." Paul sighed at the boy who was crying, a huge gash on the trainer's hand that was bleeding.

"I-I…fell…" The young boy sobbed.

The violet-haired boy brought the wound up to inspect the hand, before…

Ash calmed down slightly, the pain sting numbing after Paul licked the gash.

"Come on, let's get you some disinfectant."

"But that stings! Why can't you lick it some more?"


Despite the statement wanting to make him hurl, Ash to Paul was a Rainbow after the rain.


Gray days were always gloomy to Ash. Gray skies meant rain wasn't far off. But then again, rain also meant being able to share an umbrella with Paul.

Fortitude (Malevolent one-sided)

"I-I can't take it anymore!"



Arms wrapping around like restraints, keeping him from the open window.

"H-he k-keeps coming back! He's in my mind! He'll take over-"

The arms soften and turn him around, then embrace.

"I won't let it take over."


"I won't."

Silent sobs.

"I know you can fight this, Ash. And I'll be next to you."


It isn't the Orange Islands but… Ash thought as he sat on the couch with some hot chocolate, watching the fire. Paul was sitting beside him, reading a book.

It's paradise.

Mother Nature

"I've never felt this one with mother nature." Ash giggled as he was at the end of the lake dock in his birthday suit.

"Shut up and jump before I decide to take you here." An equally naked Paul said next to him.


"Paul…those cat ears?"

"…Say anything else and you-"

Paul wasn't able to finish since Ash tackled him before he had the chance.

No Time (slightly M)

"Paul…" Ash whined as he wrapped his arms around said young man's chest, kissing and nuzzling Paul's neck. His black hair was still damp from the shower he took.

"Ash, we don't-"

That's when Ash stepped in front of Paul, the towel that was wrapped around his waist now in a pile near his ankles.

"…Fuck it."

Trouble Lurking

Everyone looked at the huge cloud that was now encircling the city. Two gigantic forms appeared in battle.

"…This is bad." Paul said. Then he felt somebody walk next to him.

"So let's do something." Ash replied.

Both got out there pokeballs.

"I choose you!"

Done with Part 1~! :D By the way, the last one was sort of Ash and Paul having to team up to defeat to battling pokemon. Also, the two one-sided MalevolentShipping ones might be considered previews for a new story I'm thinking of. Hope you enjoyed! Now…