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101. Playback.

"How the hell can a mountain be so difficult to navigate through…"

"Give it a rest, Paul. We're almost there!" Ash said to his complaining boyfriend.

"That's what you said half an hour ago…" Paul muttered under his breath. The plum haired man was starting to become…a bit pissed. Ash just decides when we wake up one day after meeting that water type Gym leader to climb to the peak of Mount Moon?

Clearly, he was in love with a moron.

"Aha! We've reached it!" The raven -haired trainer said.

"Reached wha-?" Paul cut off. They were now in a huge clearing, possibly the peak, with the cave ceiling open to the night sky and full moon. A pile of stones that just pierced to the heavens was in the middle. The Sinnoh born was in awe.

"Wow, just like when I first started my journey…" Ash sighed happily in remembrance, before taking Paul's hand and leading them to an acceptable sitting rock. "It'll start any second now."

"What's going to-"

The Kanto born put a finger to Paul's lips. "Shh! They're here!"

Soon enough, spherical pink pokemon with brown and black accents and curls on the top of their head started to emerge, walking towards the center of the clearing. Clefairy and Cleffa got into position, until one Clefable walked out, putting to claws into the air with the first claw pointing up. Soon enough, all the moon pokemons' claws began to glow as they did their ritual dance underneath the moon and stars where they were rumored to have come from.

Paul looked around, amazed by the sheer number of a usually considered rare pokemon evolution line. Though right now, he had no interest in capturing one, only watching them chant.

Ash grabbed onto his lover's hand. Paul turned around, about to give a small nod and smirk before something surprising happened. The black haired man got on one knee, still holding Paul's hand. Arceus…

"Paul. You know I'm not very good with words. So I'm just going to say it. I love you. And I have a feeling you love me to. So…marry me."

Paul did what anybody who has just gotten proposed to by the only person they wouldn't mind being with everyday for the rest of their life.

Ash was tackled to ground. The Clefairy continued to dance under the nighttime sky.


"I think… we need to tell our loved ones about us." Ash announced one day. Paul looked at him, debating on whether or not he was insane.

"…Ash, you're friends hate me."

"No, they don't! Well, not anymore!"

Paul pinched the bridge of his nose. "They'll resume to despise me once they've believe I've corrupted you."

"…" The black haired boy was silent, Paul continued to read his paper, before he felt a pair of arms wrap around his neck and a face press against the top of his head.

"They will accept it. And if they don't… I don't need friends who hate the person I'm in love with."

Paul -in a moment of weakness, godammit!- leaned into the body in back of him and sighed in relief.


Paul couldn't believe it. Couldn't believe what he and Ash just… did.

He pressed the body curled up on his chest closer, his hand absently playing with tufts of even messier than usual dark hair. He smiled, and his eyes closed in rest.

Paul couldn't believe it.

But it still happened.


Is this a bad idea?

Of course it's a bad idea.

A horrible idea.

This couldn't, this wouldn't, end well.

It was just…

Impossible. (Well, not impossible, but highly improbable.)

"Hey." Ash smiled softly as he walked out the door. His signature hat and Pikachu left behind, with his hair looking that the teen at least tried to comb through the unruly locks.

Paul's heart skipped a beat. His palms started sweating; he bit back a gulp as his cheeks began to flush.



"Paul." Ash said. Just above a whisper. Paul remained silent. His hand slightly rose in a grasping gesture before he pulled the body part roughly back. That was when the trainer ran the rest of the way and wrapped his arms under the Sinnoh trainer's own and squeezed. "I missed you."

Paul didn't reply. He only wrapped his own arms around the teen's waist. Holding him tightly.



Paul put his face in his hands and groaned. "Don't make me say it again."

On the screen, Reggie looked at his brother in surprise before shaking his head. "Sorry, Paul. It's just I've never heard you say that you missed a rival of yours, well, actually, let me rephrase: I've never heard you say you miss anyone before."

"I know…" Paul muttered. "I must be ill…"

Reggie was about to say something, before smirking. "Yeah, little bro, you have a case of love sickness."

"…I'm going to hang up now."

"No! Paul, wait!"

The plum haired trainer sighed. "What?"

"You've been feeling like this ever since you said goodbye to Ash after the Sinnoh league. If he was just a rival to you, would you be feeling like this?"








The screen went black.


"So you traveled around Sinnoh before you came here, right Ash?" Iris asked her friend as he was recalling his past travels.

"That's right. I traveled with Brock again, and a girl named Dawn, who wants to become a Top Coordinator like her Mom." Ash replied as he affectionately scratched the back of Pikachu's ears.

"Nice. Did you have any rivals?"

The camp sight was silent, as Ash's face turned thoughtful, looking up towards the rich violet colored sky…

"Ash?" Iris said with worry. "You okay?"


"Huh?" Ash turned to face his friends again, before smiling. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Well, did you have any rivals?"

"…Well, there was this one guy…"


"That battle we had was something." Ash laughed. Paul turned away slightly, hiding a small smirk.

"I would expect no less from my rival."

Ash looked slightly shocked, before smiling warmly. "Neither would I."

"Ash! Come on!" Dawn's voice called. Ash turned.

"Be there in a minute!" Before turning back to Paul and holding his hand out towards the other trainer for a hand shake. "Let's see each other soon."

"…" Paul looked at the hand for a moment in shock, before grabbing it. "Yeah."

The simple handshake turned into something a bit… different. Paul held onto Ash's tighter, while the black haired teen wrapped his fingers around the others. They looked at each other, eye to eye, and the world seemed to stop.

"Ash!" The trainer's friends called again. Ash sighed, while Paul quickly let go.

The black haired boy looked back towards the other teen. "Don't forget, alright?"

Paul nodded. "Goodbye for now… Ash."

The two parted.

How can I forget you? Paul thought as he watched Ash walk away.


Ash was… confused. When Barry ran over to Paul, the blonde saying he was his 'biggest fan' and all that. There was this…roaring feeling, in his chest. Like… he wanted to see Barry hurt. Barry gone.

These thoughts frightened him.


Paul sighed as he landed in the Center's bed. Today he saw his old Chimchar reach its final evolution. Infernape. That was a task he would never complete himself, yet Ash did. Paul didn't really focus on that, he focused more on what was the feeling he felt when Ash was… being hurt in front of him. When he grabbed the Pokemon while it was in full Blaze.

…Paul decided it would be best not to think about it. And he turned off the light.


"Ugh! Why does he make me so… angry!" Ash yelled as he fell face first into his pillow.


"He makes me so… infuriated!" Paul roared as he hit an innocent tree with his fist.


Ash groaned. He had had many rivals, but there was something about the plum haired trainer that made his blood boil.


Paul sat down on a stone and took deep breaths. No one had ever been able to make Paul show emotions as the boy with the Pikachu had.


"Being rivals with Gary when we first started out was nothing like this. Every time I see Paul, my heart begins to race, my face starts turning red in fury. And every time I hear his voice I get so jumpy!"


"How could that pathetic trainer do this? No matter how much I keep battling him, he never gives up. And with that smile…that smile makes me feel this fluttering in my stomach! He makes me ill!"


"I hate him!"


"I loathe him!"


"…So why do you keep talking about him?" Dawn asked.


So then…why can't I stop thinking about him? Paul thought to himself.


Ash was outside, looking at the stars, thinking about what Cynthia said.

Whenever a life meets a life. Something will be born…

And how Chimchar somehow intertwined his and Paul's destinies.


Yet oh so tempting…


After the contest battle, Paul walked quickly to the bathroom, looking at his face in the mirror, feeling like he wanted to smash it. How can my mind betray me so?

...How could he think that trainer looked good in that contest outfit?

Although, he would look better in something else… a maid outfit perhaps…

Paul began to smack himself.


Ash sighed as he looked at the Soothe bell in his hand. Remembering how Paul deemed it worthless…

How can a person deem friendship and trust worthless?

The hollow feeling in his chest wouldn't go away.


Paul looked up into the Nighttime sky. I haven't seen pathetic in awhile…wonder what he's doing?

Paul then began to imagine the boy's laughing face. Playing with his pokemon, looking… innocent.

Then he thought about whenever Ash saw his face, and that smile would turn into a frown.

It made him feel… sad.


"I just… don't get him, Pikachu." Ash told his buddy.

"Pikapika?" The electric mouse tilted his head in confusion.

"The way Paul acts like he feels nothing, like almost a shell."

"Pika…" Pikachu's ears drooped.

"Though you know what I think?"


"…I think that shell can be broken through. And I'm going to try."

Pikachu sighed and smiled. "Pika, Pikapi."

"Thanks, Pikachu."


Paul walked down the road towards Jubilife, thinking… about his encounter. That trainer with a Pikachu that knows Volt Tackle. With black hair and brown eyes.


He gave off a slight smirk.

Things were about to get… interesting.


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