Disclaimer: I do not own Skinwalkers nor its characters. They belong to LGF, After Dark, and whoever else screwed the movie up.

Note: Inspired by an interview where Natassia Malthe (Sonja) had the hawk with her. Apparently she was extremely fond of the bird, which is kind of adorable to me.

Wounded Wings

The hawk cried weakly in Sonja's arms and fought for life. It was a miracle she still lived. Her wings were damaged, her face bloody. Her feathers were ruffled and matted with blood. There were even tiny shards of glass in some of the clumps.

Sonja ignored Varek and Zo as they regrouped. She carefully and gingerly picked the pieces of glass from the injured hawk. She ignored when the hawk snapped its beak at her when her fingers got close. She tended to the bird as if it was her own; as if it was her child.

It had been Grenier's. The hawk had been Grenier's loyal companion, faithful friend, adoring child, clever pet, dutiful scout – everything Grenier had wanted it to be, she had been. This hawk was loyal to them all. This hawk had helped them one last time.

"I'm sorry," Sonja whispered; she spoke so softly even Varek and Zo didn't hear her.

The bird simply looked up at her. Whether it understood Sonja was something the Alpha female wasn't sure of. She had never known if Grenier was the only one the hawk could communicate with. Still, the hawk quieted and calmed.

"I'm sorry he isn't here. I miss him too." Sonja picked the last of the glass shards from the hawk's wings. "I'll make it right."


The Alpha female gently laid the bird down in a nest made of cloth taken from the RV. Her eyes were pitying and empathetic; it was the softest expression she'd had since the moment Varek had turned her.

"He'll make it right."