Disclaimer: Wolf Lake and its characters belong to John Leekley and whoever else. Please do not sue.

Note: First attempt at Wolf Lake fanfiction. I recently was able to watch all nine episodes and really enjoyed what we got of that series. Too bad it got canned so early on. Hopefully I did this character justice; I don't know why I have a soft spot for Tyler, but I do.


He's all swagger and smirk as he approaches, but the wolf inside is desperate to pace. There's a knot in his gut that almost throws his confident stride off. His hair is slick, perfect, but the fur under his skin is standing on end.

And there she is; every hair in place, the slightest touches of make-up perfect and harsh, the ice thoroughly frozen in her eyes. She looks so tightly well-kempt and cold, it tightens that knot.

The wolf wants nothing more than to chase her until she's as wild and hot as he knows she really is underneath the icecap façade.

He isn't used to being nervous. He isn't used to having to struggle to keep up that suave demeanor that usually goes over so well with the other tail he's chased after. He isn't too fond of the way she constantly brings out such an anxious disposition.

But leave it to the wolf to keep chasing; leave it to his more human pride to want what she keeps saying he cannot have.

He used to have it. He used to have it every time he wanted, and he knows – he knows deep within the hot blood running through his veins – that he knew her in ways her chewtoy boytoy never knew her.

He wants that back. That's why he's there, waiting; enduring the icy glare she fixes on him.

Like a she-wolf sizing up her prey; he keeps thinking he's backed her into a corner, but she carries herself like she's in control. She'd be the perfect alpha female if she'd just give up and give in.

He waits and he listens. He takes her accusations, her threats. He contains his simmering hatred of that human meat bag as she boldly declares her lifelong love – as if a human could ever be male and mate enough for her – he listens to it all.

Because somewhere in those icy words is exactly what he's been waiting for, hoping for.

Leave it to Ruby to give him the answer he so desperately wants without giving it to him.