Rated K+ imeet Abby

By: Jacob Edward Lee Hatter

Characters owned by Jerry Bruckheimer and others owned by icarly's people.

"What are you doing girl,What are you doing ?" Abby asked Sam."Drinking a Caf-Pow!.''Sam said

"Wrong you are drinking MY Caf-Pow!"Abby yelled "Sorry I just like Caf-Pow!'s" Sam apologized.

"It's alright, it's just my boss always gets me a Caf-Pow! and it gives me my energy to be able to stay awake during my long job and act cheerful when I know that people around me are going to die and I know that Gibs my boss and Ducky my friend or the autopsy person are old and might either die or even worse retire, " Abby said."What is your name ? " Sam asked "Abigale Sciuto but people just call me Abby,whats your's ?" Abby asked and answered."Samantha Plunkett but people just call me Sam" Sam answered. " Would you care or take it the wrong way if I got you a Caf-Pow! ? " " No,no I would not" Sam said. "You might have drank some of my Caf-Pow! but I kinda like you and are you off of the web show icarly?"Abby asked "Yes I am and I kinda like you too"Sam said.