Car Profile

Car: Rusted Up 1987 T-Bird Turbo Coupe

Speed: ***

Turning: ****

Special: ***

Armour: ***

Special Weapon: Lobs a giant make-shift spike ball that, if it hits, will cripple the part of the victim's car that was hit. Although inaccurate, it is very useful to immobilize other cars.

Driver Profile:

Driver Name: Jason Lore

Age: 52

Weight: 143 lbs.

Occupation: Currently Unemployed

Wish: Ever since he was 3 years old Jason had lived on the unforgiving streets, fighting for survival and turning to crime to provide the bare necessities for basic life. Hell, he took the car he entered from a scrap yard. His wish is that he could life a normal life with a job and a family, something he could never have without Calypso's help.

Roadkill's Ending

Mr. Lore, this year's driver of Roadkill had defeated this year's competition; not easy with 13 other people trying to kill you. He drove his, what I can only describe as a bucket of bolts, down the rural road where I was awaiting to give him his ultimate prize. One wish. Anything his heart desired.

"Congratulations on the victory Jason." I said in my usual tone. "I was pleased at your excellent… …performance."

"I can't stand it any longer!" he yells out in fury.

"What is it?" I ask, although I probably guessed the answer in my mind. You always get one winning contestant whose mind wouldn't be ready for a moment like this.

"All the madness, the killing, the suffering… …as if I haven't seen enough of it on the streets that I grew up, fought, and lived a pitiful life in!" he exclaimed.

"So… …what are you saying?" I ask, hoping that this could be over with faster if I humoured him.

"I've been on the streets for almost my entire life. I was a nobody! Some… …homeless crazy that everyone looked at funny without giving one thought to all the things he's seen and done, it's just terrible!" he screams, making his point very clear.

He was loosing it a little, so I try to keep him on topic with a matter that could change his life.

"So your wish is…"

"Calypso, my wish is that I could be like every other person in this civilized world! I just want the suffering to end." he said, starting to tear up.

With a wave of my arms I grant his wish, and with a wave of my arms I create a little home for Jason. It appears in the open field he was facing.

"Thanks Caly... ...A BOX!" he said, looking at the 10 cubic meter box I had just summoned.

"Yes. You asked for a home. You can call this box a home, can't you." I asked.

He just stood there, gaping at the reward he had got for risking is all for.

I start walking down the road, laughing to myself and thinking of better things than other people's problems: problems like next year's competition…