Written by Chase Smell


The echoeing sounds of the footsteps in a largely empty office space can be very irritating at ten by four in the afternoon. Lieutenant Carter Shaw came to this knowledge the minute he began to sleep there, morning the divorce of his wife by viewing countless video taken by him during much better times in his dark and mysterious lifestyle. Carter quietly leaned back in his leather-laced chair, separating his reading glasses from his face as the blond, tall, and beautiful Federal Agent Alex Rice casually entered the silent room, lighting it up with her bright and attractive smile, making the lieutenant's dreary day.

The walk of Rice came to an end as he drew closer to Carter's mahogony desk, dimly lit by a desk light that shined on the smooth, and uncarpeted floor make up of cement. The attractive woman leaned onto Carter's desk and began to speak, "Just got word from my C.I., Dean and Ty's cover worked. They got in with DuBois."

Fredrick DuBois, one of the leading automatic weapons dealers that managed to keep his wealthy business under wraps until a former Meth dealer came to Rice and spoke of DuBois' business in exchange for being able to continue to deal out drugs. Carter and Alex both took the deal, but only loosened the man's collar in the drug business, being unable to deal out to minors. The Department and the Bureau created two covers for Dean Bendis and Ty Curits to masquerade as two buyers, approaching DuBois as wealthy buyers in the Freedom fighting business supplying weapons to Foreign countries in conflict of civil war.

Carter leaned forward, casting a shadow upon his desk, and letting the fans behind him take away the thought alongwith the humid air, "Good. When are they supposed to met up with Freddie's partner?"

"James Spader?"

"Yeah," Carter responded with a smirk.

"Tomorrow at seven."

"Good," Carter slowly lifted himself from the chair and walked out from behind the desk, "wanna get something to eat?"

Alex turned to face Carter, with a smile upon her face, "where?"

"I cook."

Alex raised her right brow in disbelief and surprise, "really?"

"No. There's a Panda Express down the street."

Alex and Carter shared a smile and short laugh as the two strolled down the hall, recreating the echoeing sounds that no longer annoyed the psych of Carter Shaw.


As he slowly climbed out of the soft and queen sized bed, being careful not to wake the woman sleeping benealth the covers, Dean Bendis began to sneak out of the the newly-moved into apartment room, but was by the slow and lingering awaking of Jaimie Allen.

Jaimie rubbed her alouring brown eyes as she uncovered herself from the blankets, peering through her hair to see her lover.

"Where are you going?"

Dean stopped in his tracks, rationlising an answer to fathom her curiousity, "Ty just texted me, says we're meeting with DuBois."

"Good luck," Jaimie smiled at him as he left, leaving her to clean-up the mess of Dean's cooking from the previous night.


Ty Curtis slowly downed his whisky-laced morning coffee as his beautiful wife Melissa came from the bedroom across the kitchen. Curtis stood up from his chair at the dinner table and set his mug into the room, running water into it to clean. He turned to face his wife I order to break the ice of the silence, "so was work yesterday?"

Melissa fixed her clufflinks, attempting to look professional for her job at the Los Angeles Bank of America, "not bad."

"Care to eliborate?"

Melissa smiled and walked over to press her soft lips against his own, "I got to go to work honey, I'll see you when I get home…well hopefully."

All that the man felt was unsatisfied.