Pi: Hello, dear reader-

Blair: You're alive!

Pi: Yes, I'm alive. Sorry about that. Mega writers block. So what if that's always my excuse.

Soul: Ugh, you are so not cool.

Pi: *glare* But I'm trying! Onto the actual story.

Patty: I always get excited right before we start the dares. What if there's one for me? Or a truth? I just get so excited I feel like I may-


Patty: Hey, I was-!

Hello~! I have some truths and dares for the characters! Hahaha!


Spirit- Stab yourself to death with a spoon

Sophie: I have a spoon at the ready!

BlackStar: Why...? You know what, I don't want to know.

Spirit: *still going through mid-life crisis* Goodbye, cruel world. ;_; *stab*


Spirit: Oh god, oh god, the agony...

Maka: Ow! Dad, you hit me in the shoulder.

Pi: How did you manage to miss yourself.

Spirit: I'm not positive. My poor Maka!

Maka: It's fine, Dad. It just kinda hurt. I'll be fine.

Spirit: My darling little girl, always so tough. I'll send you good waves. *starts waving hands and arms in a whimsical fashion while chanting Maka Maka Maka Maka...*

Justin- Kill Giriko! *kisses*... I'm an obsessed fangirl

Pi: Just googles Giriko and Justin. Rule 34 strikes again!

Justin: *blushing* Th-that was a long time ago!

Giriko: Oh yeah, then why does the camera date say yesterday? ;D

Sophie: Just kill him already.

Justin: *attacks Giriko with his skills* DIE! Wait, what have I done? Come back to me!

Pi: Sigh, powers heal.

Giriko: I thought you had really meant it. *grabs Justin's hands* I love you, darling!

Justin: I love you too!

AnimeGirl1220: But not as much as me. *glomps Justin*

Liz: Oo, a love triangle.

Maka- Chug a gallon of beer and Maka Chop Black*Star

Maka: Beer, you say.

Spirit: NO. Maka Maka Maka...


Maka: Whatever. *chugs* This is interesting. *falls over*

Liz: Oof, she's heavier than I expected but I got her before she got a concussion.

Spirit: Maka Maka Maka!

Kid- Make everyone symmetrical

Kid: Finally! An excuse.

Patty: Oh lawdy...

Kid: *starts aligning Soul*

Soul: Watch where you put those creepily symmetrical hands. Haha, no, that tickles! Stop it, stop-!

Pi: Oh lawdy...

Soul- Shoot Medusa

Medusa: Why?

Soul: *disentangles from Kid* Someone get me a gun.

Sophie: I have one somewhere on me.

Pi: That's probably a bad thing.


Soul: That was satisfying. Just for good measure...


Maka: Oww, my ears. I'm more than a little hung over here.

Spirit: *chants more reverently* MAKAMAKAMAKAMAKAMAKA...

Pi: Not even gonna heal Medusa.

Asura- Kill yourself

Maka: I second that.

Soul: I third it.

Death: Fourth it.

Liz: Fifth it.

BlackStar: Sixth-

Asura: Okay, I get it. We all hate me.

Soul: With reason.

Pi: Suicide away~

Asura: FIRST, I have to give a speech.

Everyone: *groan*

Asura: As you well know, I'm not exactly liked around here. But it's okay; I forgive you all. I know you just-

Soul: Kill yourself already!

Asura: *huffy* Fine. *stabs self with Sophie's spoon*

Pi: I didn't know spoons were lethal.

Mizune sisters- get into a fight with Blair and Eruka

BlackStar: C-c-c-c-cat fight. *drool*

Sophie: *facepalm*

Pi: Just... Go for it. Although I do love Eruka. :3

Spirit: MAKAMAKAMA- Cat fight? Where?

Eruka: Er, I'm not comfortable with this.

Blaire: It's okay, I don't bite. Hard!

Sophie: *facedesk*

Mizune sisters: *transform* Let's do this.

Eruka, Mizune, and Blair: *begin fight*

Pi: I hope this doesn't destroy Dares Inc.

-12 Seconds Later-

Pi: And there goes Dares Inc.

Spirit: Now this is entertainment.

Sophie: Continue on with the fight, we'll move on.

Eruka- Make out with Free

Free: Aww yeah!

Eruka: *untangles self from fight* Aww really?

Sophie: Do it!

Free: Pucker up!

Eruka: *edges slowly toward Free* Uh, I don't know about-

Free: *grabs Eruka and starts making out*

Pi: I always knew they were in love. Sigh.

Ox- Kiss Kim

Ox: Aww yeah!

Kim: Okay, but only if you pay me.

Pi: *quietly slips Kim a twenty*

Ox: Oh, I see. You'll only kiss me for money? Isn't that prostitution?

Sophie: No matter what the circumstances, you'll only get this chance once. So do it now.

Ox: Good point. *kisses Kim and lingers*

Kim: We agreed for a kiss, not a sloberfest. Hey, where's my twenty!

Pi: Sophie is a well known pick-pocket.

Sophie: *grins devilishly*

Harvar- Kiss Kirikou

Harvar: Why not.

Kirikou: Why not? I'm freaking fabulous! Who wouldn't want to?

Pi: A lot of people. But just make with the kissy-kissy.

Harvar: *swoops Kirikous into arms*

Tsubaki: Oh my... What a man!

Harvar and Kirikou: *kiss*

Harvar: Interesting.

Kirikou: Interesting? Is that all you have to say? I'm freaking fabulous! I-

Pot of Thunder- Fry a TV

Maka: Not mine. I don't want to buy another and Soul gets cranky when he can't watch his favorite shojo anime-

Soul: Maka, eh heh, I don't watch shojo, remember? *intense*

Patty: Ooh, do tell!

Thunder: *fries TV* Cool.

Pi: Noooo, my TV! I needed that for my PS2.

Spirit: Baby, I can entertain you better.

Pi: I hope not.

Jacqueline- Kill Joe

Jacqueline: Excellent.

Joe: But why? With such a beautiful face, I did not think your interior would be so- oh. You were joking.

Jacqueline: *stabs Joe with Sophie's spoon*

Sophie: Why is everyone using my spoon? It makes me sad.

Pi: Powers heal.

Excalibur- Sing your epic song, then follow Kid and Black*Star around all day

Kid and BlackStar: Noooo!


Pi: Ugh. You two walk away so we don't have to hear it.

Kid: I really despise you.

Excalibur: *getting more distant* EXCALIBUR, EXCALIBUR...

Patty: Liz, that random shojo anime I love is about to start. We have to go now!

Pi: Eh, we should probably get going anyways. I promise I'll do your truths in the next chapter! Sorry we didn't get to them.

Patty: Liz...!

Liz: We're going... Who wants to join us? (translation: Someone SAVE ME)

Sophie: I'm in.

Tsubaki: Sounds fun!

BlackStar: Sure.

Pi: Review please!