Ok so I decided to do the 100 drabble challenge. Thanks to KayWells for sending me the 100 themes. And yes, they are ALL going to be Kendall and Jo (maybe with a little Camille and Logan along the way) so now sit back relax enjoy. Oh yeah..and review!

1. Introduction

He walks up to her, repeating positive mantras to himself along the way. "You are brave, you can do this, you've had harder goals that you've made in Minnesota than this" Finally he reaches his destination of coming to her.

"Hi, I'm Kendall and I thought I should welcome you to the Palmwoods." He says.

"I'm Jo. I just moved here from North Carolina." The blonde says and stares at him with those deep brown eyes. For a moment he loses focus but comes back to her.

"So what are you here for…singing, acting, dancing?" He asks.

"Singing." She says and for once looks into his green eyes and realizes how perfect they are.

Suddenly he feels something picking him up. 'Freight Train' he thinks to himself.

"Well, maybe sometime we could hang out if my friend Freight Train would let me down." He says and is carried away. All she can do is wave and smile.

As she sees him getting carried away, she seriously cannot help but think that the worst has happened-she's fallen in love with a boy who just got picked up by an 800 pound body guard.

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