Ok guys so please, go check out the contest (listed in the last chapter) I haven't actually thought of a prize, but I'm sure I'll think of something. These drabbles are getting so addicting yet so hard to write.

4 Dark

It was night. The dark was usually the calmest time for anyone to think but to Jo it just got her more antsy. More nervous.

She sat in bed looking at pictures on her phone, it being the only light in the room and grinned to herself as she looked at the pictures her and Kendall had taken. They were goofing off and she laughed to herself. Too bad it was all a distant memory.

She looked at the pictures again, this time not laughing, but merely sobbing. She and Kendall had broken up the day before. No one could just randomly be having a lunch with Jordin Sparks right? So she did what she thought was best and dumped him. They both tried to hide their hurt but she did it a bit better than him.

So there she sat in the dark. Her phone pitch black as she cried herself to sleep over him. The only boy who could make her life so dark.

Yes I know this was short and depressing but I really couldn't think of much for this. Also please people write an M Jo/Kendall fic..I just really want to read one J