Video Game Survivor Amazon Episode 13

Over the past 36 days 15 survivors were voted out. Tempers flared and fights broke out. Now we are down to the final 5. Coach the last member of L4D tribe, who made many hard choices including voting out his friend Bill and choosing between alliances. Krystal the blue vixen who has a rivalry with Bowser and Snake since day 1. Bowser the bully who is Snake's muscle and caused much drama but recently took a change of attitude. Snake the schemer who took out Krystal's original allies and Mass Effect alliance. Finally Amy the swing vote in the beginning who is now Krystal's loyal ally. One of them will be crowned sole survivor by the end of this game. 3 days, 2 challenges, 3 tribal councils, and 1 survivor.

Reaper Tribe Night 36

*Snake comes back angry*

Snake: What the *beep* happened? Coach why did you betray me!

Coach: I did it because I found out your little strategy. You were going to take Bobby and Bowser to the final 3.

Snake: I would of have you joined me.

Bowser: Snake, he found out ok.

Snake: Damn it Bowser did you tell Coach?

Coach: Bobby did and at the challenge you revealed the pecking order.

Coach's Confession: I found out that I did not need to be with the girls but I think I secured my place in the final 3 by voting with them and against Bobby.

Snake: *Beep* this I am going to bed.

*Snake walks away*

Amy: Wow he took that hard.

Bowser: He had that final 3 made up for awhile.

Snake's Confession: I am going to make their lives a living hell! My plans were perfect and Amy somehow got her hands on the hidden immunity idol. I don't know how but she got one.

Krystal: I think we have to watch ourselves. Including you Bowser.

Bowser: He won't do anything to me. But I do fear you three.

Amy: I am surprised you cared.

Bowser: Krystal did beat some sense into me.

Krystal: Sorry.

Bowser: My wounds healed plus I had worse from Mario.

Coach: Well I guess we should target Snake next.

Bowser: I can't but you guys can.

Amy: Why is that?

Bowser: He saved my butt. I owe him.

Krystal: Well we still have 3 votes.

Bowser: Yeah, I am fine with 4th place.

Bowser's Confession: I will not vote Snake out but I will not stand by and let him do anything to those three. I realize it is a game and Snake somehow lost it. But after 36 days I do not think anyone's mind is 100%.

Reaper Tribe Day 37

*Snake got up early and stole everyone's bags. He then burned them*

Snake's Confession: My time in this game is limited and I know I am next so I am going to do operation burn and destroy. I took their bags but not their things and burned them. I then proceeded to steal Krystal's staff.

*Krystal wakes up and finds her staff gone. She walks out and spot Snake trying to break it.*

Krystal: Snake I beat people over the head with it. You can not break it.

Snake: Damn well I can do worse.

Krystal: How?

Snake: Something that has been done many times.

Krystal: What?

*Back at camp a screaming was heard waking everyone up*

Coach: What happened?

Bowser: Snake! And Krystal is gone!

*Snake comes out with Krystal's bikini and burns it*

Snake: There.

Bowser: Snake! What the *beep*?

Coach: I have it covered.

*Coach takes out his jacket and runs into the jungle.*

Bowser: Snake if you do anything else I will kill you!

Snake: Oh a big man I see.

Bowser: I have had it! I know I did some things but I never stooped down this low! You should be kicked out of the game!

Snake: So should you.

Bowser: Maybe I should but from this day I am no longer your ally. I thought you were a good guy.

Snake: This is war and…

Bowser: This is a *beep*ing game! This is not war!

Bowser's Confession: *beep* Snake our alliance is over. Good thing Coach had a jacket for Krystal to wear.

*Krystal comes back wearing Coach's jacket which went to her knees*

Krystal: Thanks Coach.

Coach: No problem.

Krystal's Confession: I can tell that Snake finally cracked. He went on this war path and good thing Bowser stopped it before it got out of hand. We just as of right now need to prevent Snake from winning immunity.

Immunity Challenge Day 37

Jeff: Welcome Reaper Tribe. Nice jacket Krystal.

Krystal: Coach let me have it.

Jeff: Today's challenge will have you all building a tower out of cards well wooden cards. The person with the highest tower wins immunity. Amy open your bottle and read note number 2.

*Amy opens the bottle and reads the note*

Amy: At the end of the challenge your tower will have two extra card heights added to it.

Jeff: Ok, everyone take a color and lets get this challenges started.

*Minutes later*

Jeff: For immunity…start! You have 30 minutes!

*Everyone starts to build*

Jeff: This is for immunity!

*Snake makes a wide base as Coach and Krystal try to build straight up*

Jeff: Coach and Krystal making a high tower.

*Coach bumps his tower and it falls*

Jeff: Back to stage 1.

*Krystal's tower falls*

Krystal: Darn.

*10 minutes later Snake's tower is getting higher while everyone else is far behind*

Jeff: Snake is in the lead. Bowser not having any luck with his tower.

Bowser: Grrr I hate this challenge.

*10 minutes later*

Jeff: Snake has increased his lead. Krystal and Amy are a distant second. Coach and Bowser are struggling.

Snake: Hehe I am good at this sort of stuff.

*minutes later*

Jeff: Seconds left!

*Snake stops and grins knowing that no one can catch up*

Jeff: Time! Bowser is in last place only going two feet. Coach has four feet of tower. Krystal has eight. Amy with the added help has ten feet and Snake has fifteen feet. Snake wins immunity!

Snake: Here for another day!

Amy: Damn.

Jeff: I will see you all at Tribal Council tonight where one of the four vulnerable will join the jury.

Reaper Tribe Day 37

*The tribe came back unhappy but Snake*

Snake's Confession: I won immunity by a long shot so I am safe. Bowser however I am certain will be going but I can still mix things up and save the goat.

*Snake approaches Bowser*

Snake: Vote out Krystal.

Bowser: Why?

Snake: Because if you do you will go to the final 3 and I will vote for you and rally the others to vote for you.

Bowser: Ok, but I am not going to campaign against Krystal.

Bowser's Confession: Over the last couple of days me and Krystal are developing a better relationship so maybe one day we can be friends.

Krystal: Bowser it will be no surprise it's going to be you.

Bowser: I know and I accept that. Fifth isn't bad.

Coach: Hey, we are starting to like you.

Krystal: If only you did this in day 1.

Bowser: Yeah but me and Mario are enemies but still I acted that way because I was following orders from Snake. He manipulated me to do his dirty work.

Amy: That's evil. You should have not listened.

Bowser: I thought Mario was targeting me.

Krystal: We targeted you because of all the drama you made.

Bowser: But I am still not going out without a fight. I don't quit.

Krystal: Who are you targeting?

Bowser: My only hope is to vote with Snake and he wants you gone.

Krystal: Damn it.

Bowser: I wish you the best of luck.

Krystal's Confession: Well it looks like I am on the chopping block. Although I do have Amy and Coach either one could think this would be the perfect opportunity to take me out.

*The tribe packs up for tribal council*

Coach: This sucks. Snake burned our bags.

Bowser: Take mine if you need it.

Coach: Thanks but give it to Krystal.

Coach's Confession: Well I have two choices. Vote out Bowser or vote out Krystal. I have no idea who to vote out. I guess it will be a last minute choice for me.

*The tribe leaves for tribal council*

Amy's Confession: This would be a good opportunity to vote out Krystal but at the same time I owe her for giving me the hidden immunity idol. I may lose votes for voting her out or not voting her out.

Tribal Council #13

Jeff: Welcome and take a seat. Here comes the jury Jack, Mario, Charger, Grunt, Legion, Jacob, and Bobby voted out of the last Tribal Council. So Krystal, why are you wearing Coach's jacket?

Krystal: Snake burned my bikini.

Jeff: Snake why did you do that?

Snake: I was angry so I wanted to make my competition weaker. Krystal is one of the better people or Vixen in the challenges.

Jeff: Could that have cost you votes?

Snake: Maybe hers.

Jeff: Bowser, after being the target since the merge do you feel safe?

Bowser: Still no but if I get voted out I won't be angry. I changed my attitude but I am not giving up.

Jeff: So Amy on a 1-10 scale how difficult is this vote?

Amy: An 8.

Jeff: Why?

Amy: Because I have a choice between a threat or a target that we have been trying to take out.

Jeff: Coach are you a swing vote tonight?

Coach: Yes I am. My reasons are the same as Amy so this vote can go either way.

Jeff: Krystal, do you have anything to say before we get to the vote?

Krystal: Yeah, Coach, Amy I have been 100% loyal to you and have yet to cast a vote against you but it is a game.

Jeff: Bowser?

Bowser: I am less of a threat compared to Krystal and I have been nicer than I was before.

Jeff: It is time to vote. Coach you are up.

*Coach votes*

*Snake votes*

Krystal FU

Snake: Time to get you out of this game. You have been a huge thorn in my side since day 1.

*Bowser votes*


Bowser: Nothing personal anymore. I just want to stay.

*Krystal votes*


Krystal: Now that I have met the new you this vote is tougher to cast.

*Amy votes*

Jeff: I will go read the votes. *Jeff gets the urn* Person voted out will be asked to leave the area immediately. First vote…

Krystal FU




2 votes Krystal 2 votes Bowser 1 vote left

Sixteenth person voted out of Survivor

Kr Bowser

Krystal: Whoa

Bowser: Aww so close.

Jeff: Bowser please bring me your torch.

Bowser: It's been fun.

*Bowser comes up with his torch and Jeff snuffs it*

Jeff: Bowser the tribe has spoken.

Bowser: Good luck.

Jeff: Bowser has definably changed since he first got here. Now I will see you tomorrow for your final immunity challenge.

Bowser's Final Words: It was pretty fun and I will take fifth place with pride. Kind of sucks that Snake was using me to do his dirty work but I learned a lot about myself in the meantime. I guess I will go and eat now.

Reaper Tribe Night 37

Krystal: Thanks for keeping me.

Amy: I figured that I owe you for giving me the idol.

Coach: And I figured that you deserve to be in this game more than Bowser.

Krystal's Confession: Well I survived Tribal Council barely. That last vote had Kr crossed out so I was so close on getting voted out. My plan now is to focus on winning immunity and getting Snake out.

Snake: Well I am still here so you three are stuck with me.

Coach: Great.

Snake's Confession: I am still here and raising hell. And I plan on keep doing that.

Snake: Hey Coach is this your water?

Coach: Yeah

*Snake dumps it out*

Coach: Damn it Snake! I needed that.

Snake's Confession Continued: I want to weaken them for immunity. They will be tired, weak, and dehydrated.

Snake: Well all of your water is gone.

Amy: Snake you are being a jackass.

Snake: Oh well.

*Snake then dumps the rice into the fire*

Krystal: Snake this isn't war! It's a game! You are trying to destroy our survival!

Snake: Who cares as long as I win.

Amy's Confession: Snake will do anything to win and I mean anything. But he is hurting himself. None of the three of us will vote for him in the final 3. I can guarantee it.

Krystal: I am going to sleep.


Coach: I am trying to sleep Snake!

Snake: Oh well!

Coach's Confession: Snake is trying to break us down and it's working. He's a solider so he can go without water, sleep, and food. The rest of us can't.

Reaper Tribe Day 38

*Jeff approaches the camp*

Jeff: Wake up guys!

Amy: Jeff we just got to sleep.

Jeff: Well you guys have the fallen comrades to do and your final immunity challenge.

Snake's Confession: I stopped making noise a couple of hours before dawn. This will give me an edge in the final immunity challenge.

Snake: Let's go guys and girls.

Coach: We are coming. Hold on.

Coach's Confession: Right now everyone but Snake are exhausted so this challenge has the odds stacked against us.

*The tribe takes their canoe out*

Krystal's Confession: I can not believe I made it this far. Fox thought I would never make it to the merge but I am in the final four and I am pretty happy about it.

Amy's Confession: It was a long struggle but I am here in the final four and only the thing that stops us from being a perfect final three is Snake.

Fallen Comrades Day 38

Jeff: You guys will paddle across the rive and pass the torches of the people who were voted out before you.

*They paddle to the first torch of Ami*

Amy: Ami was a good competitor but her battle of the sexes was her downfall. It got the two guys and me to vote her out.

Ami: My time was short and I hope a girl wins this season since there are not a lot of females in the first two seasons. My only regret is trusting Amy.

*They pass by Smoker's torch*

Coach: Smoker was the most annoying guy here. He went around trying to piss us off.

Krystal: I did not like him at all.

Smoker: Why do I have to say anything? I got voted out on day six I did not learn anything so get that camera away from me.

*The row up to Garrus's torch*

Snake: I heard he threw a challenge.

Krystal: He seemed like a nice guy.

Coach: Yeah but Jack was the one to get him eliminated.

Garrus: Jack outwitted me. She had to get me angry and that sealed my fate. I could have done more but I should have just tolerated her and not have thrown that challenge.

*They row by Francis's torch*

Coach: Oh Francis you got a little cocky.

Amy: Yeah but you liked the other three didn't you?

Coach: Yeah

Francis: This sucks. I got voted out over a *beep*ing zombie. How did he make it to the *beep*ing merge. The moron could not even spell!

*They row over to Samus's torch*

Snake: Haha my first victim.

Krystal: She was a true friend here. She should have lasted longer.

Samus: I had a fun time and met a couple of new friends. I only lasted 12 days but they were a good 12 days and I hope that Mario and Krystal go far.

*They row past Jenna's torch*

Amy: She was here for the right reasons but did not do well in the strategy part.

Jenna: I raised some money for cancer so I am satisfied. It stinks that I went out early and over Bobby but I did it for Ethan.

*They row over to Cao Boi's torch*

Amy: Cao Boi was an awesome guy. A little annoying but you get use to him. If only he wasn't inured.

Snake: He seemed cool.

Cao Boi: I think my game improved last time I was here but my tribe was smaller. Like Cook Islands I take away what I've learned and will treasure it forever.

*They row to Bill's torch*

Coach: Sorry Bill

Krystal: He should have made the merge.

Bill: I will never understand why Charger wanted me out but despite being old I kicked ass and was on a good tribe. I wish Coach the best of luck when we are done.

*The row past Jack's torch*

Krystal: Why did she hate me?

Coach: I don't know.

Snake: Maybe she thought you were a slut.

Jack: *beep* my tribe. They deserved to lose this game. Good riddance to them. I was screwed since day 1 but I got into the jury so I will have fun with the final 3.

*They go by Mario's torch*

Krystal: Mario was a good friend.

Amy: Nice guy but not meant for this game.

Snake: He was a moron.

Mario: Mama Mia I made it to the jury but I felt like an idiot but still I get to vote for a winner! Yay!

*They go past Charger's torch*

Coach: He was a good friend and ally. Very strange but friendly for a Zombie.

Krystal: I liked his flag.

Snake: Idiot could not spell.

Charger: Charger had fun. Charger likes this game but Charger wanted to be with big group. Charger hopes to be on All-Stars.

*They row up to Grunt's torch*

Krytal: Grunt was cool.

Amy: Yeah he was a blast all about the challenges.

Grunt: Grrr Bobby beat me but I can still kick his ass in challenges. I hope to face off against him at some other time.

*They pass by Legion's torch*

Snake: He was smart

Amy: Yeah but not really a social guy.

Coach: He was cool once you got to know him

Legion: We miscalculated Snake and his idol. We did not figure he would get it. We have learned from our mistakes and we will use this knowledge in the future.

*The row up to Jacob's torch*

Snake: I guess I am the best leader here.

Krystal: You got lucky.

Coach: Yeah

Jacob: I had a lot of fun here. I lead a good team and in the end I came up short but I loved the experience and loved the people here. I do not regret signing up for this.

*They row past Bobby's torch*

Snake: There goes my goat.

Coach: He was immature.

Bobby: That elimination was bull. I should have gone to the final 3. I am a goat. It's stupid to vote the goat out.

*They reached the last torch…Bowser's*

Krystal: He really changed.

Amy: Yeah I actually started to like him.

Coach: Yeah

Bowser: I think I had a little redemption at the end. I started off being Snake's muscle and putting a target on my back but I stood up to him in the end. If I had to do this all over again I would have joined Krystal's alliance.

*They paddle off to immunity*

Snake's Confession: I think I have a good chance of winning immunity. I made sure that everyone was tired so hopefully they will fall while I stay and win.

Amy's Confession: I am proud of myself. I made it to the merge and managed to get into the final four. Now I have a 25% chance of making it to the final three. My game improved since the first time I played and just missed the merge.

Krystal's Confession: I am tired but I will still put 200% into this challenge. I am one away from the final three. If Snake wins then it maybe me who is going home.

Coach's Confession: I surprised myself. I thought I would be out after Charger but now here I am in the final four. I could not be happier…except that I am tired.

Immunity Challenge day 38

Jeff: Welcome Final four to your last immunity challenge. Today's challenge will test your willpower and concentration. Over there is a platter. The platter will be resting on one hand. Every 10 minutes you will pick up an object like a cup, plate, or bowl and set it on your platter. If anything falls off you are out. Last person left will be in the final three. Let's get started.

*Minutes later everyone has a platter on one of their hands*

Jeff: Let's get this challenges started.

*Everyone stands still. 10 minutes later*

Jeff: Everyone put something on, you can choose anything.

*Everyone puts a plate on*

Jeff: Snake how are you holding up?

Snake: I am doing good. I feel 100%.

Coach: Because he kept us up all night.

Snake: It's called strategy.

*10 minutes later*

Jeff: Time to put something else on. It can not be the same dish you put on before.

*Krystal, Snake, and Amy puts a bowl on. Coach puts a cup on. Amy tries to straighten the plate but she loses the platter*

Jeff: Amy you are out after 20 minutes.

Amy: Darn. Hard to do this when you're tired.

Jeff: Down to three. Coach's cup is wobbling a little.

*10 minutes later*

Jeff: Everyone put another dish on.

*Coach tries to put a bowl on but his cup falls over*

Jeff: Coach you are out.

Coach: I knew I should have chosen the cup last.

Jeff: It is down to Snake and Krystal.

*30 minutes later*

Jeff: Time for your next dish.

Krystal: Grabs a cup and tries to put it on.


Krystal: Ack!

*Krystal's platter falls over*

Jeff: Snake wins immunity!

Snake: Yeah!

Jeff: Snake you are guaranteed to be in the final three. For the rest of you one of you will not make it to the final three.

Reaper Tribe Day 38

Snake: Haha I am in the final 3!

Krystal: You know one of us will be on the jury.

Snake: I have Bowser's and Bobby's vote.

Krystal: Nothing is guaranteed in this game.

Snake's Confession: I won immunity and now I can lay back and watch these three go after each other but I can get involved and try to get Krystal out.

*The four are cooking rice*

Snake: Just so you all know I am voting for Krystal.

Amy: So?

Coach: Yeah.

Snake: Well I am making this vote easier for all of you.

Amy: We don't have to vote for Krystal.

Snake: Then I guess she can vote you out with Coach.

Krystal: We haven't either came up with a target yet.

Snake: Oh well.

Amy's Confession: I need to figure out a target for Tribal Council because my butt is on the line. Pretty much all three of us are threats going into tribal council so one of us has to leave.

*Coach goes off with Amy*

Coach: So are we voting for Krystal.

Amy: I guess so. Better her than me.

Coach: But you two have been allies.

Amy: She promised never to vote for me.

Coach: So I am getting a vote?

Amy: Yeah.

Coach's Confession: I am pretty nervous today since Krystal could vote me off instead of Amy. So I will talk with Krystal and see what she says.

*Coach goes off with Krystal*

Krystal: Listen, I want to go for Amy.

Coach: What? I thought you had a deal with her.

Krystal: Sometimes deals can be broken but she is the biggest threat.

Coach: How?

Krystal: How many jury members has she angered?

Coach: None.

Krystal: Exactly.

Krystal's Confession: Am pretty much going to Tribal Council with a vote against me. I need to split Amy's and Coach's votes between them. If I can do that I can survive.

*Amy and Krystal are lying in the shelter*

Amy: So will it be Coach?

Krystal: Yes. Vote for Coach.

Amy: Got it.

Krystal: We should start packing.

Amy's Confession: I have no idea how this Tribal Council will come out. All I know is that one of the three of us will be leaving. I just hope it isn't me.

Tribal Council #14

Jeff: Welcome Final four. I will bring in the jury. Jack, Mario, Charger, Grunt, Legion, Jacob, Bobby, and Bowser voted off last Tribal Council. So Snake I heard that you kept the Tribe up last night.

Snake: Yeah I did. I wanted to keep them weak for the challenge. The results proved to be successful.

Amy: I felt it was kind of cheap.

Snake: It's strategy. In war anything goes.

Krystal: But this is not war.

Jeff: Coach you are the last person that is not from Nintendo Tribe. Do you feel vulnerable?

Coach: Yeah but the chances of me going is the same as Krystal's and Amy's.

Jeff: Amy what is your voting strategy?

Amy: Hope that Coach and Krystal are not plotting against me.

Jeff: Krystal, how confident are you that you will make the final 3?

Krystal: Not very. I have one vote against me and it takes at least 2 to take me out.

Snake: Unless there is a tie.

Krystal: I could lose the tie.

Jeff: Snake, with this immunity win do you think you can win this game?

Snake: I'll leave that up to the jury.

Jeff: It is time to vote. Coach you are first.

*Coach votes*

*vote hidden*

Coach: You are a good person and sorry that you could not make it to the final 3.

*Snake votes*


Snake: You lose. Too bad so close but I bet you will enjoy the jury.

*Amy votes*

*Krystal votes*

*Vote hidden*

Krystal: Sorry but I had to cast this to save myself. Don't be angry with me please.

Jeff: I will count the votes. *Jeff gets the urn* Person voted out will leave the area immediately…first vote




1 vote Amy 1 vote Krystal 1 vote Coach

Seventeenth person voted out of Survivor


Coach: Damn, you got me.

Krystal: Sorry

Coach: It had to be done. I hold nothing against you.

*Coach goes up with his torch*

Jeff: Coach the tribe has spoken. *Jeff snuffs Coach's torch*

Coach: Good luck.

*Coach walks away*

Jeff: Congrats to the final three. I will see you tomorrow.

Reaper Tribe Day 39

Snake: Damn, Coach was an idiot. He should have voted for you.

Krystal: It was suppose to be you.

Snake: Oh well. I won immunity so you two are stuck with me.

Amy: I am going to burn the shelter.

Krystal: I will join you.

*Krystal and Amy sets the shelter on fire*

Snake: My box is in there!

Amy: So? You burned Krystal's bikini.

Snake: NO! My box! We had so many good times. Like when I was peaking at Krystal when she was bathing!

Krystal: What!

Snake: Nothing.

Snake's Confession: I am in the final 3 with 2 votes secured. I just need to get a couple more to win this game. I can taste victory.

Krystal: I hope the jury are not angry at us.

Amy: Some will ask some tough questions.

Snake: Nothing I can't handle.

Krystal's Confession: My strategy is to be honest with the jury. I had a hand in taking a few out. They deserve the truth. I have Mario's vote but no one else is 100% with me.

Amy: I am going to miss this place.

Krystal: Me too.

Snake: I won't.

Amy's Confession: Only they jury part of the game is left. I have no votes secured but I will fight to win and I will answer their questions to the best of my ability.

Final Tribal Council

Jeff: Welcome final three to the last Tribal Council. The jury of Jack, Mario, Charger, Grunt, Legion, Jacob, Bobby, Bowser, and Coach are waiting. You will give out your opening statements followed by the jury asking their questions and finally you will have closing statements. Snake you are up first.

Snake: Well you all know I had a hand in taking most of you out. But you have to respect the fact that I had a lot of strategy. My alliance was out numbered 5 to 3 and I managed to turn it into 3 vs. 3 until Amy's idol came in. I had the strategy of taking two goats but that did not work out. So I leave the choice up to you. Vote for the guy with the best strategy or two girls who could not keep an alliance intact.

Jeff: Amy, you are up.

Amy: I switched to a tribe where I was outnumbered four to one and I survived it. I made friends and did my best not to anger anybody. I was a swing vote for most of the game and I voted for who I thought I could trust the least. None of my votes were personal.

Jeff: Krystal, you are up.

Krystal: I first came into this game sticking up for Mario who was being picked on by Bowser and Snake. I wanted to make an alliance of people who I like. Despite losing two alliances I stayed alive and made some very risky moves including giving my idol to Amy early on in the merge to show that I am trustworthy. There are some of you I wished to save but couldn't.

Jeff: Ok, jury you are up to ask your questions. Jack you are first.

Jack: Ok, first of all I hate all three of you. Amy, you did not pick a *beep*ing side until later in the game You hung around with a for sale sign on you. You sold you *beep*ing vote for an idol and you never led you rode coattails the entire way. Krystal, you are a whore and a slut. You led the charge with two alliances that failed and the only reason your third alliance was successful was because of that *beep*ing idol. Snake, you are bastard keeping useless people that should have never made the merge with you.

Snake: It was…

Jack: I don't care about your *beep*ing strategy. Bobby and Bowser were useless and you kept them. *beep* you. Ok I am done.

Jeff: Ok, Mario you are up.

Mario: Ok, first question goes to Snake. Snake why did you treat me horribly?

Snake: First of all you did not want to stay with me. Secondly, you weren't that good of a tribe member. You followed Krystal around like you were her bitch. Thirdly, it's hard to treat you with respect if you believe that the idol I gave you was real.

Mario: Amy, why did you go with Snake when you voted me out?

Amy: He said that you had the idol and it gave you a little too much power. I never saw the idol until you pulled it out of your bag at Tribal Council.

Mario: Ok, congrats to you Amy and Krystal for making it to the final three.

Jeff: Charger, your turn.

Charger: Charger like two of you and Coach tell Charger to make his own choice. So I have three questions. Krystal can I pet your head?

Krystal: Ok.

*Charger pets Krystal's head*

Charger: So fluffy. Ok, Amy do you like Charger?

Amy: You are interesting and fun to hang around.

Charger: Snake, why you hate Charger?

Snake: I don't hate you.

Charger: Ok, that is all.

Jeff: Grunt, you are up.

Grunt: You all know that I am here for the challenges. Amy, I know that you did not win anything. What makes you worthy of my vote based on the challenges?

Amy: In the challenge in which I had a twisted ankle I kept fighting. I may not be the most physically fit here but I never gave up.

Grunt: Krystal you won one challenge. What made you worthy?

Krystal: In most of the challenges I was the top two or three for most of them. I barely lost and the challenge I did win I had a perfect score.

Grunt: Snake, what makes you worthy?

Snake: Simple I won the most.

Grunt: Yeah, but with you I also put into consideration the social game. Amy and Krystal got to know me. You never did.

Jeff: Legion your turn.

Legion: We will vote for who we think is the most strategic. Amy, what was your biggest strategic move?

Amy, my biggest move was using that idol to eliminate Bobby. That was the turning point in the game for me.

Legion: It came late and you could have used it earlier to save Jacob. Krystal, same question.

Krystal: My biggest move was getting Coach and Amy to split their votes to save myself.

Legion: Reasonable, we also noted many previous moves you have made. Snake, same question.

Snake: My biggest move was getting Mario to vote out his ally in exchange for a fake hidden immunity idol and then voting him out next.

Legion: That is all.

Jeff: Jacob.

Jacob: Well I am voting based on your social game. Amy, did you make an effort to get to know people?

Amy: I did, although I wished I put more effort into getting to know the Mass Effect alliance.

Jacob: You only really socialized with Grunt. Snake how about you?

Snake: I won a challenge based on getting to know you.

Jacob: But you only asked us questions we never had a real conversation. You stayed with your goats. Krystal?

Krystal: I made a huge effort in getting to know everyone. I know I wished I had more time to get to know Charger but I hung out with your alliance a lot.

Jacob: Yes you did. That is all.

Jeff: Ok, Bobby you are up.

Bobby: Hey all. Yeah Snake thanks for keeping me around. You were a cool dude and all. Krystal and Amy you never did anything for me when the merge hit.

Krystal: You made yourself a massive target.

Amy: I saved your ass twice and you repay me by turning your back on me.

Bobby: It's game. But Snake you are getting my vote. That is all.

Jeff: Bowser, your turn.

Bowser: Any one of you can get my vote actually. Snake did you value me at all or just as muscle.

Snake: I did use you but I also valued you as an ally. That's why I wanted to keep you around.

Bowser: You treated me as a goat and a number. Nothing more! I regret being in your alliance.

Snake: Whatever.

Bowser: I got all I need.

Jeff: Don't you want to ask Krystal or Amy?

Bowser: I now know who I will vote for.

Jeff: Ok, Coach finish us off.

Coach: Gladly. Ok, this is a strange question but what would be your three's strategy if the world was taken over by Zombies. Snake you start off.

Snake: I would probably stay and fight them off. If it gets too rough I'll hide in a cardboard box.

Coach: Hehe. Ok, Krystal your strategy?

Krystal: I would find a team of survivors and head up north where it is cold and zombies can not survive while getting supplies as we move.

Coach: Amy?

Amy: I would take my family and use our car to move away from the big city and find a good place to hold up.

Coach: That is all.

Jeff: Ok, closing statements now.

Snake: I have to say I am a little surprised at some of your opinions on me but I played the game like it was war. In war I had to rely on allies when they are gone I rely on myself. You have to do anything to win. That is what I did here. Rather you liked or hate what I did it worked in the end for me.

Amy: I was the swing vote and I did not pick a side because I would have been bottom of the totem pole if I choose a side. Being the swing vote took the target off of me and put it on another alliance member.

Krystal: Although I did lose two alliances I stayed loyal and I kept fighting no mater how grim the situation was. I turned a bad situation into my advantage. I got people onto my side from opposing alliances such as Coach and Amy.

Jeff: Ok, it is time to vote jury. Remember you are voting for someone that you want to win. Jack you are first.

*Jack votes*


Jack: *beep*ing best of the three. I hate you the least.

*Mario votes*


Mario: You treated me well since day 1 and I should have not taken Samus out. I am sorry so I hope my vote helps.

*Charger votes*

*Legion votes*


Legion: You were in game mode since day 1. You were the most strategic of the three.

*Grunt votes*

*Jacob votes*


Jacob: You did make a lot of effort in befriending us. Thank you.

*Bobby votes*


Bobby: Hope you win.

*Bowser votes*


Bowser: You never became a pawn to anyone. Even with Krystal. You were her equal so you get my vote.

*Coach votes*

Jeff: I will read the votes one last time. *Jeff gets the urn* First vote




1 vote Krystal, 1 vote Amy, 1 vote Snake




2 votes Amy, 2 votes Krystal 2 votes Snake



Winner of Video Game Survivor Amazon


Krystal: Yay!

Amy: Good job.

Snake: Damn!

Jeff: Krystal wins with five votes to Amy's and Snake's two votes. Her social game plus a better jury performance gave her the win.

Voted for Krystal: Jacob (Krystal had a better social game, Mario (Krystal's ally), Grunt (Thought Krystal was better at the challenges), Charger (Got to pet Krystal), Coach (Liked Krystal a little better than Amy and liked her jury answer more)

Voted for Snake: Bobby (Snake's ally), Legion (Thought Snake had a better strategy)

Voted for Amy: Jack (Hated Amy the least), Bowser (Liked Amy a bit more than Krystal and Snake)

Next Season of Survivor: 20 contestants face off in Zombie Island of Dr Ned from Borderlands game. They will live in the harshest environment with dangerous weather, ferocious beasts, and each other. One tribe will emerge as the toughest tribe ever. One tribe will be at each other's throats.

Notes on the Survivors

Bowser- Bowser was first in just to annoy Krystal and Mario but after he goes too far and gets beaten up he has a couple of redemption episodes.

Coach- Coach was a hit or miss guy in this series I did not know what I was going to do with him but ended up having a good relationship with Charger and Bill and ended up as a replacement swing vote after Amy choose a side.

Snake- He was never meant to win. I needed a villain for this season and he was perfect for it.

Amy- I wanted a woman to win this season and it was between Amy and Krystal, one was going to get first and one was going to get third although I changed a couple of votes around so one ties for second. In the end Amy's edit was too obvious so I had her not win.

Krystal- I wanted someone who had some chance but also was hard to predict if she would win or not. The main joke I had from her is me picking on the Krystal fans with all the Krystal art around. So she was a walking unwilling fanservice. I enjoyed writing for her character.