It was another regular day in the dessert.

And Wile E Coyote was just finishing his latest trap to catch the Road Runner.

It was a very simple one. A hole with a cloth over it to make it look like it was still a regular road.

Yet deep down Wile E knew that somehow the bird would just zip his way out of this trap.

"Why do I even bother still trying?" Wile E. thought

Just then he heard the sound of the Road Runner coming

"Meep, meep!" It said

"Oh well, I aready made it. Minus well go on with it," Wile E said depressed. Knowing somehow this would blow up in his face.

With that he hid behind a rock as the Road Runner neared

Then, as the birds feet hit the tarp...


Went the soud of the Road Runner as he fell in the hole.

Wile E counldn't believe it. After years of trying he finally did it. He caught the Road Runner.

Are favorite coyote then jumped in the hole and ate the bid in one bite.

Yet once he ad finished his meal he fet sick. And then...


He threw up the Road Runner. Wile then held up a sign to the Road Runner saying

"You taste terrible. I'm going to go eat Daffy Duck.

With that the Wilee E Coyote climbed out of the hole and went to find Daffy

The End