Hamish in wonderland

By:Jacob Edward Lee Hatter

Characters other than Hoomphs Ding and Dong I do not own

After Alice had not married Hamish he went for a walk and the hole was covered up with a sheet and Hamish fell down the rabbit hole. While Hamish fell down Alice was falling too. Hamish was surprised "Alice?" Hamish asked. Alice was surprised also "Hamish?" Alice yelled "What are you doing down here?" "I was about to ask you the same question and to answer your question I just fell down this wide disgustingly dirty dark hole !" he yelled. "Well this is the hole I fell in but... I .. forgot it...was..here"Alice said slowly."Alice I do not like this a because YOU ARE GOING THROUGH AN ALREADY BROKEN THROUGH PART AND I AM GOING THROUGH IT AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Hamish yelled.

Crash! " Are you all right Hamish?" Alice asked. "YES Alice I'm as peachy as peachy tea WHAT DO YOU THINK" Hamish yelled "What I was trying to be polite now drink half of this and then I will too" Alice said "What is it" Hamish asked "Phishire It ma-" Hamish interrupted her "I'm sorry what ?" "Phishire it makes you shrink and then we'll go through that little door but before we do we have to save a little phishire and we get a tiny cake and when were out of the door well eat a little of the cake and we'll share the rest of the phishire'' Alice planed. "Alice" Hamish said "How hard did you hit your head before" "Not very hard" Alice told him " Are you completely sure?" he asked "Yes" she said.

"OK if this goes wrong I'm holding you responsible"Hamish yelled. So they shrunk and they followed the plan and out side the door were two boys named Hoomph dong and Hoomph ding and Alice asked "What ever happened to Tweetle dum and Tweetle dee ?" "Oh They are both sick so they called us we are their aunts two boys I'm Hoomph dong and he is Hoomph ding" " Contrary wise I'm Hoomph ding and he's Hoomph dong" they said. " You are allot like them" Alice said. Next,they took them to the hatter Alice and Hamish stayed for a while and Alice talked to the ones at the tea party for a while.