"Well done...! Your mission has been completed. Your enhanced metabolism has shortened your life span."

"She's looking outside again."

"You...could you be...? Julia? Julia!"

"I guess she's waiting for someone."

"You don't seem to realize it..."

"She must really believe that someone will come for her."

"I've been looking for you...come home with me now!"

"Now, rest in peace... You should be content, having served me."

"She's lost her memories, her ability to speak, to laugh."

"...Julia? What's wrong?"

"Ha hah...! Enhanced, indeed."

"I'm not like you anymore...!"

"Your will to survive is strong!"

"I'm Cammy, an enhanced soldier like yourself..."

"Interesting...I will destroy you as a payment for your service."

"I've become my true self again!"

"and yet..."

"If I perish, you shall perish as well!"

"Everything is going to be okay..."

"hope remains."

"I'm the only one...who can activate the Psycho Drive now...and...only one can survive..."

"Nothing can take that away."

"...you will survive...and live..."

"Don't ever dream that you could live...as a human!"

"Voices. The voices in my head. From bygone memories. I lost everything I had and yet, now I have regained my senses and my ability to function. All in the name of revenge. Revenge against Bison and those Shadaloo bastards. Those fucking bastards raped my mind and violated my soul. Taken every single thing that was important to me and yet...it doesn't matter now. None of it. None of that Thunderfoot bullshit, none of that tribal crap and not even a life of normality. All that matters now is my will to live, my enhanced abilities, painting myself with Shadaloo's blood and destroying Bison."

"That's all that matters now."

"I don't give a fuck about anyone else."

"None of the other dolls."

"Not anyone who wants to assist me."

"Not even T. Hawk and the tribe."

"All that matters is me making Bison and Shadaloo's life a living hell."

"Hell on earth, misery and suffering in repayment for what I suffered and endured."

"Nothing else fucking matters."

"Just pure, savage, unbriddled revenge."


Mental Reactivation

Three years ago...

12:19 AM

Somewhere in Mexico...

"Its very nice that young man has been visiting the girl recently." the voice of an old lady speaks out. She is currently getting some Epazote ready to serve as she talks.

"Yeah." her husband replies. "but not even he was able to get through her. She just won't respond to anyone or anything."

He is currently reading a local news paper while awaiting for his cup of tea, only to react either mildly annoyed or outright disgusted with the reports found in it.

"Maybe there's someone out there that will make her respond, because it would be such a tragedy if she lives like that for the rest of her life." the old lady replies back.

She then hands a coffee mug full of tea to her husband. He replies with a simple "Thank you." in response.

The husband then asks his wife, "Aren't you going to give some to the girl?"

"Of course." she replies. She then grabs another mug of tea and walks into a bedroom.

Inside, the girl, who is dressed in a long while dress and has long, dark brown flowing hair, is sitting on her bed, only giving out a blank, mile stare.

The old lady walks to her and informs, "Here's some tea, darling."

The girl looks up at the old lady, keeping her blank expressing but calmly takes the mug to drink it.

"I hope you like it. The ingredients were passed down to me from generations of family and everyone that has drank it has had nothing but kind words to tell." the old lady continues.

The girl does not utter a word and keeps staring, not changing her expression a single bit.

"Well. I'll go check on you in an hour." the old lady adds and walks out of the room, leaving the girl alone in the room.

Outside of the house and into the dark, rainy woods, a worn out van is parked, containing four tough looking youths in gang paraphernalia. All have looks of pure malicious intent on their faces.

"Hey Graciano!" a gangbanger asks his superior. "Isn't this the place you said that hot mute chick lives in?"

"Correct, Juan." Graciano replies. "I so want to get into her cunt and fuck her all night."

"But what about the old farts?" a third gangbanger asks Graciano.

"Oh fuck 'em Ramiro." Graciano replies back. "We can just blow their fucking brains out and bukkake the mute slut."

"and if she refuses?" the fourth gangbanger asks Graciano.

"We'll fuck her against her will, Jaimenacho." Graciano informs his fellow gangbanger. "That's doesn't matter anyways since the slut doesn't say and do a damn thing."

"Okay boss." the other gangbangers unanimously agree.

Juan then asks, "So. Should we have the peyote now or after?"

"After we fuck the bitch." Graciano informs Juan.

"Did she take the tea?" the husband asks his wife.

"Yes." the wife replies. "She didn't respond, though."

"Well. I'm not sure if she could ever regain her former self at all." the husband replies back.

"I still have hope that she does." the wife responds.

The front door is then kicked down with the gangbangers emerging. They all slowly walk into the house, chuckling in a sadistic, vicious manner. While the old man stands up and grabs a nearby broom to fend himself off, his wife cowers in fear in a corner.

"What do you punks want?" the old man yells at the gangbangers.

"Thing is, grandpa." Graciano replies. "We just want that mute bitch that lives here."

"You boys can't have her." the old man replies back. "She's not here for your taking."

"Oh. Look what we got here." Graciano responds with a slight chuckle. "Some old fart wants to keep us away from our pussy. Boo hoo."

All the other gangbangers sarcastically laugh unanimously.

However, Graciano, being completely unintiminated by the old man, tells "Get the fuck out of my way." while pulling out his 9mm.

He then shoots the old man in the head, which causes a massive rupture to burst through the old man's head as the bullet flies. Brain matter, blood and skull fragments splatter on the wall and furniture as the lifeless corpse falls down hard.

The old woman sees her husband's corpse on the floor. She makes her best effort to get to him, despite her age.

As she cries by his side, Graciano walks up to her. He then says, "Sorry grandma, but the rules are rules."

He holds the gun up to her temple, then pulls the trigger.

The impact of the bullet causes a geyser of blood to burst out of the other side of her head. Her body slumps down as the bullet wound secretes blood like a fountain.

"Alright, buds." Graciano informs his fellow gangbangers as he puts his 9mm away. "Now to the main attraction."

The girl is sitting in her room, with the cup of tea on the floor. Her eternal blank stare continues to persist.

The gangbangers then rudely break into the room and spot the girl.

"Man. What a fine piece of ass!" Ramiro shouts out in perverted awe.

"My oh my. I think I just died and woke up in heaven." Jaimenacho adds. "Can I get a piece of her now?"

"No." Graciano replies. "First come first serve, Jaimenacho, and since i'm the leader, I get first dibs."

He then pulls out a switchblade and walks up to the girl.

"All right, you lovely mute cunt." He tells the girl. "I've been waiting to get into your bridge with my train."

He touches the girl and shoves her onto the bed. He takes a good look at her well toned, curvy body, as well as especially take note of her busty breasts. All he can do at the moment is salivate over her highly appealing body.

He lifts up the skirt portion of the dress and sees that she's wearing plain white panties.

"Mmmmm...that's one hell of a camel toe you got there." Graciano tells the girl. "Time for me to penetrate your defenses."

He then flicks the switchblade open to prepare to cut her dress off, but in a suddenly split second the girl's blank eyes suddenly shift towards the gangbanger and without hesitation, she grabs hold of the his left arm, pulling in down in a way that is impossible for any human to do.

"AHHHHGHHH. AWWGHHHHHAHHHH!" Graciano screams as the unbearable pain surges through his him.

With ease, the girl snaps his left arm, breaking it and even causing a broken bone to penetrate through the skin, causing blood to spurt through the wound in sickly fashion. She follows that up by kicking him away from her, causing him to fly right into the wall behind him, rendering him unconcious.

"What the fuck?" Ramiro blurts out in utter confusion over what he witnessed.

His fellow standing gangbangers are equally stunned by witnessing their leader getting his ass handed to him by a mute girl, of all people.

"The fuck we should do?" Juan asks his fellow standing comrades.

"Kill the bitch." an injured Graciano wheezes out as he lays against the wall on the floor.

The other three ganbanger nod in response as they then run straight at the girl. However, she completely dodges and blocks all of their attacks.

Juan runs up the girl and tries to punch her right in the face. However, she flat out dodges it and delivers a debilitating blow to the stomach. She then clocks out a blinding roundhouse kick that hits him at the back of his neck.

The force of impact was so hard and blunt, it has manage to completely paralyze him, sending him wobbling down to the ground.

Realizing that this means business, Jaimenacho grabs a wooden chair off the floor and charges at the girl. However, she ducks as he swings the chair, only for her to jump kick him upwards into the air, sending him crashing out of the house. He then lands hard on a tree outside that impales and kills him instantly.

Ramiro sees that he's standing behind the girl. He lunges at her in hopes to attack her, only for her to slip away, roll out of the way, then wheels herself up which causes to hit him.

Standing up, the girl ducks a few more punches Ramiro delivers, only to grab him, turn his body back forth then deliver a back suplex on him.

The impact was so hard and awkward, she had managed to break his back, paralyzing him as well.

Being the only one left standing, Graciano remembers that he still has his switchblade out. He then runs right at te girl, only for her to swipe the blade out of his hand. In a split second, she slits his throat, stabs him right in the chest then kicks him right at the penetrated knife, not only lodging it deeper into his body but sending him crashing through the wall.

With all the gangbangers defeated, the girl walks out of the room. She sees the corpses of the old couple near the wall.

However, that does not faze her a single bit.

Instead, her motivation right now is rather...more malicious.

"Bison. That bastard." the girl growls to herself.

She then starts to walk right out of the broken up house and into the cold, rainy night.

"Hey Rufus baby." a squeaky sounding girl asks the rather overweight driver of a motorcycle she's riding on.

"Yeah, Candy darling?" the driver, who replies with a boastful, concerned tone.

"I see a girl over there." Candy replies. "She looks all lonely out here, especially with all this rain and wet mud."

"Hmmm...should we...ummm...give her a ride?" Rufus asks Candy.

"Yeah." Candy replies. "I think she would appreciate it."

"Okay, baby." Rufus replies.

The motorcycle then pulls up the the girl, who's long flowing dark brown hair, white dress and body is entirely damp and wet from the rain. Her feet is rather dirty and covered in mud as well.

"Say missy." Rufus asks the girl. "Would you like a ride?"

The girl then slowly turns her head towards the duo on the motorcycle and coldly replies, "Get me to America."

"America?" Rufus asks the girl in response "That's where we're heading. We sure can do that for ya."

"Yeah". Candy replies. "Hop on. We don't bite!"

The girl then gets on the motorcyle. Rufus then starts it up again and drives away.

As Rufus is driving the motorcycle, Candy asks the girl, "So what'cha name, darling?"

The girl, at first, is hesitant to reply. However, she then simply mutters, "Juli. My name is Juli."

"Juli, eh?" Rufus replies. "So why you want to come to America?"

"Revenge. Pure. Simple. Revenge." Juli replies, retaining her cold, distant tone.

"Wow. Did someone blow you off...no wait." Rufus replies. "Aren't you a world fighter like me?"

Juli, not entirely sure about what Rufus said, replies, "I don't know. I fought a lot of people before, but I don't recall it for being any tournament."

"Strange." Rufus replies. "So you've fought others before but it wasn't for a tournament. What was it for then?"

"An organization." Juli replies. "An organization full of filthy bastards. Bastards who I want their blood spilt on me for what they did."

"Whoa whoa, Juli." Rufus replies back. "Ease on the anger there."

"Yeah." Candy adds. "Don't want to get too worked up over something that was in the past."

"Sorry, you two." Juli replies with a slight tone of regret in her voice. "I'm...i'm just in a really fucked up state of mind right now. I need to get to America and settle down there."

"Sure thing." Rufus replies. "That's why we picked you up in the first place."

Juli doesn't reply back, instead keeping quiet.

5:48 AM

The United States of America.

"Alright, Juli." Rufus replies. Here you are. The United States of America. "Just be glad i've lended you some cash, otherwise you would be out of luck."

Juli simply nods in response and replies, "Thanks. I got to go know."

"See you around." Rufus replies back.

"Same here, darling." Candy adds.

Rufus and Candy then drive off, leaving Juli alone.

After they drive off, Juli then readjusts her attention back to her goal.

"Shadaloo. That fucker Bison. I want their heads." Juli growls to herself. "They're gonna play dearly and if they don't like it, so be it."

"I don't give a shit about what they and he thinks. I just want to repay them for all the trauma they gave me. No exceptions." Juli adds.

She then walks away, trying to see how she can achieve her goal, despite her lack of resources.

All she wants is to get back at them.

All in the name of bloody, unadultrated revenge.

No exceptions. No regrets.