Title: Truth or Dare

Author: Bloody Neko Princess

Pairing: depends on the dare, so it can be yaoi, lesbian, or straight

Rating: depends on the dare so probably rated M for mature

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach trust me if I did Ulqui-kun, Grimm-kun, and a few other espadas wouldn't be dead, and that Orihime and Rukia would be dead.

Alice(me): ok so all I need are some reviews with some dares and ill put them in the next chapter they can be any kind of dares you want but make sure there funny.

Ichigo: I have a really bad feeling about this. *sits down on the couch*

Me: nee Ichigo why is that? *I stand in front of him and get eye level with him*

Ichigo:*blush* W-what I just don't t-trust what the reviewers might dare me to do. That's all. *looks away*

Hichigo:*chuckles* Ne ne king whys ya face so red?

Me: ya as I was saying it can be anything and it can be anyone. I at least need 3-5 reviews full of truths or dares.

Grimmjow: this is stupid.

Me:*throws catnip ball at him*

Grimmjow: *attacks catnip ball and starts to roll around with it*

Ulquiorra: Idiot.

Me: ok so please write some dares Bye Bye~