Undisclosed Desires

Disclaimer: Death Note does not belong to me… obviously… I am purely writing this fanfiction as a fan girl and watcher of Death Note, the anime. This is an L x Light Paring there will be Lemons, I have yet to decide where and when. Also written in a third perspective.

Chapter 1~

What Desires?

Light sighed as the chains clanked as he moved to type, L glancing over suspiciously at him as usual. Light shot him a glare of annoyance.

"God Damnit L, Can I at least take these off to type today." Light calls out in frustration. He would place his head into the keyboard glaring at the keys.

"Raito-kun, need I remind you that you are a suspect of being Kira, therefore I cannot take you out of my sight." L shrugged continuing to read the screen watching all of the cameras.

"Also that stupid nickname, can't you just call me Light for god's sake", Light was obviously pissed off and L could watch his patience slipping each moment they talked.

L shook his head, a small smirk gracing his usual non-emotional features across his alabaster skin, " Why don't you loosen up Ratio-kun? You need to relax and just continue with the research."

Light growled at him, quite hotly-tempered tonight, " Relax, how am I supposed to relax when you keep thinking I'm Kira! I'm not Kira, damnit!" He slammed his fist down on the desk glaring directly at L.

L ponders a second before speaking, " 68%..." At this point, Light was ready to strangle L. Though Light did deserve his treatment, he had been in handcuffs for about 3 months and still was complaining, you must think L tended to get annoyed with him.

Light literally pounced at L throwing him off his chair onto the floor. Light ended on top of him grabbing L by the throat, " If I wanted to I could kill you right now, but them you'd send that pretty little percentage of yours up to 100% wouldn't you?" Light glared at him before hearing the door open up and Misa walked in.

All that was heard was a cry out, " LIGHT!" Misa looked sheepishly as though she was about to faint from the sight of her Light-kun on top of another man holding him by the neck.

L smirked looking up, he let out a frail cough as Light let go of his neck to catch Misa before she had fainted, of course dragging L along the floor with him.

Light sighed holding the heavier fainted Misa in her hands, " L, might we take her home so she doesn't end up coming back anytime soon… She really is an annoying bitch." L nods as they quickly send Watari in and he instead takes her back.

L gave a small chuckle before picking up the chair that Light had knocked over while tackling him, " You really are careless, that just put my percentage up to a hefty 75%." Light shot him set another glare through those creamy looking brown bangs, " I swear to all that isn't Kira… I will personally make you regret those words."

L made a roll of his eyes and continued back to work. Light was fuming in annoyance. Finally, it was time to close up for the day. L and Light went up in the elevator to their room. Upon reaching the room, Light sighed as he heard the door click shut, " Will this be the night you don' stay up and watch me?" L made a barely audible chuckle, " I don't think so, I have insomnia as I've told you, plus you're funny when you sleep."

Light felt his cheeks warm up, only imagining what he could say in his sleep, after all his dreams aren't exactly PG, even so PG-13. L saw his reaction but brushed it off, he was teasing him in his usual non-emotional way. " What do you hear?"

L, of course, felt like being an ass, " Oh something along the lines of, ' L… L…. L.. I'm Kira… please fuck me.' " The expression on Light's face was priceless, jaw dropped and blushing crimson. If he were gay he'd definitely be the Uke, if L was involved. Light was flabbergasted, he couldn't believe whether or not he has actually said that, " I-I…-I didn't not s-say that!" Light managed to stammer out.

L chuckled at Light; he was undeniably cute when he was embarrassed. Light sighed defeated, " I'm just going to go to sleep now… " Light dragged them both down onto the bed since they were still handcuffed and faced away from L. The only problem with this was L's arm was practically wrapped around Light's waist. Light shivered at the feel, it was Alabaster on tan… it honestly looked pretty good. L sat and watched him; the chain was loose enough for it only to drag his arm onto him instead of L as well.

Light quickly fell to sleep murmuring a good night to the one is was currently furious with. L chuckled nodding to him tilting his head to watch the tanned beauty fall to sleep. It gave L a chance to look Light over without being so tense and rigid, he was more relaxed and calm.

"Light… Light… hey there Light-kun." were the words playing in Light's head he was dreaming. "Light-kun you love to scream my name don't you." Light examined his position in his dream he was beneath L, who was down at his chest teasingly sucking and nipping upon his nipples. " L… p-please don't stop. " L heard Light's pleads, but decided to ignore them. He continued to tease the tanned male trailing kisses down toward his waistline of the pajamas Light was wearing. "Ah… mmm… L… d-don't…"

By this point Light was actually talking in his sleep, as the dream continued, Light would whisper out, " L… L… please.." and those were the only words L would hear from the brunette. He glanced over Light's form noting the bulge in his pajama pants, letting out a chuckle. L figured for now he'd let Light sleep and moan and whimper out his name…

To Be Continued

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