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Undisclosed Desires:

Chapter 4 (The End)~!

Light awoke several hours later his hands now cuffed to the bed instead of L. His eyes shifted open looking up to his hands shouting out, "L WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!" A soft humming came from the kitchen of their apartment and the scent of strawberry cake floated into the room. Light struggled still attempting to escape his fate of being stuck in this apartment forever. L's footsteps were heard against the wood flooring as the scent of cake grew closer. Light sniffed the air almost entranced by the smell. L smirked, "Why didn't you tell me sooner you liked Strawberry cake? " Light tilted his head confused, "What… the hell are you talking about?" L snickered, "Last night when I fingered that tight virgin hole of yours, you screamed before you passed out. ' I love strawberry cake.' "Light sat there stunned, "Um… what? Well… this embarrassing. " L took out a fork from his pocket and got a large piece of cake of the fork shoveling it into his mouth. He spoke with his mouth open, "You want some?" Light nodded only to have his hips straddled by L grinning with pink frosting covering his upper lip. "You sure you want some?" Light nodded vigorously, "Give it to me please!" L smirked taking over meaning to his words whispering into Light's ear, "Oh, don't worry Raito-kun, I will." Setting the cake down L began to kiss along Light's body not missing an inch of him even kissing over his clothes.

A gasp slipped out of Light's mouth as L began nibbling, "L… s-stop… That's not what I meant." L got up to Light's face engaging him in a mind searing kiss pinning Light's hips down. Light attempted to squirm, but L was a little stronger and began sucking and nibbling on his lower lip weakening him. L spoke softly breaking the kiss, "You want cake or do you want me?" Light pouts obviously not sure what he wanted. L's kisses tasted of the strawberry cake he longed for, but L was also something he wanted. L made the decision for him grinding his hips into Light's. Light let out a girly scream of surprise and pleasure, making L smirk in success. L quickly removed his own shirt as things started to heat up. He also unbuttoned Light's shirt making sure the poor teen did not over heat. Light no longer struggled, but writhed in pleasure as L began to remove his clothes stripping Light down to his birthday suit. A shudder flew down Light's body as L's hand wrapped around his cock, "Mmm… somebody is hard already… tut, tut poor Raito-kun. " Light made a moan of delight as L got right to work sucking on Light's tip. L smirked sending his mouth further down on Light's cock. Light bucked his hips in delight, "Mmm, L… please… d-don't stop!" L as if right on cue, popped his mouth of positioning himself now up by Light's mouth, "Now it's your turn to suck…"

Light eagerly took L's cock in his mouth sucking hard and enthusiastically. L let out a throaty moan, "Mmm… Raito-kun is such a good Kira." Light continues sucking until L lets out a louder moan feeling himself getting closer. L removes his cock carefully from Light's mouth, "Here's some cake." L spoons cake into his mouth and Light makes a throaty moan. L whispered in his ear, "So it isn't just my cock that makes you moan. How sad."

Light notices L drifting down to grabbing a can of strawberry frosting, "Let's have some fun shall we?" Light whimpered as L took a large finger full of frosting and rubbed it along Light's entrance poking his finger in, "So tight Raito-kun and hot." Light moaned squirming, "Ah! L… Oh! Please… keep going." L fingers him more slamming further in messing with Light's hot spot, "Mmm.. L… please fuck me… Oh please!" L removes his finger getting a hand full of strawberry frosting rubbing it along his cock moaning at the feeling, "Ready Raito-kun?" Light nodded as L slowly went all the way in, "So tight… and hot Raito-kun… hnnng." Light moans out in pleasure squirming beneath L, "Yes…. Yes… please… don't stop L… more." After thirty minutes of hot and frosty sex, Light comes splurging cum between them and L cumming inside of Light. Light cries out, "Ah! L… your cum is so warm and sticky…" The camera pans away as the image of L and Light fade, a panting, pink frosted mess.

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