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Chapter 3

Misty had a dream that night. However, by the time she got outside of her bedroom, all she could remember was that it was very strange, and involved a bear trap and Morgan Freeman's eyebrows.

She walked over to the guest room where Ash was sleeping, and was going to walk in when she realized that Ash may be awake, so she should knock first.

However, just as she was about to, the door opened and Ash almost bumped into her.

"Oh, hi, Ash."

"'Morning, Mist."

"Mist?" Misty was unsure whether she should blush or slap Ash. She went with the blushing, because Ash may have not been in the right condition for a slap.

"Yeah. You know, like Misty, but without the 'y'." Ash didn't seem to be feeling sick at all.

"Um, yeah," Misty said. "I just-you-"

"Never called you that before?" Misty nodded.

"It's just a little nickname. That's all."

"You seem to be feeling good," Misty said, changing the subject.

"Oh, yeah, I feel great. Did I pass out? All I remember is drinking that milk and then waking up this morning."

"Yeah, you were out cold," Misty said. "You had me really worried. You're sure you're alright?"

"I don't feel any different. In fact, I feel a little better. More energized. I'm not sure why."

"Well, we'll wait until this afternoon and see if you still feel that way. It could just be a delayed effect."

"Yeah, maybe, but I don't think so," Ash said. Something seemed different about the way he was speaking, but Misty could not figure out what. "Should we get breakfast."

"Could you at least shower first?" Misty said, raising her eyebrows. "You smell like a pigsty."

"That is racist towards pigs."

"Ash, pigs are animals, I can't be racist towards them."

"That is racist towards animals."

"Just take a shower."

"Fine," Ash said, walking across the hall into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. Misty still could not tell what it was that was different about him. All of the sudden he seemed a little less mature. She wondered if his brain may have been damaged somehow. However, she dismissed this thought, saying to herself, "How could milk damage someone's brain?".

Ash came down from the shower, while Misty was halfway through her bowl of cereal. His hair was as messy as usual, if not messier, and Pikachu was sitting on his shoulder, smiling.

"Hey, Mist," Ash said, grinning. This immediately informed Misty that something was wrong. For this was not the boyish grin that she had been given by Ash Ketchum so many times. This was a different, wider grin that was somehow slightly irritating, like a little brother.

"Hi," Misty said, though she was not paying much attention to what was going on around her. She was processing many ideas in her head at one time, in an attempt to deduce what had happened to Ash.

After breakfast, Misty suggested that the two of them go battle in the forest, since they had not battled since before Ash left. Misty hoped that maybe the way Ash treated his pokémon would give her a clue of what was wrong.

It was early summer, and the weather that day was hot but not too humid. The sky was sunny, with various small clouds scattered here and there. Occasionally one of these clouds would float across the sun, creating a temporary shadow, but it would then pass, allowing the sun's light to shine down once again. The sun shone so brightly that even when in the forest, there did not seem to be much shade from it. It shone through the trees as if they were not there, creating a beautiful scene.

As Ash walked alongside Misty towards and through the woods, he seemed quite curious about his surroundings, as if he had not been here before. Misty began to wonder worriedly if Ash was losing his memory. If this were true, then he would eventually forget everything about his life, including her.

Ash and Misty found a clearing in the forest. It was a large patch of dirt that seemed to have been placed there randomly. There were several small patches of grass and flowers scattered around it, and it was the perfect spot for a pokémon battle.

"So," Misty said to Ash, the two of them standing on opposite sides of the dirt patch, "it's been a while."

"That it has," Ash said.

"I'm not going to pretend that you're not a good trainer, Ash, but so am I."

"I won't argue against that."

"…But I'm still going to win."

"That I can argue against."

"Ready to get beaten?"

"I hope you are."


"Why not?"

"Then let's start."

Misty pulled out a pokeball from her belt. She knew that Ash would probably save his pikachu for her strongest, so she would not have to worry about type advantages quite yet. Then again, she did not know what other pokémon Ash had. He could have a grass type. Still, Misty chose to send out…


"What!" Just as Misty had been about to send out Marill, Psyduck had emerged from its pokeball of its own will. It was clutching its head, as usual, its eyes crossed. "Psyduck, I didn't call you out!" Misty yelled angrily. Psyduck, however, did not seem to hear her, and instead began to look at a nearby flower contemplatively. Misty could see that Ash was attempting to contain his laughter, and unsuccessfully.

"Pikachu, show her what you've got!" Ash said. Pikachu hopped from his shoulder and took a battle stance on the ground, slight sparks issuing from its cheeks. Misty was taken aback by this unexpected choice. Ash almost always saved Pikachu for last. Why did he choose it first this time?

Psyduck now seemed to be attempting to tie its tongue in a knot with its hands. Misty groaned in frustration. "Psyduck!" She yelled. "I totally need you to not be retarded right now!"


"Pikachu!" Ash yelled. "Use thunderbolt!"

"Pika…CHUUUUU!" A huge bolt of electricity exited pikachu's body and hit Psyduck dead on. Psyduck seemed to be slightly confused by this.

"Psyduck, use water gun!"

Psyduck looked at Misty, then at Pikachu, then at Ash, then at its hand, and then-

"Psyduck, I said, use water gun!"

"Use volt tackle, Pikachu!"

Pikachu charged at Psyduck, its body charged with electricity, and hit it right in the stomach, cause it to fall over and faint.

Misty looked her pathetic Psyduck for a few seconds, then silently returned it to its Pokeball.

"What was that you were saying about kicking my ass?" Misty glared at Ash.

"This isn't over yet!" She yelled, removing another pokeball from her belt. "Quagsire, go!" She threw the pokeball to the ground, and Quagsire emerged.


"Pikachu, get back!" Pikachu returned to Ash's side, and Ash removed a pokeball from his belt.

"Smart choice," Ash said. "But I've got a better one." He threw the pokeball forward. "Torterra! I choose you!" Torterra emerged from the pokeball, taking a firm stance in front of Quagsire, who did not react.

"Iron tail, Quagsire!" Misty yelled.

"Torterra, use bite!"

Instead of being hit with Quagsire's oncoming iron tail, Torterra caught it in his mouth and bit down hard, causing Quagsire to yell out in pain.

"Quagsire, use water gun!"

"Quag...SIRE!" Quagsire turned its head towards Torterra and unleashed a stream of water from its mouth, causing Torterra to release its grip.

"Now use earthquake!" Misty said. Quagsire responded by pounding the ground with its fist. The Earth began to shake intensely, and then a huge column of dirt sprang up underneath Torterra, launching it into the air. Torterra landed with a loud "THUD!" and slowly returned to its feet, obviously damaged by the attack.

"Charge up for solarbeam, Torterra!" Ash yelled. Torterra opened its mouth, and a ball of light began to slowly build up inside of it.

"Stop it with surf, Quagsire!" Misty yelled. A huge wave came out of the ground beneath Quagsire, who rode the wave towards Grotle. However, just as the wave was about to come down…

"Now, Torterra!"

"Tor-TERRA!" A huge beam of light shot out from Grotle's mouth, hitting Quagsire right in the chest. Quagsire fell off of the wave, which then continued down until it hit Grotle, knocking it back.

The two pokémon returned to their feet, but not for long. They both fainted after two seconds, and their trainers returned them to their pokeballs.

"You were great, Quagsire," Misty said. "You deserve a rest."

"Awesome job out there, Torterra," Ash said. "Give yourself a good rest." Although Ash was still congratulation his pokémon, Misty noticed that he was using different words to do so. Still, she chose to ignore this fact until the battle was over.

"Not bad," Ash said, grinning. Again, this was not the boyish Ash Ketchum grin, but a different, one-sided grin with tilted eyebrows. "Not bad at all."

"I've still got my last one left," Misty said.

"And I've got two," Ash replied. Both trainers removed a pokeball from their belt.

"Are you ready for this?" Misty said.

"Ready as ever," Ash said, once again grinning his new, non-Ash grin.

"Starmie! I choose you!" Starmie emerged from Misty's pokeball. "Hya!"

"Staraptor, I choose you!" Ash yelled, throwing a pokeball, out of which Staraptor emerged.

"Starmie, use water gun!"

"Dodge it, Staraptor!"

Starmie fired a stream of water from its leg, which was easily dodged by Staraptor.

"Use aerial ace!" Ash yelled. Staraptor flew up in the air, then began to dive down towards Starmie, who was hit hard by the attack.

"Starmie, Psychic!" Misty yelled. Staraptor was surrounded by a strange glow, and all of the sudden began flying about, slamming into the ground and hitting surrounding trees. After a few more seconds of this, the mayhem ended, but with serious damage done to Staraptor.

"Use brave bird!" Ash yelled. Staraptor flew up high and dove down, surrounded by a blue glow. Despite Starmie's attempt to dodge this attack, Staraptor laid a direct hit, causing Starmie to faint. However, Staraptor also ended up fainting from recoil damage.

Both pokémon were returned to their pokeballs and congratulated for their efforts.

Ash and Misty looked at each other.

"Well, you put up a good fight," Ash said. "You may have even won if Psyduck hadn't come out at first."

"Yeah," Misty said, wondering why she had even kept Psyduck for so long.

"Well, that was a fun match," Ash said, sticking out his hand, which Misty shook. "You're a good trainer, Misty." Ash said this as if it were the first time he had battled Misty.

"You too," Misty said. There was a two-second silence, and then Misty finally spoke about what had been worrying her so much.

"Okay, Ash, what's going on?" She said.

"What do you mean?" Ash replied, a look of complexion on his face which was obviously fake.

"You're not the same. It's like you're experiencing all of this for the first time. Are you starting to lose your memory?"

"No, I remember everything," Ash said. "For example, you and I met when you fished me out of that lake. I don't seem to remember us being very good friends at the start."

"Yeah," Misty said, "but something is definitely wrong. I think you may have to see a doctor."

"Really?" Ash said. "You figured it out already?"

"Figured out what?" Misty said, confused by Ash's sudden change in tone.

"Well, I thought I really had you fooled there! I mean, in my opinion, I was doing a pretty good job of being Ash. I would have even had myself fooled!"

"Wait…what…" Misty was becoming very worried. She thought about what she had just heard, and then suddenly slammed this other Ash to the ground and pinned him down, putting her face inches from his.

"Who the hell are you and what have you done with Ash!" Misty yelled furiously. The other Ash looked startled by Misty's sudden actions, but this look of fear quickly left his face.

"Well, technically, I haven't actually done anything to Ash. He's still right here-" The other Ash tapped his head- "he just can't really do much."

"What are you talking about? Where's Ash?"

"I told you, Ash is right here! I've just taken over his body for a bit of time."

"What, so you're some sort of weird…possessing…freak!" Misty was getting seriously freaked out. She wanted the real Ash-her Ash-back right now.

"I believe the politically correct term is 'ghost'," The other Ash said, looking slightly offended. "Don't worry, you'll have your other Ash back in about week."

"I want him back now!" Misty screamed. She was both terrified and furious.

The other Ash seemed to think about something for a few seconds, then raised his eyebrows at Misty.

"How much would you be willing to sacrifice to get your buddy back?"

"Anything," Misty said desperately.


"Yes, anything," Misty repeated. "Just, please, get the hell out of his body!"

"Alright, you asked for it…"

Ash found himself standing the same patch of dirt from before. He knew what had happened, also. Kevin had been able to see Ash's mind, but Ash had also been able to see Kevin's. He knew what Kevin had done, and why and how he had done it. He remembered that he had been completely unable to control his own body or speech. Kevin had been controlling all of it.

Ash looked down and saw Misty lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious. He was just about to get down and look at her when she opened her eyes. She then slowly stood up, examining herself as she did, as if she did not recognize her new body.

"Uh oh," Ash said, staring at Misty, who looked up and him and grinned. It was the same, one-sided, slightly irritating grin that he remembered having on his own face earlier.

"Hey…" Misty began to feel around her own body, doing a very thorough inspection of her breasts and groin. She then looked back up at Ash and grinned once again.

"I'm a chick!"

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