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"You stupid, stupid girl!" Mr. Granger exclaimed as he slapped Hermione across the face. "I cannot wait until you go back to your damned magic school! All you do is create havoc in this house!" He then grabbed her by her shirt collar and shoved her across the room. Hermione stumbled to keep her balance.

"You foolish girl!" He slapped her across the face again, harder. Hermione's hand shot up to her cheek where her father had slapped her, strongly. She didn't even know what she had done wrong. Her father was recently exposing random eruptions of rage. She knew something was beginning to be wrong with him. Hermione couldn't wait until it was time to return to school, to get away from him. Get back to a home of peace, and free of abuse.

Mrs. Granger did nothing to protect Hermione, she was much too afraid of her husband now that he'd developed a raging anger problem. Mrs. Granger winced every time her husband struck Hermione, but she did nothing about it. She couldn't leave him; she was financially dependent on her husband. Hermione also noticed the numbers of patients in her father's dentistry clinic were declining. They too could not bear to be around the horrifying man.

"You outrageous girl, do you have any idea how it is to not be able to tell others where my daughter attends school? I can't possibly say she's at a magical school!" Her father mocked. "You are a shame to the family, Hermione! A shame!"

Mr. Granger then grabbed Hermione by her shoulder and shoved her against the wall. Hermione felt a piercing pain down her arm and she slid to the floor. Her father moved closer to her, cowering over her, he spit in her face and left the room as her mother watched on in fear.

"You're not my daughter," he sneered as he left her on the floor, pain throbbing in her arm. Hermione yearned for her return to Hogwarts to begin her sixth year; soon she wouldn't be able to physically endure the pain of this every day. A tear lined down Hermione's face as she recollected her joyful times at school, but even more than that… she missed her father, before he'd gone mad.

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