This was the second time this year that Huey Freeman found himself donning a bulletproof vest. But this time he couldn't give his little brother a hug and come near to confessing his attraction to him. The last time he hugged his little brother and said that he loved him, he expected to never come back. Now he was putting his Kevlar vest on again to get Riley Esco Freeman back.

Huey knew that Riley had been up to something lately. There seemed to be more of a method to his madness than the usual disorganization. Not to mention that his thug brother was being more secretive than usual.

A few minutes ago, Jazmine had come running to his door- crying slightly- about Riley being up to something involving Ed, Rummy, heavy artilery, and a car with no license plates and tinted windows. This wasn't normally an overly concerning event for the older Freeman brother, but if the three were actually showing a bit more caution, then they might be doing something slightly more dangerous. They seem to have a knack for finding trouble as well as causing it.

Huey sighed heavily. He examined his brother's messy side of the room, and racked his brain trying to remember where Riley kept his spare gun bullets. The upper right drawer of the tan bureau. The revolutionary's brain informed him.

He briskly crossed the room and pulled the drawer open with some difficulty. Inside were some notepads, pencils, erasers, and about 3 dozen loose bullets. Deciding he didn't have time to pick the bullets out one by one, he emptied the drawer onto Riley's already messy floor. The motion effectively covered any visible carpet. The falling bullets were snatched out of the air with ease before being loaded into two guns with the same practiced ease.

There was a knock on the door which had been closed to ensure that Grandad wouldn't interrupt him.

"One moment." Huey said loudly.

He quickly placed one gun at a holder at his side.

"Huey?" A high-pitched feminine voice called nervously from the other side of door.

"I told you to wait downstairs, Jazmine." Huey was slightly irritated about his hurried order being ignored, but wasn't entirely surprised. Even though he hadn't even been in his room for more than 3 minutes.

The one-man retrival team turned to the door again. He saw his black trenchcoat hanging from a hook on the back of it, and decided to wear that too. So that whoever he may or may not end up fighting wouldn't know that he is protected.

Bearing that thought, he picked his way across the room, trying to not be bested by various items strewn across the concealed carpet. Huey took his eyes off the floor for a second and was tripped by some sort of wire. He attempted to catch himself on a random chair off to his side, but he pulled on an article of clothing on the bottom of a pile of junk, sending an avalanche of stuff cascading down at him. Huey saw it coming, and rolled out of the way, effectively tangling his ankles in the wire that first tripped him.

As he started pulling himself loose of the cord, something caught his eye. In a drawing style he had come to recognize as Riley's there was a drawing in a now-opened sketchbook that was unmistakably Huey. It looked as if the amateur artist had really tried. It also looked as if the younger of the Freeman's didn't want to ask his older brother to hold still for him, as he felt the need to draw him while sleeping.

Before closer examination could ensue, the door flew open, and crashed against the wall.

"Huey, oh my god are you okay?" Jazmine asked with alarm, looking at the fierce pile of fallen junk then at Huey who was still tied up.

The oldest Freeman brother lashed his arm out to shut the sketchbook so fast that his concerned friend didn't notice. About then it struck Huey to be grateful that he remembered to put the safety on both guns before he tripped. Especially with one of the fully loaded guns pointed down at his leg.

"Yeah I'm fine I just tripped." He guestured to the wire holding his feet hostage. Then went back to work unraveling said wire.

"You're going after Riley, aren't you?" Jazmine's voice trembled slightly as she watched Huey free himself and stand up. He checked to be sure the safety was on the gun before placing it in an outside pocket.

"Yeah." Huey brushed past her to pull the door from the wall a bit.

"When you told me to stay in your livingroom, I was going to, but the T.V was on and Riley is at the bank and the bank is sending the news live videofeed." She said in a hurry.

"Which bank?" The revolutionary pulled his trenchcoat on, without looking at her.

"The one that Riley, Ed, and Rummy fake robbed last time. Except this time they're robbing it for real." The concern was becoming steadily more evident in her voice.

"Damn it Riley." Huey muttered more to himself than to Jazmine. But it was said more out of exasperation for his younger brother's stupidity than anything. He'd tried robbing that bank before, even it it was fake, and the feds weren't likely to just let him walk. Seeing as the footage was streaming to the news, even Ed's influence wouldn't save him.

"Okay I'm gonna get him. Stay in the livingroom and cover for me if I'm not back by the time Grandad gets home." Huey instructed Jazmine.

Grandad was out making an emergency run for orange juice, and was doing the rest of the grocery shopping while he was at it, so he could be back at any given time.

Before Jazmine could object, he went out the door, down the stairs, and paused when he saw the T.V in the livingroom. Riley was in the process of whacking Ed in the head with the butt of his gun, probably for some information that the brain-dead millionaire had let slip. Riley was the only one wearing any kind of ID protection, even if it was just face paint. That at least, the revolutionary was grateful for.

Jazmine was coming down the stairs. "Don't get caught Huey!"

The one-man retrival team didn't respond to her. It took about 5 years for Jazmine to figure out that she couldn't stop Huey or sway him when he was firm, or change his mind about anything having to do with his little brother, Riley. Jazmine had also realized quite recently, that Huey was so protective of Riley due to the revolutionary viewing his younger brother in a way that is taboo in most cultures. And Jazmine recognized a situation out of her control when she was confronted with it. Huey was also quite adept at recognizing those sorts of situations, however since it involved Riley, he would drag his little brother out of that bank if he had to. And his experience dictated that he would probably have to do so.

Huey went to the front door calmly enough, but when he shut the door behind him he ran at a dead sprint to the bank. A few people stopped to look on the streets at what the ever-indifferent Huey was doing running in his infamous black trenchcoat, but no one stopped him. He didn't pause his mini-marathon all the way to the bank.

In the brick building's parking lot, the first thing he noticed was the ring of police cars. All of them had their lights flashing, and none of them had a police officer in them. The second thing that Huey noticed was that all the police were preoccupied with forming armed rings around all the doors, with an officer speaking out of a bullhorn to demand for the hostages to be released.

Huey grew steadily more exasperated upon hearing that. Don't even tell me that Riley allowed this to turn into a hostage situation. Then it struck him that maybe his little brother didn't mean for this to become a hostage situation, and that is why he wasn't coming out. That meant that the revolutionary would have to find a way in there, and get his little brother out.

Dark brown eyes fully took the situation in. There were 2 entrances in sight. One main door, and one side door. Four armed police were kneeling with their guns out at each door, with a fifth continueing to shout orders. The doors were obviously locked, and no one dared to break through the glass of the main entrance. Roughly 6 more police were standing by with guns and walkie-talkies out. The aspect of every door being similarly guarded was looming.

All of this was taken in in about 5 seconds. A plan was formed in the head of the make-shift retrieval squad in less time.

Huey took the gun in his trenchcoat pocket out and took the safety off. Then once again breaking into a dead run, he charged at the ring of police officers guarding the side door. The one with the bullhorn turned to see him coming. Damn. He had to do this quickly or the other officers would have time to react.

The officer who noticed him began to shout something but was cut short when Huey jumped into the air and took him out with a kick to the side of his face. The cop toppled over onto one of the other officers. It was about then that the remaining officers noticed the revolutionary. One aimed to take a shot at him, but upon hitting the ground, Huey rolled a few feet, effictively making the officer unable to correctly aim. The cop shot at him regardless and accidentally hit his comrade who was still struggling to get the first officer off of him. Huey didn't have time to see where it hit, and used the opportunity from his place squatting on the ground to punch the kneeling poor-shot in the face with his free hand. It instantly knocked him out. Huey then stood and spun around to face the last police officer, who was holding a gun to his face. The revolutionary noticed quickly that the officer was opening his mouth to yell.

"Wait!" Huey said.

The word was meant to distract the last officer long enough to turn the gun in his hand so it faced backwards, and angled upwards slightly at the lock on the door. But the last remaining police officer was joined by three others, the fourth being knocked out. Now there were three loaded and carefully aimed guns pointing at his face.

Huey pulled the trigger on his gun which was aimed up at the lock, then he instantly ducked. The bullet rebounded off of the deadlock and hit the officer who first pinned the revolutionary to the door with his gun. It wouldn't be deadly enough to kill him, but he might be out for a day or two. This distracted the remaining officers long enough for Huey to ram his shoulder into the door and break it open.

He shut the door from the inside relocking it with the lock on the handle. Then with the butt of his gun, he smashed the deadbolt into a position where it rebolted the door and not even a key would open it. Huey ran through the dark room that he had broken into then down 3 hallways trying to find the lobby. Eventually, he found what he was looking for. But he paused before entering.

Huey remembered that live videofeed was broadcasting to the news. He swept the ceiling and walls quickly for video cameras, and spotted 7. Four were fixed at various locations, and the last three were trailing each of the 3 robbers. There was one blindspot in a remote corner way on the other side of the room. Huey aimed his gun at the one trained on Riley.

The shot flew true and went straight through the camera, blowing the lens and head from the wires. Riley, Ed, and Rummy turned in alarm from counting how much money they got, probably thinking the feds broke in somehow. The younger Freeman noticed his older brother first and was probably about to yell his name when Huey launched himself at his little brother from his position across the room. Even without a running headstart, he smashed full-force into Riley. He tucked his head in after knocking the young thug over on the off-chance that another camera was taping them. Recalling the blindspot, he started rolling towards the corner, trying to keep Riley's face hidden also within the folds of his coat. He knew it wouldn't do much good to hide his little brother's face now, but he could've smuged Riley's face paint during his assault.

The act of rolling was becoming difficult by Riley trying to push him away.

"You smutherin' me, nigga!" Riley said, his voice muffled.

So Huey relinquished his grip slightly and pushed Riley roughly across the floor, landing him in the blindspot. Then the revolutionary did a quick succession of sommersaults to get next to Riley.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Huey demanded and faced his little brother, Riley was now caught between Huey and a wall. He was right, the paint did smudge.

"Uh Huey, the cameras..." Riley trailed off, pointing to all the cameras that weren't on Ed and Rummy.

Huey quickly squished closer to his brother and pulled off his trenchcoat to throw it over himself and Riley.

"I think I'm robbin' dis bank. What's it look like I'm doin'?"

"Riley, you are a moron." Huey stated. "You are getting out of here even if I have to drag you out."

The revolutionary's words went unheard since his brother was examing his Kevlar vest.

"You is goin' overboard nigga."

"There are at least a dozen cops out there, probably more now that I took out five."

"Whoa you serious?" Riley grinned with pride.

"This isn't a joke Riley, they're streaming live to the news." Huey was getting irritated now, and his last words were heated.

"Oh." The grin slid off his face. "Then whadda we gonna do?"

"You are going to put my vest and coat on then make a show of running across the floor, to distract the cameras. Do you still have your gun?"

"Naw nigga, I dropped it when ya cannonballed inta me."

Huey rolled his eyes and handed the gun in his hand over then gave him the gun that was in the holder at his side.

"What I need two fo'?"

"You gotta take our as many cameras on your way out as you can. After you get across find a back way out, there's police around every door, so be prepared. I'll try to distract them though."

Huey started sliding the vest off him, and after awhile was aided by Riley. It was difficult trying to stay covered while getting a bulletproof vest off. Before pulling the vest on Riley said:

"Hea' I'll give you my shirt, it'll be harder ta get dis mutha fuckin' vest on wit it anyway." Then the younger Freeman proceeded to pull his baggy shirt off. Under normal circumstances Huey would admire the toned muscle on his brother's chest, but this wasn't the time.

The two brothers swapped.

"Riley wait, you can't pull it off with your cornrows. puff your hair out, it won't be as big as mine, but you will definitely have a small afro. And you have to get that paint off your face."

"Wait wha' abou' Ed an' Rummy?"

"I'll make sure they get out."

Riley nodded his understanding, and even though he didn't seem thrilled, he started fighting with his hair. Huey sighed, this was taking too long. He pulled a corner of his trenchcoat- a corner facing the wall- over to his little brother so he could wipe his face off. He could feel the heat of his brother's skin even through the thick black cloth. Huey almost regretted using the coat to wipe the paint off instead of his bare hand.

Eventually Riley could pass himself off as Huey if he was running fast enough. So Huey quietly counted down from five. When he got down to one, Huey kicked off from the wall that was to Riley's back, sliding out from under the blanket, as Riley wasted no time in throwing the trenchcoat on and firing a few shots off at the ceiling, to ensure that the cameras would be drawn to him.

When all the cameras were on him, the young thug charged forward and started shooting the cameras out.

Ed and Rummy looked on in obvious confusion, before realizing the real Huey was in the corner.

Once Riley was out of the room, and the videofeed was disabled, Huey ran to grab the gun that Riley dropped. He checked the safety, off, he rolled his eyes.

"Ed, Rummy, I'm gonna shatter the front door with this gun. I'd suggest leaving the money so the police have no reason to pursue you. When I shoot the glass, it will stun the cops and you run. Since you took the plates off your car and tinted the windows, use the car to get away. Riley is gonna be with me, he's fine."

Ed and Rummy nodded stupidly.

Then Huey turned to the alleged hostages, and said: "You're all fine. And unharmed so don't go telling the cops otherwise." The rich white snobs nodded stupidly also.

"Good." Huey said to the room at large.

From where he stood he put four shots in each of the glass doors, then found himself running once again, into a ring of police. But this time the police were stunned. He got out the doors before Ed and Rummy, then proceeded to run around the building in hopes of finding Riley. But he remembered his promise, and halted to sneak a glance from around the corner of the bank. Huey caught the two pathetic excuses for criminals bolting through the line of police into their car and speeding off. Then he continued his search for Riley.

His younger brother had better hope that the cops found him before Huey did. The police were bound by the law to not seriously injure anyone. Huey wasn't.

This isn't the end! Comments make me type faster and I swear there will be yaoi later on. I just needed Huey to get mad at Riley and I wanted to demonstrate Huey's epicness. XD