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Pairing: Cissnei x Genesis

Warning: Angst. Slightly AU.

Summary: They aren't heroes. He didn't have to invincible because she was surely no saint. Yet they found a place, somewhere a little closer to the truth, and called it home.


She was no princess from a far away land. She was nothing extremely special at all. She had been an orphan; her family was something that was a mystery to even her. She lived seven years of her life in an orphanage, watching the normal children be adopted into happy families. She wished for that, she wished to be released from this prison. She wished that she could have been normal at least for once in her life, always being different meant that she would never be adopted — at least, that was the case in her seven year old mind. However, that all changed within two months, when someone took notice to the strange and unique young girl.

A man with blond hair and blue eyes showed up, the girl remembered him being extremely chubby and overweight. Another man came with him, an older man that went by the name Verdot. She would always remember how fancy clothed they were in their navy suits, while she was in ratty sweats that were too large for her small form. She remembered the chubby man shooing the other man away, then the chubby man would ask her what her name was.

When she answered with the truth, he frowned at her and told her that her name would change soon, that she should never tell anyone what her name was. She remembered staring at him in wonder as he introduced himself as President Shinra, and that he would be adopting her in a sense. She was unsure whether to be happy or surprised; she chose to be happy, since that seemed to be what this chubby man wanted from her. What this man wanted, he would get, she owed him that much.

She was adopted, but the President was right, it was only in a sense. She was taken from the orphanage, from that prison, and became the youngest Turk in History. She was raised in Shinra, taking to the ways of the company and her duties quickly. She was quite taken with the Shuriken weapon given to her by Verdot, who became her Father Figure and Leader. What she had thought was strange about herself, the reason she spent seven years in an orphanage, was smiled upon by these new people. They seemed to find her most useful, pleasant — she was happy for once in her life.

While other seven years old were playing and learning in public schools, the cinnamon haired girl was beginning her training. She began to handle different weapons, beginning to find out exactly what the chubby man had planned for her. She was given a uniform, a navy suit, which had been too big for her at the time. Nevertheless, she could careless about the size, or about her new duties, she had a family now. She belonged somewhere now, and that was all that truthfully mattered to her.

Her real name was forgotten and replaced by a code name; Shuriken is what the others chose to call her. She did not mind one bit, she was able to leave the past in the past without her real name. However, it was Verdot who decided that it was not right for a young girl to only have a codename, and it was decided that she would be called Cissnei as well. She had welcomed the nickname beautifully, finding that it seemed to fit her in some odd way.

Her friends and family called her Cissnei, while her coworkers called her Shuriken. It was her way of separating her personal life from her work life. Only three people were to know her real name and Verdot wasn't even one of those people, and he was her boss. As time would move on, the more she forgot about the past and the more she became a young woman that she would soon be known for. So many new faces in her life that she began to forget all those in the past; she did not mind, the past would become the past faster that way.

Time would pass, weeks turn into years. Cissnei had made herself a comfortable home within Shinra, a family within the Turks. Her family had her back, and she had theirs. No matter how dangerous the situation, Cissnei would always return after handling it with extreme care. She went from a strange little orphan to a strong willed young woman, walls built around herself still for her strength. Yet a single look from the clearest blue eyes she had ever seen, sent her to a world that she did not understand. A single name could send an odd shiver down her spine; she could not hide the way her eyes lit up.

He was not exactly a prince, but he was someone of importance — at least in his eyes. The son of the mayor of a village, living in a large home. He was highly educated for someone from the village, holding an odd intelligence that could make a Shinra scientist hang their head in shame. Even at a young age, he was a polite and well-mannered man — never acting extremely spoiled, despite his status. His mark very first mark to fame, of being such a good boy, was when he befriended a poor boy by the name of Angeal Hewley. His parents were impressed by their son, but never completely loving.

He longed for the love that his parents never completely gave him, always trying so hard to impress them, to earn their acceptance and love. He had worked so hard but nothing he did could completely earn such things, which lead to dreams that he was told would never happen. He began to wander into a world that only the young Genesis knew of; dreams of Sephiroth, of being a hero, of things that might not happen but did not stop him. This is when he found a thick leather book; LOVELESS was what it was called.

LOVELESS began an obsession, something that he could hold onto. When everything around him seemed so fleeting, so unloving, this story would be there to catch him if he were to fall too far. His parents, if they had noticed, would have found it pathetic. Their only son clinging onto some story for support, to find his way along the path of life. His parents never worried, never seemed to care, about what their son was doing. Still his only true friend, Angeal Hewley, offered support. As did Angeal's mother, Gillian. Both stood with Genesis, Angeal even offering to come with on journeys.

These journeys would lead them far from their home, to a large metal city called Midgar. It would lead the two boys to a company named Shinra, where they would offer their services. The Mayor's Son planned to become a hero, to be like his Hero Sephiroth. Angeal had come to support his friend, to be there if he was needed, to keep the son of the mayor out of trouble. Neither of them noticed the looks they were given, why they rose so fast in ranks among the SOLDIER unit. Alternatively, maybe Angeal did, but hadn't said anything — or maybe he did say something, but his best friend was just too busy. Too busy follow his hero's footsteps.

He knew the moment his blue eyes locked with those green ones that it was Sephiroth. When the silver had asked his name, the young man quickly answered with his rank. Sephiroth repeated his question, asking for his name. The young man corrected himself. Genesis Rhapsodos. Genesis Rhapsodos quickly rose in ranks, Sephiroth noticed, and oddly enough, the three had become friends quickly. They had the same dreams, the same ideals in a sense. Yet anyone could see that Genesis was jealous of his new friend, a blind man could see it.

Genesis hated how people gawked at Sephiroth over him. Genesis wanted to be the hero, but Sephiroth was in the spotlight much more. Genesis had fan clubs like most of First Class SOLDIER members, but Sephiroth's were bigger. No matter how hard he trained, Sephiroth was still better then he was. Genesis did not have the same respect that Sephiroth did. Genesis could never achieve the acceptance and the love that Sephiroth had. It was similar to the feeling he got at home, yet this time it had been more painful.

His hopes and dreams were fading as the blue of the sky into red at sunset. Genesis could feel himself losing his faith in himself as time went on. He began to feel angry, to feel hurt. He felt alone in the world, that no one could ever accept or care for him. His family didn't, those he fought for didn't. Those he fought with were getting the spotlight that he deserved, with everything that he did. He tried so hard to impress, much as he did back in his village, but everything that he did failed. Genesis found this information far more painful then his time with his parents, he felt himself becoming bitter.

As time went on, the more bitter and alone the SOLDIER felt. The more bitter he became, the more pressure he would put on himself. The more pressure he put on him, the more angry and unstable he became around Sephiroth. It had been one of those moments when his angered gaze almost softened, catching the sight of a rather petite and beautiful auburn haired Turk. Though his anger was quickly flared again, the young female offered his group (Angeal, Sephiroth, and Himself) a smile — eyes lingering on Sephiroth, then stepping around their group and coming down the hall. Why did Sephiroth get everything?

Author's Note: This can be considered a prologue or maybe even just a teaser chapter. This is going to be a full blown story. I always wanted to write something about Genesis Rhapsodos, and I really do love Cissnei's character. I hadn't noticed that people actually liked this pairing until I posted the one shot. This series is the result of the feedback on the one shot. Yes, I know that the summary isn't really a summary. I did this because I don't want to give away much of the fiction, because I want it to keep you on your toes. Remember Reviews make Kittens Purr. (: