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Pairing: Cissnei x Genesis

Warning: Angst. Slightly OOC behavior and AU setting.

Summary: They aren't heroes. He didn't have to invincible because she was surely no saint. Yet they found a place, somewhere a little closer to the truth, and called it home.



She stepped into the office with grace that only a Turk could possess and advanced to the desk equally as elegantly. Frowning, she ignored the surprised stares of the SOLDIER pair that was lingering in the office and made her way the desk that had been placed in the middle of the room. She remembered them from a few days before; the one with the extraordinarily blue eyes and his dark haired companion. She only paused when she was a short distant away from it, her expression blanking out as she met gazes with the young and —- dare she say — charming Director of SOLDIER.

"Oh, Shuriken," he spoke up, forging confusing. "You're a bit early."

"My sincere apologies. Reno didn't tell me there was a time to complete this request," she commented dryly, crossing her arms with an annoyed expression. No matter how charming he appeared, he could be irritating at times like this. She also didn't enjoy being pulled from her training with Katana to play messenger girl to high ranked executive either. However, the amused appearance of the two SOLDIER members nearly made her mood lighten.

"No worries," the man added before turning in his chair to her, eying her curiously. "Now, I have spoke to the president about this, so there's no need to run off to discuss it with him."

"Discuss what?" Her eyes narrowed and lips formed a thin line across her face. She didn't like the sounds of this already and suddenly wished that Sephiroth was here to frighten the man into ceasing his dancing around the subject of his demand. She also wished that the red headed idiot had not been so vague, having just told her that her presence was requested by the SOLDIER Director.

"Well, I was going to send these two on a mission to clean up an infestation on the outskirts of Midgar, but they're not that interesting in going. So I had the thought that maybe you would go along with them, make sure they perform what they are told," he replied, glancing towards the pair of mentioned SOLDIERs. He turned back to his desk and leaned over, pressing a button on the computer system, bringing up a file on the large screen. "There are creatures lurking and attacking—"

The Turk had tuned out the ramble for a moment, catching the sight of the astonishingly blue eyed SOLDIER sway. She kept an eye on him out of the corner of her eye, taking in his mannerisms for a moment. He swayed and winced, even closed his eyes and shook his head. He appeared more pallid than he had the day they'd met briefly, almost as if he was ill. The more she observed him, the more it all made sense. She frowned before turning her attention back to the man that was still speaking.

"It seems exciting so I don't have a clue why they won't go—"

"He has a hangover."

"Excuse me," Lazard questioned, puzzled by the girl's words.

"The one in the red has a hangover," she repeated, still frowning. She knew what a hangover looked like, after having worked with Reno for such a long time. She didn't have to even look at the SOLDIER to know he was glaring at her. She could feel the heated look on her but she ignored it and kept her gaze on the director, who knitted his brows in both confusion and displeasure. She continued, "he's not well because of it, so he doesn't feel up to leaving, sir. I'm sure you would have noticed."

"Are you certain?"

"Yes," she spoke nonchalantly. "I know a hangover when I see one."

"I am not hung-over," the warrior nearly growled, nearly startling the two that had been discussing the issue. He stared at the girl, instead of keeping his attention on both, as his anger boiled over. "I'm fine. This mission is just a waste of time for First Class SOLDIER members. He should hand it over to the pathetic little Turks, or at least, whatever Third Class would be willing to waste their time."

"Genesis," the dark haired male snapped, earning a glare from his companion.

"Shuriken," Lazard spoke up slowly.

"Yes," she asked, while flickering her gaze from man to man and than focusing on the director. She could almost spot the embarrassment and frustration in his blue eyes, and she felt terrible for the man that she had previously been annoyed with. There was no secret that he was young, compared to the other executives and hadn't been working with his members for that long. It had to be stressful for him, especially with the attitude of his First Class members, more specifically Genesis.

"Would you please excuse us for a moment? I'll call you back in whenever we finish with a short meeting."

"I will be just outside, sir."


Genesis had nearly straggled the girl by the time she turned and exited the room. He watched her with a scowl, willing a fiery death upon her for what she'd said. Yes, he did have a few drinks the night before but he certainly wasn't hungover! He was fine! He just didn't want to take this pathetic mission because of its status; he was a First Class SOLDIER, he fought for this spot, and he would not lower himself to perform what a Third Class should be doing. They had to be out of their mind to believe he would do such a thing.

"Genesis Rhapsodos," the director spoke, interrupting the SOLDIER's inner rant. "Do you have a hangover?"

"Of course not," he snarled. "I'm fine. Now I suggest you—"


"Yes, Sir," the other First murmured, trying to ignore his friend's glare from being interrupted.

"You and Genesis are close, yes?"

"I do not see how this is significant to the situation," Genesis muttered.

"I was not speaking to you," Lazard retorted, glaring before he calmed and turned his attention to the dark haired man. "Angeal…?"

"Yes, Genesis and I are friends," was the response. "Why do you ask?"

"So you would know what he does on his time off."

"Yes, Sir, but I have always believed Genesis is old enough to take care of himself," Angeal replied slowly, narrowing his eyes. "So I don't always follow him around. He doesn't need—"

"I had two shots last night with Angeal, Sir," interrupted Genesis with more bite than he'd planned. "If you believe that I'm too ill or wasted to work than please excuse me and I will return to my quarters."

"I never said that," the director challenged. "However… I do believe the regulations state that coming here under the influence or—"

"I know what the regulations state, Sir," he spat, glaring darkly at his superior.


"Then you know what I must do," Lazard interrupted Angeal. "A warning would have been given if you wouldn't have behaved like this, so I must follow the instructions for such circumstances."

Genesis frowned. "So you're demoting me, or taking me off of duty?"

"That's hardly fair," Angeal added, looking desperate. The crimson SOLDIER knew why. His friend knew what would happen if his title or even responsibilities were to be taken away from him. The dark haired man added, "There has to be another way."

"There is an alternate means," he replied slowly and raised from his seat. Genesis narrowed his eyes but said nothing as the Director reached over, pressing a button on the keyboard. "You will complete the mentioned mission in order for your misconducts to be ignored. If you still refuse, I will be forced to demote you to Second Class."

"Excuse me?" There was no way that he, First Class SOLDIER Genesis Rhapsodos, was going on this mission. It would be a waste of his time! Right now, he could slaughter the executive slow and painfully. Nothing would make him happier, but such an act would cause more trouble so he kept it to himself. There was a twitch of his eye and his head began to pound like it had earlier that morning. Great.

"You heard me."

"Hn." Actually this idea wasn't so bad. He could pretend to complete it; not like the rumors were true, because there was no logical reason for creatures to lurking outside of the city. It would be easy to write up a report and just relax for the remainder of the day. Although he had wanted to train on this day, but he could stand to relax for once. Perhaps he could receive a partner and train for the day, but that could be—

"There is one more thing."

"What's that," Genesis growled, feeling his anger return tenfold.

"To guarantee that you will complete the mission… I'm sending someone with you," the director smirked.

Genesis kept his gaze on the Director and felt dread filling his very being. He certainly didn't like the grin that his ever scheming superior wore at this moment in time. He could see out the corner of his eye that his companion, Angeal, didn't seem in the slightest surprised by this new. However, he could see the ghost of concern on his expression, which didn't settle the SOLDIER member's nerves at all. This wasn't going to end well, he knew, but he couldn't deny the mission. He didn't fight this hard for his position to lose it.

Author's Note: Just a short chapter to get back into the swing of things. You probably know where the next chapter is going, but be prepared for anything. I already have it nearly complete on paper and I have to say, I'm quite proud of it. As of the next update, things are going to get exciting and some well deserved romance begins to spark between our two stars.

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