Wow. No idea where this little story came from!

Oh well. Hope you like it!


All that pain in a single moment.

She was gone.

He was on the run.

He could not give her a decent burial without endangering his family.

His family.

Two brown-haired, big-eyed children.

Two children he had left behind.

It had been for their safety, of course, but it still hurt.

Now he was alone.

Alone with his memories.


All that joy in a single moment.

His daughter's face.

Her brother by her side.

He wanted to hug her, apologize for abandoning her.

Explain that it had been for her safety.

He couldn't.

Not without exposing himself.


She knew.

She knew it was him.

All covers blown, but it was worth it.

Until he felt her disappointment.

She was disappointed in her father.

In his decisions,

In his lifestyle,

In him.

He had endured all kinds of agony.

Her disappointment was the most painful of all.

All that pain in a single moment.