"Lily, will you go out with me?"

James Potter held his breath, still half-expecting her to decline in an unfriendly manner or hex him, as she had done for the past six years. Instead, she smiled at him.

"Yes, James. I'd love to go out with you."

James stared at her in shock for a moment before saying, "Really?"

Lily laughed. "Really. You've grown up a lot this year, James."

"I—thanks. So...I'll meet you on Saturday in the common room at noon? We can go to Hogsmeade together."

"That sounds great. I'll see you then." Lily smiled at a dazed James and turned away, towards the Great Hall. As soon as she was gone, James did the first thing that came naturally to him. He pinched himself...hard.

"Ouch!" He muttered. "Bloody hell that hurt. I'm not dreaming then. So that means...she actually agreed!" A large, goofy grin appeared on his face. "She said yes! SHE SAID YES!" James yelled as he bounded down the corridor doing leaps of joy every so often. "She finally agreed!" He said to a terrified first year. The boy smiled uncertainly and ran off in the opposite direction.

James just smiled and kept skipping down the hall, the grin never even twitching. He entered the common room and skipped over to where his friends were sitting.

"What's with you?" Remus asked casually, barely looking up from his Transfiguration essay while Sirius looked at him in worry.

"Are you okay, Prongs?" he asked.

"Excellent, superb, wonderful, fantastic, exceptional, outstanding, peachy, exquisite—"

"Did you eat a thesaurus?" Peter interrupted.

James laughed a loud, bellowing laugh, causing several people all around the common room to look up at him curiously. "Of course, not Petey boy. I'm just in a great mood. Look at the moon out there," he pointed out the window. "Magical, isn't it, that that one big white thing in the sky can be seen everywhere in the whole world. Wizards can see it, muggles can see it, centaurs can see it, and if there's aliens in space, they can probably see it...it's just beautiful."

"Should we take him to Madam Pomfrey?" Remus looked up from his essay in slight alarm.

"No need!" James cried. "I'm just very happy! Guess what happened today!"


"Lily said yes!"

"Hey!" Sirius cried, "You didn't let me guess!"

"You're missing the point here, Pads; Lily Evans agreed to go out with me!" Suddenly Sirius slapped James across the face. "Ouch! What the hell was that for?"

"To wake you up. I mean, you're obviously sleeping or in a delusion or something, because Lily Evans hates your guts. She would never in a million years go out with you."

"That's what I thought! But apparently not. We're going out on Saturday."

"Congratulations," Peter finally said after a moment of unusual silence.

"Thanks, Peter." James said, "I'm glad somebody knows the proper response to that kind of news." He looked pointedly at Sirius who was pouting as he placed several gold galleons into a smirking Remus' outstretched hand. "You bet on us?" he asked in disbelief.

"You bet on me all the time," said Remus, "Remember the time I went out with Leah McLaggen?"

Sirius laughed. "Oh yeah! I remember that! James, you still owe me another galleon from that. I told you that she would dump him first!"

"I still should have won that, I mean, he was going to break up with her a week before she did, but he didn't have the guts."

"Okay!" Remus interrupted, red in the face. "So, James, Lily, eh?"

"Yep!" James said enthusiastically. "I asked her out and she said—and I quote: 'Yes, James, I'd love to go out with you'! She said yes!"

James was still in slight shock. She said yes.

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