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"Hey," Gretchen greeted her mother as Mrs. Berg's eyes opened slowly.

She blinked a couple times, clearing the blurriness from her eyes. "Gretchen?" her voice came out rasped. She cleared her throat then tried again. "Gretchen? Are you alright?"

The brunette laughed softly. "I should be asking you that."

"She's fine, Gretch. I told you, I healed her."

Gretchen turned to her girlfriend. "Yeah, using the very last of your energy. Now it'll take you twice as long to heal."

Calipsa shrugged. "I haven't been injured this long for a long time. Its interesting." she smiled happily at Gretchen.

"Gretchen? Who...?" Mrs. Berg asked her daughter.

Gretchen turned back to her mom. "Oh. Mom, I want you to meet Calipsa Rose," she stood up, grabbing Calipsa's hand. "My girlfriend."

Her mother squinted. "What? She's... she's a kid."

"I assure you, I am not a child. I stopped ageing when I was young, though."

Gretchen chuckled. "Cal is Special."

Mrs. Berg nodded slowly. "Oh." she looked between the two. "Well, I'm sorry that you still insist on being involved with people that could put your life in danger, but I'm your mother. I wouldn't be a very good one if I wanted you to be in danger."

Gretchen looked towards Calipsa and smiled. "I know."

Calipsa turned away from Gretchen to look at her mother. "Gretchen is safe with me. I won't let anyone hurt her." she turned back to Gretchen. "I'd rather die."

Mrs. Berg had no clue why the two girls found that funny.


"I wonder..." Claire trailed off.

Gabriel looked down at the woman laying on his chest. "You wonder...?" he repeated.

"I wonder what would have happened if Cal had never come to my door?" she asked, rolling off him and sitting up to look at him.

"I don't like to think about what ifs." he smiled. "Although, in our world-" he cut himself off. "I guess its everyone's world now, actually, but with Hiro, we can change the past, so what ifs aren't so useless."

"You didn't answer. What do you think would have happened?"

Gabriel paused for a long moment. "I think... the time since she showed up wouldn't of been so hectic. I also think none of us would be so happy." he looked at the blonde. "You are happy, right?"

Claire smiled at him, then leaned towards him to catch his lips with hers. "Very."


Rebecca sat with Mrs. Berg, watching their children.

"She looks very happy," Mrs. Berg commented.

For a moment Rebecca thought she meant Claire, until she realized she would be watching her own child. She turned to watch Gretchen and Calipsa.

"They both do." she told her.

Mrs. Berg turned to her. "Do you think-" she stopped talking.

"Do I think...?"

"Do you think Calipsa is a good match for my daughter?"

Rebecca paused, thinking about it. "I haven't known Gretchen for that long, but I do know that since she began a relationship with Calipsa, she seems... stronger. Happier. And Calipsa seems to be more human. I know they love each other very much." she smiled reassuringly. "I also know that Calipsa would go to the ends of the earth to assure your daughter was happy."

Mrs. Berg sighed. "I think that's the best any mother could want for her child."

"Its all I want for mine."


"I guess I'll be saying goodbye soon."

Peter turned towards the Irish woman. "What do you mean?"

"I can only assume that I should be going back to Ireland, now." Caitlin told him.

Peter looked at her, confused. "Why? I thought you said you didn't have a life back there, anymore?"

She smiled softly. "I don't know that I have much of a life here anymore." she told him. "Peter, the only reason I have to stay here is you, honestly. And I don't think I have that anymore."

"What? Why?"

"You have Emma, Peter. She's a lovely girl. And I need to move on with my life. I'm not the type to sit around waiting for a relationship to break up, and I'm not going to actively try to break it up. So, I'm going back to Ireland."

Peter stared for a moment. "Don't go." he told her.


"No, listen. Emma- she doesn't want to talk to me. I don't blame her. I'm the reason she was kidnapped by an immortal sociopath, and well we were dating, I never told her anything about my past. I realize now that I didn't because I didn't want her to know. I didn't want her to know because I was afraid of what she would think of me. I didn't want her to know everything about me.

"But you- I know that you wont be afraid of me, won't hate me, if I tell you about the time I took Sylar's power and killed my brother and attacked my mother. Or how I almost blew up New York. See, I'm watching your face, and this isn't scaring you. I can tell you things that I never wanted to tell Emma.

"So, don't go back to Ireland. Because I've missed you. And I love you. I want to go back to what we had- what I hope we still have. Minus the memory loss."

Caitlin watched him for a moment. "I would like that, Peter."

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"So what happens now?" Claire asked Gabriel, Peter, Caitlin, Gretchen and Calipsa.

"Well... I imagine things carry on as usual." Calipsa said.

"So... crisis every few days, save the world every second week, every month or so someone we thought we could trust switches to the other side?" Claire clarified.

"Sounds about right." Gabriel agreed.

"Fun." Gretchen added.

"My only real enemy is dead- really dead. So dead I couldn't heal from it. I think we'll all be a bit safer." Calipsa told them.

"And life continues on," Claire commented.

The End.

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