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As the Hogwarts Express pulled out of the station, parents started to disband, most of them apparating out of the station, though a number made for the entrance that would become a pillar between the muggles' platforms nine and ten.

Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw Draco Malfoy enter the men's lavatory at King's Cross, though he kept his eyes on Ginny. Ginny's eyes were brimming with tears.

"I can't believe they're gone." Ginny whimpered, the tears spilling over, sliding down her cheeks. "My boys are all grown up. They're never coming home."

"Oh come now," Harry said, his eyes shifted to the lavatory door. "They'll be back for Christmas before you know it, tearing the house apart and making a right mess for you."

"It won't be the same." Ginny started to wrap her arms around Harry and he held her for a moment, letting her cry.

"Ginny, I'm sorry, I've got to get to work." Harry calmly stated. He looked at her and held her gaze. "I'll be home tonight and we'll have a nice quiet dinner, just the three of us," he said, his eyes taking in Lily.

Ginny nodded and turned around, finding a tearful Hermione to share her overwhelming emotions. Harry watched them for a moment and then tore towards the bathroom door. He stepped inside to face a small wall containing four urinals.

Draco stood at the far right, and an elderly gentleman was washing up at the sink. Draco caught Harry's eye over his shoulder, but said nothing.

Harry stepped up to the urinal nearest to the left wall and unzipped his trousers.

The elderly man took several moments to dry his wrinkly hands with paper towels before finally making his way towards the door. Just as the man was pulling open the door, Ron stepped in.

Ron scanned the wall and chose the urinal closest to Harry; he stepped up and undid his trousers.

"Hey Harry, wondered where you went off to." Ron smiled and Harry shrugged. "Left me with two crying women, good thing I had the foresight to bring a portkey. Sent the women to the Burrow, thought mum might help them out."

"I suppose you're right." Harry responded. Ron's eyes wandered before landing on Draco.

"Blimey," Ron leaned in, whispering in Harry's ear, "Malfoy's got a big one. You should sneak a peek."

Harry didn't think that his immediate response would go over well with Ron. That he had, in fact, already seen Malfoy's enormous cock, and had been enjoying having it shoved up his arse every week for the better part of the last fifteen years, but before he gave his best friend a heart attack, Draco responded for him.

"If you wanted a look, all you had to do was ask." Draco smirked at the now blushing Ron, and the entirely too calm Harry.

"I-uh…right," Ron retorted lamely. "See you at the office Harry." Ron quickly zipped up his pants, muttering a cleaning charm as he nearly ran out the door.

Harry threw a locking charm and silencing spells at the door as it closed behind the redhead, and before Harry had turned back to face Draco, the tall blond was on him, and Harry was slammed against the wall. Their mouths fused together, tongues already dancing in a heated, velvety battle.

"I thought he'd never leave," Draco panted as his hand slipped down to grip Harry's growing erection.

"I can't believe he looked at your cock," Harry moaned, his breath hitching.

"Shame he doesn't know where it's been." Draco smiled, raising one aristocratic eyebrow. "Or where it's going to be in a few minutes."

Harry could only moan in response as Draco sunk to his knees on the tile floor. Harry caught Draco's eyes; the grey nearly blotted out by his dilated pupils, and in a flash, Draco's mouth had wrapped itself around Harry's cock and was swallowing him whole.

Harry threw his head back against the stone wall and a moaning wail escaped his thoroughly ravaged lips. Harry's hips instinctively jerked forward, as Draco moaned around the throbbing cock in his mouth.

The blond ran his tongue along the veined underside and sucked hard. Harry's hands found purchase in Draco's silvery locks, his green eyes hidden behind squeezed shut eyelids.

Draco removed his mouth from Harry's crotch just long enough to pull Harry's trousers down around his knees. Harry's protesting moan died in his throat as Draco swallowed his cock once more, Draco's free hand moved to fondle the other man's balls.

Aristocratic fingers danced from groping Harry's balls to sliding up Harry's crack, the long middle finger finding its way into Harry's pulsating hole. Harry cried out as the finger worked itself deeper, brushing against his prostate.

A second finger soon joined the first, pumping in and out. Harry's knees shook with the effort of keeping himself standing as he simultaneously fucked himself on Draco's fingers, while his cock slid in and out of the blond man's mouth.

"D-Draco," Harry breathily whined. "Ungh," he moaned, "Oh god Draco I'm gonna—" But before Harry had finished his sentence, he suddenly felt cool air on his hard cock and the pumping fingers left Harry's arse. "What the fuck was th—"

The rest of Harry's sentence was muffled by Draco's mouth closing over his. Harry tasted his own salty precome on Draco's tongue. Draco pressed the brunette hard against the wall, their bodies flush against each other and Harry gasped into Draco's mouth as their erections rubbed together.

Draco ground his hips hard against Harry's, wrenching sobbing moans from both of the men. Harry's hand slid down his lover's body, until Draco's enormous, dripping erection lay in Harry's firm grasp.

He gave the cock an experimental tug and Draco's head fell to Harry's shoulder.

The ragged panting of Draco's hot breath over stimulated Harry's sensitive neck. He lapped at Harry's neck, licking and sucking mixed with his shortened breaths and Harry found himself matching Draco's actions, tightening his grip around Draco's weeping cock.

"Stop." The single word falling from Draco's mouth stunned Harry and his hand immediately fell away. Green eyes fell, but Draco tipped back the man's head, capturing his lips in a soft lingering kiss. "If you kept going like that I wouldn't have been able to contain myself and I want to make good on my earlier words."

Harry couldn't help the smile that overcame him and he launched himself at the taller man, Draco quickly responded, slamming the smaller man back against the wall. Rhythmically, Draco ground his erection into Harry's, both men reduced to throaty moans cut off by sloppy kisses.

"Turn around." Draco's second words were less surprising to Harry and he quickly obeyed, nearly tripping as his trousers slid ever lower. "Put your hands against the wall," Draco commanded and Harry obeyed wordlessly. "Spread your legs as far as you can." Draco continued, his voice dangerously calm and husky.

Harry made every effort to spread his legs as far as he could and went so far as to arch his back so his arse stuck out even farther than normal.

One of Draco's long-fingered hands slid across Harry's protruding arse and Draco stared at the man in front of him. Involuntarily, it seemed, his pink pointed tongue dragged itself across his lips as Harry, heavy lidded and panting for breath gazed imploringly at Draco over his shoulder.

"My god you look good like this." Draco's voice was low and dark, but Harry was growing impatient.

"Come on Draco, fuck me already!" Harry practically shouted, or would have if his voice weren't quite so hoarse. Draco gave Harry's arse a squeeze and pulled out a tube of lubricant from his coat pocket.

Draco took his time as he slathered a dollop on his fingers and lowered them to Harry's hole. One by one, three of Draco's fingers slipped into Harry, each earning a more desperate moan from the spectacled man.

As Harry's breath was reduced to a sobbing pant, Draco knew it was time. Harry watched over his shoulder as Draco lathered his now purpled cock with lube, and his eyes slid shut as Draco pushed the head of his cock into Harry's body.

Draco slid in inch by inch, pumping his hips a little bit with each one until he was buried to the hilt in Harry's arse. Draco let out a soft, rumbling moan as he pulled out almost to the tip and slammed back in. Harry groaned loudly, his fingers gripping at the stone beneath his hands.

Draco withdrew his cock again, slamming back to the hilt. Harry's back arched impossibly far and he wailed as Draco's cock hit his prostate. Draco thrust experimentally, his cock rubbing back and forth against Harry's prostate. Harry's moans drowned out the sound of skin slapping against skin and Draco's thrusts grew faster.

Twice Harry tried to lower one of his hands to grip his weeping erection, and twice he had to put his hand back against the wall for fear of falling over. An issue that was only intensified when Draco grabbed Harry's hips, slamming into him harder and harder with each thrust.

Draco's thrusts grew more violent and erratic and Harry soon found his front side pressed flush against the cold stone. The stone rubbed pleasurably on the brink of painful against his rigid member and Draco thrust into him faster and faster.

Harry threw his head over his shoulder, using an arm to pull Draco's sweaty face to his. Their kiss was heated; all teeth and tongues and soon Draco's thrusts were forced to slow if only to keep their mouths together.

Draco slowly pulled himself out of Harry, his hard cock bobbing, slick with lubricant, and Harry let out a throaty moan, relating his displeasure. Draco whirled Harry around to face him completely, shoving the man's back against the wall, resuming their kiss.

Draco withdrew his wand and wordlessly used a spell to remove Harry's trousers completely, his deed done; the wand fell with a clatter to the tile floor. The blond pulled one of Harry's legs around his waist and quickly slid his cock back into Harry's wanting body.

The two men continued to kiss feverishly as Draco fucked Harry harder and faster against the wall. Draco's hand finally dropped down to Harry's cock and tugged on his stiff member harshly, eliciting a sharp moan from Harry's mouth.

Harry ripped open the top part of Draco's shirt and quickly kissed down from Draco's mouth to his protruding collarbone. Draco moaned and fucked Harry harder still, his wrist twisting around Harry's cock in a most delicious manner.

Draco sped up his hand around Harry's cock and for a moment Harry thought his heart had stopped, but it pounded on and Harry's lips ventured back to meet Draco's own. This kiss was sloppy, wet, and short as Draco lowered his head to Harry's flushed neck. He licked at the sensitive skin while tightening his grip on Harry's cock.

The brunette was getting close and Draco knew it. Draco nipped at an especially sensitive part of Harry's neck and sealed his lips around the area, sucking hard. The mixture of pleasure from Draco's pumping fist around his cock, Draco's own cock burying itself deep inside him, and the sharp, tingling pain from Draco's mouth sucking at his neck was too much and Harry fell over the edge.

His orgasm ripped from him, semen spurting all over both of the men, a scream of pleasure ripping itself from his throat, and it was Harry's arse, pulsating around Draco's cock that sent him rocketing over the edge with Harry.

Draco thrust in and out of Harry a few more times as his orgasm ebbed away, until the two men were left panting, Draco leaning against Harry, both men using the wall as their only support.

They kissed languidly, taking their time, enjoying themselves slowly before finally breaking apart.

Still shaking, Draco attempted to smooth down his blond hair as Harry pulled his trousers back on. Neither man said anything as they tidied themselves up, but they caught each other in stolen kisses and lingering touches as they worked.

When Harry considered himself ready to face the world again, he turned back to the blond man. Draco caught him by surprise as he lifted Harry's face and kissed him possessively, sweetly, hotly.

Harry let Draco press him against the wall a final time. Draco continued to kiss the brunette for several minutes, neither daring to break the moment.

Draco's hand slid back down the side of Harry's face, lingering on the other man's chin, before pulling back.

"I'll see you next week?" Draco asked, his voice still breathy and low.

"Of course," said Harry, and he would. Harry would see Draco every week until he died. Though if he could have it his way, they would see each other every day, but the other man had made no mention of wishing to expand their meetings beyond their weekly slot in the fifteen years they had been doing this, and Harry wouldn't be the one to ask.

Harry squashed the mirthless laugh that threatened to burst forth as he considered what Draco's reaction would be if Harry told him that he would give up everything to be with the man. Draco would likely laugh in his face and refuse to see Harry again. No, Harry didn't want that, and although all he wanted to do was turn back into Draco's arms, he walked out the door, not trusting himself to look back.

As Harry slipped out of the bathroom door, Draco watched the other man go. His heart thudded hard against his chest and he fought the urge to run after Harry and beg to see him tomorrow. No, Draco thought, if Harry wanted anything more from the blond, he would have asked by now. And so, instead of going after the man he loved, he disapparated with a pop and went back to resume his life.

One time a week the men would meet, their mouths slipping together in a hungry embrace, neither willing to admit to the other that it wasn't enough. Yes, once a week would have to do.