In the months that had passed since Harry and Draco left their sons on Platform 9 ¾, Albus Severus and Scorpius had become friends, despite being separated by opposing houses. So it was at due to the boys' fervent begging that the Malfoy family and the Potter family agreed to meet up during their Christmas holidays.

Which is how Harry found himself standing on the doorstep to Malfoy Manor, his youngest son in tow. Harry rapped on the ominous doors.

"Scorpius told me they have a Quidditch pitch on the grounds! Do you think we can play?" Albus Severus nearly toppled over in excitement with his question. Harry steadied the young boy.

"I think it may be a bit chilly out to be playing Quidditch, but it might be possible," Harry responded, recognizing the passionate glint in his son's eyes.

The door swung open and Harry half-expected Draco to be behind it, but quickly remembered that Draco was far too refined to answer his own door. Instead, the pair were greeted by an equally excited Scorpius Malfoy who was dismissing the house elf originally intended to open the vast door.

"Alby!" Scorpius shouted, dragging the boy inside.

"Scorpius!" And without so much as a backward glance the two boys ran off down one of the many halls leading out of the entrance hall of the manor. Harry took a wary step inside.

"You can come in you know," the deep, snotty voice sounded from his left and Harry jumped at the words. He would know that voice anywhere, and as Harry took a final step into the manor, Draco appeared where the voice had originated. The door closed shut behind him. "I won't bite, though I've heard you like that."

Harry blushed, "Draco, I—," but whatever Harry was going to say was drowned out as Draco pounced, kissing the other man. Harry quickly drew back. "Draco, the boys—anyone could see us."

"Astoria's in France—boys are playing, so we should play too," Draco stated, hungry eyes staring Harry down.

"All right, but can we go somewhere a little more private?" Harry didn't want their sons to stumble on them having sex. Harry thought that it might raise a few questions. Draco grunted and grabbed Harry's arm roughly and pulled him down a hall and into a study.

High, dark shelves were filled with countless books, and a large mahogany desk sat in the middle of the room. For a moment Harry thought that Hermione would have loved to see this room, but was quickly brought back to the present when Draco threw himself into a spacious high-backed chair and pulled Harry down on top of him.

Harry kneeled on either side of Draco's thighs and pressed his body hard against Draco's, as Draco pulled him into another kiss—their tongues battling fiercely for domination. Draco's hands quickly slipped from Harry's shoulders and stripped off Harry's many layers. Harry followed suit, pulling off Draco's shirt, but the pair had to break their hungry kissing so Harry could take off his sweater and the shirt underneath.

Their bare chests came together as their mouths were fused once more. Harry's hands traveled through Draco's hair and over his arms and chest while Draco's hands slid over Harry's back and down to his ass.

Quickly, the men found themselves dry humping each other and Harry made a move to get up and relieve himself of his trousers, but Draco pulled out his wand and whispered a spell that divested both men of the rest of their clothes.

Harry threw himself back into Draco's arms, pressing the blond against the chair as he continued his attack on the man's mouth. Draco's arm slipped between them and took hold of both their erections in his right hand. Harry's hand joined Draco's and they pumped both cocks together.

Harry's moans quickly turned to short, breathy whines, his mouth kissing whatever of Draco's skin it could find. Despite himself a thin layer of sweat formed on Draco's pale skin and his head dropped to Harry's shoulder where he nipped at the sensitive skin.

"I need you—now," Harry whined desperately.

Quick as a flash, Draco picked him up, Harry instinctively wrapping his legs around Draco. Draco swiped the contents of the desk off the top and slammed Harry on top of it. Draco kissed Harry fiercely for a moment before his kisses moved southward.

"Top right drawer," Draco barked hoarsely at Harry. Harry reached over and pulled the drawer open, understanding immediately what Draco meant. He pulled out a rather used looking bottle of lotion and slid it to the other side of the desk, towards Draco. "Thank you," Draco said, his voice softer, but darker.

Draco bathed his fingers in the lotion and began preparing Harry. While doing so, Draco kissed, and bit, and sucked at the skin around Harry's bobbing erection, not once touching it and as Draco continued to pump his fingers in and out of the writhing man Harry begged for more.

And Draco obliged him. Draco placed soft kisses on Harry's weeping cock as he worked his way from base to tip. His lips wrapped around the tip and lapped hungrily at the head. Sucking down, Draco pumped his mouth from root to tip in time with his hands.

Harry attempted to thrust into Draco's mouth, his head lolling back, and found that after a minute all he could do was grip Draco's thick, blond hair and moan incoherently.

Draco could feel Harry's testicles tightening up and knew that Harry was close—he pulled back, but before Harry really knew what was going on, Draco had plunged half his cock into Harry's gaping hole.

A low, guttural moan escaped Harry's throat and Draco sucked hard on Harry's throat as he thrust his erection further and further into Harry.

The two men were lost in each other. Mouths met skin, moans exchanged in the breathy silence broken by skin slapping against skin. Harry's nails grazed over Draco's back, leaving angry red trails and Draco thrust harder and deeper, his pace picking up.

Harry's orgasm surprised Draco. Harry nearly screamed as he came, ropes of semen flung itself over the two men, coating their stomachs. Draco, however, didn't lose pace as Harry's insides squeezed around his cock, and kept fucking Harry ever harder.

In the boneless aftermath of his orgasm, Harry let him continue, but a hoarse, whispered plea soon passed his lips. "Stop."

Draco stopped so suddenly, that his erection paused as it brushed Harry's prostate. An agonized moan of pleasure escaped Harry's lips.

"What's wrong? Am I hurting you?" Draco's worried look nearly made Harry laugh.

"No, it's not that, just—go sit in the chair behind your desk. There's something I've always wanted to do." Hardly had Harry finished his sentence than Draco had pulled himself out of Harry and scrambled to follow the man's orders.

Harry swiveled around on his ass to face where Draco sat. Draco's cock stood at full attention, Harry's own rapidly catching up. However Harry's eyes were on Draco's drinking in the metallic gray as he slid ever closer to the blond man.

Draco's hands slid up and down Harry's thighs. Harry sat at the edge of Draco's desk, his feet perched on either side of Draco's naked thighs. Harry pulled Draco's wheeled chair forward with his feet until Harry was able to just bend down and pull the man into a languid kiss. Draco's hands circled around Harry's back, drawing the man closer.

Harry slipped down into Draco's lap and Draco made to put his erection back into Harry, but Harry pushed the man's hand away. "Not what I want to do," Harry said, Draco met the man with a quizzical expression.

Harry slithered down Draco's body, a path of hot kisses left on Draco's body in his wake. Harry slid down to the floor, and backed into the space under Draco's desk. He grinned deviously up at Draco as he pulled the man's chair forward until Draco's stomach rested firmly against the edge of his desk and the blond couldn't see anything that Harry was doing.

Harry took a moment to run his fingers up and down Draco's thighs and Draco was completely surprised when something hot and wet engulfed his cock and began bobbing up and down on it.

Draco was just losing himself to the sensation of Harry's mouth gripped around his cock, when it was removed. Draco made to move his chair back, but Harry held it in place and pulled Draco to the edge of his chair.

Harry's mouth slipped around Draco's aching balls, sucking them lightly. Harry's hand replace where his mouth had bee on Draco's cock as his tongue continued its journey south.

Draco jumped in shock as Harry's tongue circled Draco's entrance. Harry had never touched him there before. No one had.

Harry's tongue lapped at Draco's tight entrance and soon Harry's tongue was pushing its way into the puckered hole. Draco groaned, falling boneless at Harry's ministrations. Harry's hand continued to pump Draco's cock as his tongue ventured further into Draco.

At once Harry had to let go of Draco's cock, but used both his hands to spread Draco's ass cheeks and plunged his tongue ever further into Draco's now pulsating hole. Above him, Draco moaned deeply, scratching at the desk in his search for something to hold onto.

Within a few minutes Draco's rasping moans begged Harry for more. "Ungh…more…in me…need you…please…Harry…ungh," Draco moaned. Harry didn't hesitate. Pulling his tongue out of Draco, he pushed back the man's chair.

Harry crawled out of the space under the desk and Draco fixed him with a hungrier, dirtier, hornier look than Harry had ever seen on the other man's face. Harry pulled the man out of the chair, switching places, before pulling Draco down into his lap.

Draco complied happily and reached backward for the lotion as Harry pulled him into a fierce kiss. Harry grabbed the lotion from Draco's hand and squirted it all over his aching cock.

Harry guided the tip of his erection into Draco's hole for the very first time and watched Draco's face as it contorted back and forth between pain and pleasure. After the head of his cock was in, he moved his hands to Draco's hips, allowing the blond to set the pace for Harry's entrance into his body.

Draco's body broke out into another thin layer of sweat, his head rolling back as he gripped Harry's shoulders and used small thrusts up and down on Harry's cock to drive it ever farther into his body.

Harry placed fevered kisses on Draco's collarbone as Draco pushed himself farther onto his cock. Both men let out a low moan as Draco reached the base of Harry's cock.

Harry pulled Draco into a deep kiss and the two rested, entwined in each other's arms, Harry buried to the hilt in Draco, for a moment before Draco started to move.

Draco's motions began slow and soft, building tempo and deepness as he reached closer to orgasm. Harry thrust his hand between them, gripping Draco's erection and pumping it in time with Draco's motions.

The men slipped over the edge, together, it seemed—one orgasm causing the other, though neither knew which. In the aftermath Draco rested, panting, in Harry's arms as Harry's cock softened and slid out of his well-used body.

"That's what I've been afraid of all these years?" Draco laughed lightly. Harry smiled.

"So, you liked it then?" Harry asked.

"Liked it? We're doing it again." Draco launched himself at Harry—their mouths smashing together in a hot kiss. Harry pushed the other man away slightly.

"Draco, there's something I need to tell you." It was now or never. Harry's heart thudded in his chest so hard he thought it would burst. Draco, on the other hand watched Harry, searching his eyes for some clue as to what the man was going to say next.

"Yes Harry?"

"I-I-I…" Harry stammered.

"You what?" Draco asked, his own heart meeting Harry's thuds. Harry was going to do it. He was going to tell Draco that he loved him. He was going to tell Draco that yes, all he wanted to do, all he's ever wanted to do is make love to Draco for the end of eternity. Yes, he was going to say it. He was. Gryffindors were known for their bravery right? So he should be brave and just say it. What's the worst that could happen?

Well, Draco could refuse him and refuse to see him ever again. Draco could then plaster it across the media and not only crush his heart but ruin everything else in his life as well. Harry tried not to think about that as he looking into the flushed, hopeful face of the man he loved.

Draco wouldn't hurt him would he? Not after what they've done. What they've shared. But then Draco hasn't said anything either. Argh. Harry had to tell him, he just had to.

"Draco, I…I don't think I can do this anymore." Okay, so not what Harry had planned.

Draco's shoulders sagged, the hope put out, coldness crept back into his eyes.

"You what?" Draco asked sharply.

"I can't do this anymore. All the sneaking around. Fucking once a week. I just, I can't do it anymore." Harry gulped. Draco ripped himself out of Harry's lap.

"Fine, if that's what you want. It's over." Draco stiffly began pulling his clothes back on.

"Draco, no, that's not. It didn't come out right."

"Well, it sounds as though it came out perfectly clear. You can't do this anymore."

"Yes, no, I mean. Ugh! Draco it's not—," Harry was quickly losing control of the situation.

"It's not what? It's not right? You certainly seemed to think it was right when you were shoving your cock up my arse a few minutes ago!" Draco bellowed, turning away from Harry.

"Enough!" It flew out of Harry's mouth. Draco swiveled on the spot, staring back at Harry.

"What did you just say?"

"It's not enough. I was trying to say that it's not enough."

"What?" Draco asked disbelieving. Harry took a step toward him.

"It's not enough. I want more. I need more. More than just once a week." Harry paused as the news seemed to sink in for Draco. "Draco…I love you."

Draco stared, speechless for a few moments. Harry, taking that as a bad sign, quickly pulled on his clothes.

"I…I'll just go." Harry stated softly, disappointment edging his words. Draco's had caught his arm as Harry tried to pass. Harry stiffened in fear, but Draco just used his strength to pull Harry to him and kissed him lightly on the mouth.

"I love you too." The whispered words hit Harry with a force much greater than he could have expected and soon the two men were kissing passionately. Their touches were softer with the new discovery. It was a new chapter in their lives and as the men began to undress one another once again, both felt lighter with the revelation that it would be different now.

While neither men knew what the future would hold, they were sure that the other was going to be in it, and it was with that thought that they truly made love for the first time.