I have been asked to comment on the concept of the celebration ritual practised by the
human species, calculated from the nanosecond of emergence of the infant from the
adult female progenitor to the next identical point of the solar resolution of the planet

Which leaves me with a question I have yet to have successfully answered by my
human acquaintances (including Captain Kirk). For those humans who are now not born
on the planet Earth, but elsewhere in the Universe, where solar resolutions are unlikely
to equal 365 1/4 days, how is the next identical time point for celebration calculated?
However, you did not ask me for my comments on this situation.

My mother informs me it is customary at this time to commemorate the continuation of
the group cellular structure which comprises the human corpus. She also tells me it is
usual to remind the honoree at this time of the more obvious signs of cellular
deterioration, which are inevitable with the progression of the life cycle, among them
wrinkles, the greying or loss of hair follicles, and so on.

Although humans are at great pains to disguise these signs of cellular deterioration, my
mother assures me it is considered "humourous" to remind the honoree of these signs'
effect on himself.

FASCINATING !!!! ...... but ILLOGICAL!!!!!

Accordingly, I observe you look older. HA ... HA.

I also extend to you the customary greeting, "Happy birth day."

(McCoy interrupts at this point):

Spock! You've done it again! Messed up a simple, normal, sentimental human custom.
Is that green blood of yours so cold you don't give a DAMN about anyone's feelings?
Lighten up, man! Can't you at least do that stupid thing you do with the FORKED

(Spock grimaces in distaste and shrugs, then raises his right hand in the Vulcan salute):

As usual, the Doctor has demonstrated his sublime talent for pointing out the obvious. I
should have realized this occasion called for a personal contribution from Vulcan culture.


Spock Out.