AN: My main inspiration came when I was on a Shakira kick. The song "Underneath Your Clothes" stuck with me and it combined with the prompt below made me write this.

Prompt 42: Choose one of your physical features and write about how you can change or disguise that feature.

The scar on the inner part of her left elbow was from a tree-climbing accident.

Fingers traced the thin line, a few shades lighter than her skin tone and raised slightly. She did not stir from her slumber, her breaths deep and even after a long, tiring day.

He remembered how during that first night together they lay side by side, taking turns learning each other and sharing stories of the past and hopes for the future. He had found that little spot for the first time, and she had told him how she had caught herself on a branch when she slipped from an old oak in the La Bouf garden when she was nine. She then flushed, gave a small giggle, and related how embarrassed she had been of the scar after the wound had closed. The then bright pink line seemed as attention-grabbing as Lottie's pink dresses, and she'd worn long sleeves for a full year just to hide it, despite the Louisiana heat.

There were more little marks here and there, and when he closed his eyes he was sure he could paint the perfect picture of her in his mind, down to the tiniest freckle.

Both his eyes and fingers travelled from the scar on her elbow to the freckle on her right hip to the growing bump on her abdomen. He lay down behind her, pulling her back to his chest, his left arm thrown over her body, his hand stroking her stomach.

Naveen knew that underneath Tiana's clothes were endless stories, ones of sunny days and childhood scrapes and even some pain. But new ones, like the one beneath his palm, were just being formed.

AN: Very sappy, very short, I know, but I was in a short and sappy mood. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!