Four months since Edward left and one month since I've seen Jacob. How could all of this gotten so screwed up? I had a great boyfriend and yeah he might have been a vampire, but still I loved him. After my 18th birthday though he left since his brother attacked me when I got a paper cut. For two months I was a zombie, but then I started hanging out with Jacob. Then he changed and now I know why….he's a werewolf. I can't stay in Forks anymore and I don't want to go live with my mom.

"Dad?" I called walking into the kitchen.

"Hey Bells what's up; Jake called you back yet?" he asked.

"No he hasn't." I said. "Dad I want to go to Spencer Academy."

"Up in Ipswich? Why do you want to go there?" my dad asked.

"Dad I need space and time to think and Grams used to live up there. I still keep in contact with Kate and Tyler and there is an opening at the academy. Plus Grams left me my trust fund and I can afford all the expenses. She put some of it aside in case I ever wanted to go. Please Dad I need this." I begged.

"Alright Bells; you're 18 and are free to do as you wish. I just want you to be happy Bells." He said and kissed my forehead.

"Thanks Dad." I said and ran up the stairs.

I grabbed my phone and dialed Kate's number, "Hello?" she answered on the second ring.

"Hey Kate its Bella." I said.


I knew if I didn't butt in she would go on and on, "Kate slow down; 1. I'm fair, 2. No we aren't dating anymore; he dumped me, and 3. Do you still need a roommate?" I asked. I then poured my heart out about how Edward dumped me in the middle of the woods and about Jake. The only thing I left out was the supernatural part of the story.

"That asshole; you were too good for him anyways and yes I do. This is going to be so much fun; when are you coming?" Kate asked.

"Two days." I said. "I'm not bringing much with me; I want some new stuff to forget some of the stuff that reminds me of him you know."

"Absolutely; ok I will tell the boys…" she said.

I cut her off, "Kate I want to surprise them." I said.

"Bella Swan you are devilish and I like it. You will be here for the party at the Dells and we have to go shopping." She said.

"Ok Kate I will see you in a couple days." I said and hung up.

I called my mom and she thought it was a good idea, then I called the headmaster and he was ecstatic that a Swan would be attending the school.

You see my Grams and Dad weren't that close and she didn't approve of his decision to not go to medical school. The Swans were one of the oldest families in Ipswich besides the Danvers, Sims, Parry's, and Garwins. Those were the boys Kate was talking about; I would visit every summer until I was 8 when Mom and I moved to Phoenix. I knew all about the boys including about their powers. The boys come from a long line of witches and they have power, but they have to be careful. My family knew all about them because during the witch trials my family stood by them and saved them from execution. The Swans were the only outsiders to ever know about the Covenant. I honestly couldn't wait to see them; it's been ten years and I feel the need to get back to my roots. I started to pack and for the first time I felt excited about this new journey I was going on.

Caleb's Point of View

We picked Kate up and she was bouncing, "Guess what?" she said to Tyler, Reid, Pogue and me.

"What?" Reid asked.

"I talked to Bella a few seconds ago; she says hi." Kate stated.

"How is she?" Pogue asked.

"Shitty her boyfriend dumped her in the middle of the woods." Kate said.

"Where is the asshole we will kick his ass." Reid said.

He was right; we would. Bella was the only one who knew all of our secrets including that we had power. We hadn't seen her in ten years, but through Kate and baby boy (Tyler) we got updates.

"He left four months ago and then a guy named Jake she was close with ditched her too." Kate told us.

I was pissed; Bella was the sweetest person you would ever meet and I couldn't wrap my mind around how someone could do that to her.

"What's she going to do?" I asked.

"Doesn't know yet; she is still confused." Kate said.

"She should come here." Tyler said.

"Yea, but Charlie probably won't let her." Reid replied and we knew it was true.

Charlie had an issue with us and that we had power that could consume us and anyone around us. I didn't blame him though; I saw how my father's abuse of power had ruined my mother.

"So are we still up for Dells?" Tyler asked trying to lighten the mood; we all missed Bella.

"Hell Yeah." Reid yelled.

"I will meet you guys there; I need to go shopping." Kate said.

"You sure babe?" Pogue asked kissing her neck.

"Yes; besides you have that deal with your family." Kate said swatting him away.

"Come on Tyler let's go take Aaron's money." Reid said and we walked into Nikki's, but I stood outside wishing Bella was here where she belonged.

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